The Police State Recognizance Challenge:

Critical thinking question of the day: according to many conspiracy theorists, America has been turning into a worsening police state. They also might argue that it happens so gradually that the average person might not notice. Now if that logic holds true and they are correct, and most roads (potential futures) are leaning toward a police state; at what point would the average person actually recognize it for what it is?

How about a twist? How would the “police state” issue be viewed by a conspirator? (unwitting or not):

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the White House Press Secretary? In an age where it seems half of us have easy access to video cameras, capturing a news story can be as simple as reaching for the phone in your pocket. However, these unexpected videos don’t always portray the establishment in a positive light. Unwelcome stories can be an issue for those that want to control reality , but if a story still continues to receive enough attention, the media will eventually be forced to cover it. The following video is a good example of one of these “unwelcome” and unexpected news bits:

Now imagine that this particular story keeps getting bigger, and the video continues to go viral. Despite the establishment’s best efforts to ignore, censor, and downplay it; the public still demands an explanation, necessitating an immediate formal statement. Assume you are the official press secretary, and it is your responsibility to address the media about the following video:

What would you say to the press? Does everything in that video look completely normal to you? Did that look like a rational and justifiable response to the “problem?” Is that how we handle issues in America now? Or is the footage more indicative of a rising American police state? Is this something we should be worried or concerned about? Or is this something we should just get used to?

Back to the challenge: You are the secretary, and the press wants an answer now. The only rule is that your explanation has to be rational, sincere, and believable…

Good luck!

By the way, the sweet, liberty-loving authority figure in the video is none other than Lieutenant Jennifer Griffin of the Delaware Police Department. If only our forefathers were alive to see this video of her, they would be so proud! Way to threaten those dissidents and teach them a lesson Jen! Who cares about the Constitution and Bill of Rights these days anymore anyway? Obey and respect Jen’s authority!

2 thoughts on “The Police State Recognizance Challenge:

  1. I despise basketball as an institutionalized sport, but this makes me mad. This is a family home. What they did is literally sickening. And for that fair haired cave troll to tell those folks to stay inside their own home while robing them really, REALLY pisses me off. With no exaggeration, I sincerely believe that officer should spend time in prison for violation of oaths, and abuse of power.

    As for the critical-thinking exercise, the only rational explanation would be an apology or declaration of war. How does one justify such a thing? I would simply stay out of the way and let the press do their work.

    It is lovely that that man got the authoritarian cow on tape overtly lying before stealing his private property in broad daylight. I think with a little effort, this video could get international attention.

    Great exercises – but we are there – have been – it’s just that a whole lot of people are going to awaken harshly to realize it all at once. Though, it may very well progress to something substantially worse than a police state.

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