Time to get Serious…

(Note: I wrote this a while back when I was a lot more paranoid about publicly discussing this kind of material, but was it for good reason? Yes, considering this show was only allowed to be aired once. To be fair however, I do sound like an alarmist/fear-monger, but this information is NOT a joke).

Please watch and share. This is DEADLY SERIOUS, and the information in this video COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE! Do I make myself clear? Either you watch and distribute, or watch and tell me that I’m crazy, just DON’T IGNORE THE INFO! If you think it’s too scary, or that its time is less important than some reality show, then please watch this for your kids or for the people you love, just don’t let this info go to waste because if this video is true WE HAVE NO FUTURE! GOT IT?

(originally posted 11-13-10)

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