2 thoughts on “The ObamaGate Opportunity!

  1. Jim says:


    Great job on the shows. It’s tough coming behind Bara for comments as he grabs the juicy stuff.

    I am looking for a real deal link that maybe lasts a few minures that explains the show with maybe a few short clips and highlights. Thats it, a highlight reel. At the end a few current links to the current shows? People could send this to others introducing the hosts and the mission. You may have this on your website soon so maybe we can use that link. When people watch a single show their cognitive dissonance kicks in and they can’t accept this info as it is so far from the msm propaganda they consume each day.

    Ok, sorry for the mini novel keep up the great work. Pick on Dean some day in the after party just for fun as he won’t see it coming. Peace out and welcome to TX. I am up above Dallas. If you guys ever put on a gig in Austin it would be fun.



    • Hey Jim,

      Thanks for reaching out and bringing your idea to my attention. A 2-3 minute team highlight (demo) reel is an excellent suggestion and would make a great addition to our ‘About’ page once the website is ready.

      We would like to organize a live event or meetup at some point, but I’m not sure when that might be. We will definitely let you know though!

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