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Long story and I won’t get into the reasons…. but in a nutshell I’ve decided to make a transition to radio!

I have ditched the scripts in an effort to cover more news in these crazy times. Anyway, I am now broadcasting through Freedomizer Radio (part of Blog Talk radio)! My show runs Mon, Weds, and Thurs 12-1:30 PST (3-4:30 EST). I also have a podcast which can be reached through iTunes at Freedomizer Radio—Eccentric Perspective.

It’s a new medium and my radio skills aren’t quite on par with some of my better journalism but I’m getting there… check it out! Speaking of which; I don’t know how many written works I plan on making this year, so I’ll probably just use my site to share broadcasts and display some of the articles and videos I discuss on air.

Anyway, I’m back and creating more mischief than ever for the establishment… you’ve been warned…

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Want to Play a Game? How Distractions like Farmville Could Help Lead us into a Dystopian Nightmare:

Have you ever noticed how conspiracy theorists talk about the novel/movie1984,” and/or use words/phrases like “Big Brother,” and “Orwellian?” Are these conspiracy theorists completely out of their minds? Or is it actually possible that we are heading towards a real-life version of the legendary Dystopia?

Call me kooky, but I for one believe we ARE headed in that nightmarish direction… in fact I’m even going to prove it!

A few months ago I wrote an article about North Korea that I felt had a lot of potential, but it probably stunk for several reasons (I’ll hyperlink to the original below). Call it clunky or ill-timed; it can be argued that it was plenty of both. My excuse is that I was a lot more paranoid and frantic when I wrote it. At that time I really did think “the end” might be imminent, so I felt this urgent burden of responsibility to warn people while I still “had the chance.” But as a result of my haste, the whole project probably ended up backfiring. However, I also cannot allow a poorly timed and presented mistake from the past allow valuable information to go to waste either. So since recent developments have occurred to make it relevant for me to try and share this story again, it’s time to give it a serious makeover…

The makeover idea stems from recent developments about establishment attacks on the alternative media. For example; investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who has recently received death threats and might even have to leave the country! Another target was YouTube activist member Sean Justice (FederalJack) who was recently harassed by government spooks. Now since I also consider myself a member of the alternative media, and I have actually listened to Wayne on numerous occasions, and have watched and have probably even linked to FederalJack’s Youtube videos, I can’t help but take these attacks quite personally.

Since the establishment appears on the offensive, I guess it is time for us in the alternative media to start asking questions towards the establishment about how they really want this fight to go down. Is the establishment really going to meet all its resistance with threats and potential murder? Or is there a more happy solution? I’m all about creative and non-violent solutions, so maybe it’s time for a little negotiating with the elites:


As I’ve pointed out before, I think it would be foolish to antagonize the elites, but at the same time, it’s not like they are going to allow themselves to be arrested and spend significant time in prison without a fight, are they? Probably not, and especially not while they still have the most control over the system. I mean how long did it take to bring down Madoff? Or Enron?

Could it really be possible to reach a happy medium with the NWO? A way to rid our country and the world of the vast majority of corrupt, white-collar criminals in a non-violent and merciful manner? AND (bizarrely enough) with their own approval? The idea is a work in progress for sure, but I do have a potential solution; and it involves the creation of a controlled environment similar to a prison, only the “prison” will resemble something like Bohemian Grove meets Dave and Buster’s meets the Truman Show. Crazy? Maybe, but I guess the general idea is that maybe we need to rethink the idea of arresting, harshly punishing, and/or executing the guilty elites because they are still extremely powerful, and may try to do something drastic to defend themselves.

However, in order to have a peaceful resolution to the planet’s NWO problem, we will need to find a way to keep the elites occupied and under observation; but at the same time, happy enough to want to stay put. Now that might sound like a reward for the guilty, but what’s really the better solution? Potentially brutal “eye-for-an-eye” justice that could drag out for decades and possibly even lead to catastrophe? Or would it be better to show mercy and round them up the easy way? After all, time is against us, and we need to put an immediate stop on them from playing god with us and our children.

Forgive and forget? Maybe the elites should consider having the next Bilderberg meeting with the conspiracy theorists? Perhaps they can work out a solution and the public doesn’t even have to find out all of the details! Let the little people continue to live in blissful ignorance. I mean, is every detail of all the elites’ crimes really that necessary for the general public to be informed about? And in an unusual twist of irony, wouldn’t a potential angry public backlash leading to revenge on the elites and their minions actually sink us to their level?

Call me a crazy idealist, but I honestly believe an idea like this could work, but it’s certainly a work in progress for sure…

However, that is my solution. Now you can laugh at my idea, but before you call me a kook, maybe you would like to check out the other side of the argument, and see what their solution is for you?

For the record, I honestly have no opinion on the Muslim/Christian issue featured, but I still like the cartoon!

In that case, I can show you a potential future they may have planned for us, but I have to warn you up front that you’re probably not going to share their “ideal” vision. In fact, it could be argued that it is the exact opposite of mine. Now if you want to see their future happen in real life I can help you bring it to fruition; and all you have to do is stop paying attention to them! I’ve brought up Farmville, because it’s a great example of a mindless and destructive distraction. But from the elite’s standpoint, if the population is under constant attack by various addictive distractions, it would be the perfect cover to get away with whatever mischief they want to create. I mean, are you really committing a crime on humanity if the people aren’t paying attention?

But wait eccentric, why would the elites do something like this to us?

Well, I guess it could be argued that it’s all about eugenics and population control, but it could also be argued that the elites need to create a more “controlled” environment for you so they can get away with their crimes. I mean, how can we hypothetically arrest the corrupt bankers and politicians if the power structure of the system is in their pocket? That brings me full circle: The attacks on the alternative media and the threats of shutting down the internet are very likely the result of the real possibility that the elites are actually very scared of US right now! Scared because they do not want you “waking up” and finding out what they’ve really been up to. Remember the Nuremberg Trials? You may not, but they certainly do…

Intrigued? If you would like a sneak preview of a potential 1984 Dystopia future waiting for us, I have a few clips to show you:

Now when I wrote this article the first time, I was disappointed that there wasn’t one full video, because I thought I would lose the viewer as the accompanying video series would be too clunky and difficult to navigate, but now I have a better idea…

I’m actually going to post all 14 parts of the following documentary that I want to share with you on this one page; but fear not, this will not be the time consuming research exercise that it sounds like. Instead, this presentation will actually allow you the freedom to navigate these videos and watch the segments you find most intriguing (as opposed to watching them the “old-fashioned” way from beginning to end). However, since I don’t have time to re-watch this film and write a personal analysis for each clip, I’m just going to pick people’s YouTube comments to use as captions for the clips instead.

Want to play a game? I have one for you. Put down the Angry Birds video game, and play around with the following videos instead. Unlike the imaginary world of Farmville, you will actually learn something useful; in fact if everyone watched these videos it could literally change our future for the better! Remember the saying, “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it?” Are you ready to get up to speed?

1. My only recommendation is that you watch enough of the first video so you will understand the background. After that, look at whatever ideas look the most interesting… but most importantly, have fun!

2. “just go to (Shenyang) and bribe them, that’s what everybody else does… So thaaat’s how you get into one of the weirdest places on earth.” -saikasha712

3. “…so we can help the poor brainwashed people. Why no cell phones, Cameras, or newspaper? They do not want people to know outside forced labor camps people are better off, they do not want the word to get out that life exists well outside so they must escape to feed themselves” -KaraStyler

4. “Everyone who watches this documentary should be aware of the fact that many of the North Korean guides who appear in it are likely being tortured in a gulag at this very moment.” -MattMonk

“…This is (definitely) not a socialist society. It’s a totalitarian (dictatorship)….BIG difference.” -evilnomad111

5. “Witness to someone as inherently innocent, sweet, meaningful, intelligent and deserving as this gal……, Pun Yun Shi makes anyone with half a heart want to cry.” -equinoxranch

6. “Yea they could, that is if they aren’t brainwashed from the start from the state schools. And if they do rebel they aren’t instantly thrown in the many concentration camps, taken down by the million strong army and summarily executed. It would be awesome to see the people rise up like those in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya and the such. But the pessimism in my doubts that that would happen anytime soon, so yea, kinda defeatist.” -Yarrick2k5

7. “You guys rock! This is so much better than other documentaries, in terms of really feeling it from the inside.” -melvinbrand

“Whatever. People in Western nations are brainwashed about how good capitalism is, so I don’t see a lot of difference really between them and us. Most people are deeply unhappy in capitalist countries too.” -meerkat1954

8. “I would like to bring a busload of North Koreans to the USA and let them have a wonderful night on the town. They would NEVER want to go back.” -HylianSpirit

9. “Crazy to think that these guys basically risked their lives and freedom to film (this) and expose these fuckers.” -sammaxholliday

“This is why any form of collectivism freaks me out. No marches, no uniforms, no great leaders, no state telling you what you can or cannot do.” -thatamazinggeek

10. “who does this guy think he is? what has he ever (accomplished)? all this north (Korean) guy does is constantly diminish an entire culture (way of thinking) or the effort of a lot of people with a few words. this asshole just (mocks) and gets helpfulness, trust and friendly respectfulness in return,its normal, everyone was educated by him to love him. i dont have anything to do with NK or (Asia), but i am (truly disgusted) by this man.” -DIVAD291

11. “Why would anyone want the Government to rule their everyday lives? Do you people understand the government is made up of flesh and blood humans just like you? Government isn’t a mystical deity that knows all. The guy you knew in school as an “idiot” may be making decisions on your life in government. The guy you work with might leave and go to work for government – so now he knows more than you? Give Govt’ power to give and you give it to take away – don’t let people make your decisions.” -zzremington

12. “Read the (book), ‘Nothing to Envy‘ which is a book written after in depth interviews with North Koreans who escaped. Many have actually found it difficult to fit into their new lives, believe it or not. Probably because they had become (institutionalized).” -TheAnn2shoes

13. “Shit, who needs an 300 foot LED display when you have a couple hundred thousand enslaved and starving peasants forced to entertain you for a fist full of dirty rice? Fuck Kim Jong Ill.” -xRawlins

“you can’t make this shit up. stranger than fiction” -Frankreif

14. “this is probably the closest thing one gets to hell on earth” -jackgreaves18

“This whole going to NK was unbelievable beyond words….It was like watching a dystopia movie but its real….” -tiki2188

Look like a future you want to experience?

Come on eccentric, that’s an extreme example! That could never happen in America!

Really? It can be argued that the only things keeping that nightmare from actually happening are the first and second amendments which (by no coincidence) seem to be under constant attack!

One last hypothetical question: If everyone in America was playing Farmville and Angry Birds (instead of paying attention to the powers that be); thus allowing the establishment to control the internet, the alternative media, and the second amendment; how do you think our future would play out instead? (Clue: take a peek at China and Mexico).

Any further questions?

So who is the real-life big brother?

exhibit A: Involves something you can see for yourself at your local Walmart!
exhibit B: Or is it Big Sister?
exhibit C: Barry Soetoro? Really?

Show me proof that the establishment wants to control the internet!

exhibit A: Starring Senator Lieberman!
exhibit B: Cyberspace is a national asset?
exhibit C: Look at what happened in Egypt! Duh!
exhibit D: Revolt? Despite all the honesty and transparency in Washington?

Show me proof that the establishment wants to control the first amendment!

Show me proof that the establishment wants to control the second amendment!

Show me proof that America is turning into a police state!

exhibit A: This has to be seen to be believed!
exhibit B: 16 signs that you live in a tyranny!
exhibit C: I can’t even watch the video in this article… Eff you TSA!

Show me proof that the establishment is watching us!

exhibit A: Spy satellite naïveté?
exhibit B: Welcome to the Cashless Society Control Grid!
exhibit C: The “Orwellian” Project Indect!

Show me proof that they want to create a “controlled environment” for us!

Wait, what in the world is “eugenics?”

Looking for more reading about the Orwellian nightmare? Click here for the latest book:

Peace and love…

Someone Get This Man a TV Show!

His name is Danny, and I’ve covered his work and the Love Police a few times before, and I look forward to seeing more material in the future…

This is the latest video of his, and it should be an activist blueprint for how to deal with law enforcement and legal absurdity in the face of the confusing police state we currently find ourselves living in:

Warning: the establishment does not approve of you watching the following video…

Another Love Police video I admire, and further proof that Danny deserves a bigger audience:

And the latest from Charlie Veitch:

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and the Red Pill/Blue Pill Challenge:

Since I know people tend to have limited time and short attention spans (including myself), I try not to share long videos unless I consider them “mandatory viewing.” To warn you up front; this is one of those times, but before you get scared off, it’s only twelve minutes long. Now you really don’t have to watch this video, and I’m not going to go over the top to try and persuade you to watch this video like I have at times in the past. In fact, in a potentially extreme (although plausible) situation, watching this video could conceivably cause more harm than good to you and the world depending on how you interpret reality.

What I’m about to show you is reminiscent of the infamous red pill/blue pill scene from “The Matrix.” (For those of you who still haven’t actually watched this movie; the scene deals with a choice of either hearing and knowing the uncomfortable truth about reality, or forgetting you ever found it in the first place. Can you handle the truth? Or would you rather live peacefully unaware of it? After all, with knowledge comes responsibility, and with ignorance comes bliss? The point is, the truth isn’t always for everyone. Another danger with the truth is a familiar quote; “curiosity killed the cat.” Therefore this is also a warning; hearing certain information can have consequences as well as responsibility. Let me be clear, there are no worries if you choose not to take the “red pill” in this challenge. Don’t apologize for it, just stop reading this story. Turn on your television, play a video game, grab yourself an alcoholic laced beverage, and believe whatever you want to. The irony of hearing “truth” is that you might honestly be better off not knowing anyway. Have a wonderful day, and I guess history will decide whether you made the right choice. Good luck! Peace and love…

For those that want to take the red pill and continue:

Now it’s not like I’ve literally cross-checked every piece of information from this film, but it certainly makes a slick argument by pointing out many painful truths we’ve all been hearing about in regards to schools and psychology. Not only does it show the severe flaws that have been developing in our modern day American education system, it shows the horrifying reality its effects are having on our children. However, the question is; are you ready to handle the responsibility of knowing and possibly having to do something about it?

For those who can handle the “truth,” and for those that thought they could (remember, I gave you warning, so I absolve myself from any damages caused by your curiosity), here is my brief interpretation of the video: I believe the information to be either factual or sincerely factual, and yes, truth really is stranger than fiction. Another reason why I really like this video is is because “getting the word out” about esoteric information like this can be very difficult. Since getting people to read a book about it is usually an unfortunately challenging task, short videos like this can be priceless as I hope everyone at least has twelve minutes to spare.

Spoiler alert: I have further analysis of the film below for after the video has been watched, including uncomfortable motives and reasoning:

So what are the “uncomfortable” motives and reasoning?

Is it possible that you are being dumbed down for good reason? Are you and your children being poisoned for your own good? Yes, depending on how you view it! In fact I can think of three reasons why: Control, overpopulation, and panic prevention.

Control is obvious; if the people are dumb, domesticated, dependent, drugged, and ignorant; they can be much more easily controlled by the ruling class. Not real ground breaking information by any means. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but let’s be honest; not everyone starts out with the same opportunities, and the rich and powerful tend to want to stay rich and powerful no matter how absurd the society around them becomes. As a general rule, the ruling class has better access to education, information, jobs, connections etc, and it is not a coincidence. It should be pretty obvious by now that the “insiders” play by a different set of rules. But if that’s not a believable enough motive for you, then how about…

Population control is a far more sinister conspiracy theory however, and has an unfortunate amount of evidence*. This is also a tricky issue for me to deal with as well, because I really don’t have an answer for the overpopulation question (at least at this time), as I honestly don’t know what the “ideal” human population should be. Ted Turner thinks 95% of the people should be wiped out, Prince Phillip has stated that he would like to come back to earth as a deadly virus, and the Georgia Guidestones suggest 500 million as the “ideal” human population. Most people probably don’t give too much thought to overpopulation, but apparently many elites are obsessed with it. Although frightening, eugenics is a real issue, and unfortunately, many lower class people seem to be looked down upon as “useless eaters.” Now I realize America has been turned into an Idiocracy, but is drastically and covertly thinning the herd the best solution?

I guess this brings me to the third uncomfortable reason: to prevent panic. Hypothetical question: what if the elites are not wicked eugenicists playing god with their underlings, but are instead trying to keep said underlings dumbed down for benevolent reasons? What if there is an “end of the world” type cataclysm on its way, and the establishment thought keeping the population in blissful ignorance was a better idea than telling them “the truth” and causing a mass panic? Think about it: if an asteroid was about to hit the earth, would you want to be informed of the painful truth, and live in constant fear and panic while being powerless to survive the future? Or would you rather be dumbed down, drugged up, and mindlessly watching afternoon television when the end of the world occurs?

I highly doubt the establishment is that thoughtful, but you never know, perhaps what the world needs is a good cleansing after all…

*For further evidence of deliberate depopulation efforts and an explanation of eugenics, I highly recommend watching the following video starting at 1:29:05…

Further Proof that the Establishment is Afraid of Ron Paul:

So I recently expressed both my anger and skepticism at Fox News over the “honest mistake” regarding the CPAC response to Ron Paul, when another huge media whitewash occurred the other day; only this time, it was much more personal to me.

In case you missed it, the Daily Show had a bit the other day on all the new presidential hopefuls to run against Obama in 2012, only Ron Paul’s name is never mentioned! This clip is over seven minutes long, and mentions eight presidential hopefuls*, and Ron Paul’s name is mysteriously omitted? Didn’t the guy just win the frickin CPAC? Can someone please explain how it’s possible to write a piece of news on the noteworthy candidates of 2012 and somehow just completely forget to include the one that many consider to be the biggest threat to the establishment? How’s that for blatant media corruption? Say it ain’t so Jon!

I mention that I take this personal as I am a big fan of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. However, I can’t possibly ignore or make excuses for something this unexplainable. Not only is this omission totally unacceptable, the “honest mistake” excuse has already been played, and since it didn’t work on me the first time…

Another question I have to ponder is; how many more hopefuls would it have taken before the Daily Show staff were forced to acknowledge Ron Paul as a candidate? Was he edited out as a close #9? Or is it far more likely that it didn’t really matter? I’d say the smart money is on the latter…

The clip runs from about 1:00-8-55:

*the eight presidential hopefuls featured in the bit are Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Haley Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Mitch Daniels.

Want to know why this is so significant? The recent CPAC straw poll results have Ron Paul claiming 31% of the votes! That means that if you exclude Mitt Romney with 22%, and give Donald Trump 100% of the “other” votes (5%), Ron Paul still outscores all seven of the other candidates featured in the Daily Show bit combined, 31% to 29%! What an audacious whitewash!

Fox News Corruption Sinks to Another All-Time Low

Wow, this makes my blood boil with anger at the corrupt media.

Proof that Fox News is run by Satan? What a corrupt and disgusting trash network. Absolutely shameful editing, but not the least bit surprising either. I’ve been warning people for a long time that the establishment is scared to death of Ron Paul, and here’s yet another shining example.

You know why the establishment doesn’t like Ron Paul? Because he tells the truth, he’s not corrupt, can’t be compromised with bribes or blackmail, and is therefore not controllable. The establishment frowns upon candidates that they can’t control. This is all about protecting the corporatocracy, and Fox News and the establishment are so desperate and scared of Ron Paul that they actually have to go out of their way to lie about him now.

The establishment wants to make something clear; you are not supposed to like Ron Paul, got it?

To the Democrats: please don’t do any independent research on Ron Paul. He is a kook because your pundits and politicians say so. Please continue to not listen to anything he says with an open and unbiased mind.

To the Republicans: You are not supposed to like Ron Paul. He is too old, and has no chance at winning because we say so. Please ignore everything you’ve heard about him, and instead support Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, or one of the many other controlled phony neo-con puppets that will keep the corrupt status-quo in perpetual continuity. Also please make sure and tune into the Sean Hannity show religiously. He is our finest pundit; a truly wonderful, genuine, and compassionate human being that only concerns himself with telling you the truth. Believe everything he says.

Sorry, sometimes a guy just has to vent…

The Establishment’s New Movie Rating System

Awesome trailer! Unfortunately, this movie has been rated TMI by the establishment, and will not be shown in theaters. Now please get back to your Angry Birds video games and your television, because the establishment frowns upon people that pay attention to them… 😉

Ron Paul Calls Out the TSA!

Wow, where do I begin? First of all, everyone that doesn’t know who Ron Paul is needs to watch this video ASAP! This guy is the real deal, and the bill he’s introducing should be the new model for every other bill in Washington just on length alone (1-1/2 paragraphs)!

Getting back to the video, this 5 minute speech by Ron Paul should be a wake-up call to anyone unfamiliar with him and show you how a politician should be. A true civil servant who represents the people, and not special interests and corporate bribes. There are good reasons the establishment and media try to keep Paul hidden, keep him out of the big televised debates, and try to convince you he’s kooky.

Funny, he gets so upset in this speech that he stutters a few times, but I don’t care. I want to give this guy a hug! Ron Paul 2012!