Someone Get This Man a TV Show!

His name is Danny, and I’ve covered his work and the Love Police a few times before, and I look forward to seeing more material in the future…

This is the latest video of his, and it should be an activist blueprint for how to deal with law enforcement and legal absurdity in the face of the confusing police state we currently find ourselves living in:

Warning: the establishment does not approve of you watching the following video…

Another Love Police video I admire, and further proof that Danny deserves a bigger audience:

And the latest from Charlie Veitch:

One thought on “Someone Get This Man a TV Show!

  1. Alternatively, why not organize a street party in your area and hire a skip (dumpster in American english?). Invite Danny as guest of honour. Everyone bring your TV’s and have a ceremony of throwing your TV’s in skip before enjoying an evening of street BBQ and getting to know your neighbours. Have a stage and have local music, acts, poetry, speeches etc. Share skills, knowledge, resources, jokes, smiles and hugs.

    Film it and put on the internet to inspire others.

    Personally, I can’t think of anything more disheartening than 2 million people sitting isolated at home (as usual) watching Danny Shine on TV conforming to a ‘format’ and being interrupted by adverts.

    But I do totally get the meaning of this post (I’m not dissing!) and I agree completely – everyone needs a bit of Danny (and Charlie) in their lives 🙂

    If I may add one of my favourite clips of Danny and Charlie (and very appropriate on this special day of the royal wedding)

    – Thank you!

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