The Police State Recognizance Challenge Part II:

Not too long ago I wrote a post designed to challenge the reader’s critical thinking regarding the recognition of a police state. Specifically, I wrote; “…according to many conspiracy theorists, America has been turning into a worsening police state. They also might argue that it happens so gradually that the average person might not notice. Now if that logic holds true and they are correct, and most roads (potential futures) are leaning toward a police state; at what point would the average person actually recognize it for what it is?”

Well today I’m going to expand on that introduction a little by saying that some researchers believe that it would be more accurate to say that we are actually living in a police state right now! Think about it, would the government actually call itself a police state? Or is it more likely that they would disguise the term under confusing and Orwellian double-speak language instead?

16 reasons why it could be argued that we live under a tyranny right now:

10 indications that the United States is a dictatorship:

4 more years of the Patriot Act even though the vast majority of the public are against it?

Okay, now that you’ve been brought up to speed, it’s now time to show you the latest viral video:

Critical thinking time!

First question: do you have an American bias? Honestly, how much different would this video look to you if it were filmed in another country? Would your perception change? Would you be less surprised?

Second question: since it’s Thomas Jefferson’s memorial; I’m curious, what do you think Thomas Jefferson would say about this event if he could give his opinion?

Third question: Here’s a curve ball, what do you think Martin Luther King would say? Odd question you ask? This video will explain:

Now it’s time to jump across the pond with one of everyone’s favorite activists to show us the latest police state absurdity in Britain:

Way to go Adam and Danny!

Speaking of which; for all of you in the D.C. area, please listen up: In case you missed the latest news (can be found at 1:38 of the MLK video), there will be another peaceful protest at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial this Saturday, June 4th 2011. Stay up to date by clicking this hyperlink leading to Adam’s website:

Bonus police state fun: I hope I’m not showing my age, but before mindless television trash like Jersey Shore existed; I remember a time when there were shows geared towards younger audiences that actually helped make them think and become more intelligent! Seriously!

Remember when I discussed “potential futures,” from my introduction? Well now I can show you an example; does anyone remember the show Sliders?

Here, maybe this will refresh your memory:

Anyway, the point I want to make is how our current reality is ironically starting to resemble one of the negative parallel realities that used to be displayed on the show! In fact, I will show you a rather alarming example: By the way, this show is also available to all of you that have access to instant Netflix as well…

Now to be fair, I realize that this is going to be way too long and a bit “dorky,” for many, so I’m going to make this easy by simply pointing out two quick clips to show you:

20:00-23:00 this is usually the part where I give a synopsis of the scene…
42:50-43:50 but I decided to keep it spoiler free for a change.

One last conspiracy curve ball: Is it possible that this show was part of an experiment known as “predictive programming?”

*Update: Unfortunately, a few concerns have recently been brought to my attention:

First, the video I wanted to link to is on Hulu dot com, so not only can I not post the video here, it’s possible that I might not even be able to link to it. Apparently, since the alternative media has been kicking so much ass lately, the establishment has decided that the only way they can fight back is by introducing tyrannical new laws designed to shut us down. You really have to see this article to believe it:

The other piece of bad news is that I’ve also been informed that Hulu might not be available in many areas outside of the United States, so I apologize to anyone who is unable to access it.

For those that can access the site, go to Hulu dot com and copy and paste the words in the following sentence into their search field in the upper right corner:

sliders time again and world

But no worries, I don’t want to make it seem as though you are missing anything crucial. In fact, here is the plot summary of the episode from Mark D. Snyder of; (spoiler alert) “The Sliders land in a world where J. Edgar Hoover founded the nation and martial law has been in effect for 30 years. Chased by government officials, they must make a choice of whether to protect the last surviving copy of the Constitution which could sprout the idea of democracy or gain the release of a former judge who has some potential to be a new founding father.”

Thought provoking?

The Police State Recognizance Challenge:

Critical thinking question of the day: according to many conspiracy theorists, America has been turning into a worsening police state. They also might argue that it happens so gradually that the average person might not notice. Now if that logic holds true and they are correct, and most roads (potential futures) are leaning toward a police state; at what point would the average person actually recognize it for what it is?

How about a twist? How would the “police state” issue be viewed by a conspirator? (unwitting or not):

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the White House Press Secretary? In an age where it seems half of us have easy access to video cameras, capturing a news story can be as simple as reaching for the phone in your pocket. However, these unexpected videos don’t always portray the establishment in a positive light. Unwelcome stories can be an issue for those that want to control reality , but if a story still continues to receive enough attention, the media will eventually be forced to cover it. The following video is a good example of one of these “unwelcome” and unexpected news bits:

Now imagine that this particular story keeps getting bigger, and the video continues to go viral. Despite the establishment’s best efforts to ignore, censor, and downplay it; the public still demands an explanation, necessitating an immediate formal statement. Assume you are the official press secretary, and it is your responsibility to address the media about the following video:

What would you say to the press? Does everything in that video look completely normal to you? Did that look like a rational and justifiable response to the “problem?” Is that how we handle issues in America now? Or is the footage more indicative of a rising American police state? Is this something we should be worried or concerned about? Or is this something we should just get used to?

Back to the challenge: You are the secretary, and the press wants an answer now. The only rule is that your explanation has to be rational, sincere, and believable…

Good luck!

By the way, the sweet, liberty-loving authority figure in the video is none other than Lieutenant Jennifer Griffin of the Delaware Police Department. If only our forefathers were alive to see this video of her, they would be so proud! Way to threaten those dissidents and teach them a lesson Jen! Who cares about the Constitution and Bill of Rights these days anymore anyway? Obey and respect Jen’s authority!

Someone Get This Man a TV Show!

His name is Danny, and I’ve covered his work and the Love Police a few times before, and I look forward to seeing more material in the future…

This is the latest video of his, and it should be an activist blueprint for how to deal with law enforcement and legal absurdity in the face of the confusing police state we currently find ourselves living in:

Warning: the establishment does not approve of you watching the following video…

Another Love Police video I admire, and further proof that Danny deserves a bigger audience:

And the latest from Charlie Veitch: