Decoded, the Georgia Guidestones, and the 500 Million Dollar Question:

Not too long ago, I caught the last few episodes of History Channel’s “Decoded,” and I have to admit it’s not too bad. Now it is definitely not as ‘hard-hitting’ as it could be, and I personally view the host (Brad Meltzer) with a bit of skepticism. However, in an era of blatant corruption, sometimes you have to find contentment in the fact that at least the show pushes the boundary for what is allowed to be shown on television, so that in itself gives me reason to look forward to season #2.

I enjoyed this season #1 finale very much since it really made me think; and the subject is about the Georgia Guidestones. For those not in the know, it is a monument that was built in 1980 roughly two hours outside Atlanta, and it resembles a sort of modern day Stonehenge. Not only does this monument have working solar and astrological functions, it also features a sort of “new ten commandments” written on it’s gigantic granite slabs in eight different languages!

It really makes you think since I assume most people would probably agree with nine of these new “commandments.” However, it’s the first one that creates the most controversy, since it calls for mankind to reduce its numbers to 500 million which it claims is the “ideal” number for humanity to be in balance with nature. Since that figure is roughly six and a half billion less than our current population, you can understand that its presence has elicited its fair share of controversy.

Of course many people have an issue with that declaration for many reasons, but I think the one point people are overlooking is that there really isn’t a time-line listed on the monument as to when our numbers are supposed to be at the new “ideal” level. That being said, I think it’s a bit ridiculous to vandalize it or try to destroy it, but please, watch and decide for yourself…

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