Another “Honest” Mistake by Fox News

Clearly a mistake? How would that even be possible? The only thing that’s clear or honest to me is the frightening amount of corruption in the media…

*By the way: the initial story that prompted this response can be found here:

4 thoughts on “Another “Honest” Mistake by Fox News

  1. Question: Did Fox news report their mistake? Yes – otherwise you probably didn’t know it happened. Did they apologize for it? Yes and on-air just as your graphic shows. Do you think the original newscast was done intentionally to confuse or otherwise misinform their audience? Most fair-minded newswatchers understand that all media outlets – especially the 24-hour ones – make mistakes. Few of those mistakes are as blatant as, for instance, RatherGate and his intentional falsifying of information concerning W and presenting them as facts, never admitting his lies or apologizing for them.

  2. Mistakes happen all the time in the media and are usually understandable and forgivable. I would also add that I’m not only blaming Fox for making them. However there are also “dirty tricks” that get played too, and as a fan of the Daily Show, I see Fox get exposed regularly enough that I no longer have reason to respect their integrity.

    And since I’ve always been convinced that the establishment is afraid of Ron Paul, it’s easy for me to call shenanigans on this incident. Fox can apologize all they want, but I truly believe that if the CPAC winner had been Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney instead, that little footage “mix-up” would not have happened.

  3. “Major source?” No. I understand that there is a line to be drawn between the journalism and the comedic aspects of the Daily Show, but I will admit I do take Stewart seriously to an extent. I understand that he’s a comedian first, but that doesn’t mean that I dont’ think that he’s a very talented and knowledgeable news man in his own right. He has an intelligent perspective, does very good interviews, and although I don’t agree with everything he talks about, I do value his opinions.

    Sad as it may appear, I actually find Stewart much more believable, honest, and “real” to me then the alternatives I’ve seen on the mainstream media.

    In case you are curious about what my sources are, I consider my #1 trusted news source to be Alex Jones. Outside of that, I mostly read the various “mainstream” articles on my yahoo home page and of course DVR the Daily Show. However, I would like to add that I think Judge Napolitano is an outstanding news man whom I trust and would watch regularly if I didn’t have to shell out a bunch of extra cash for the Fox Business Channel.

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