CNN Censorship!! Red Alert!!

Don’t let CNN get away with this!!!

Wolf Blitzer: “just lost our tech connection unfortunately…”

Gee, how convenient…

Has our media finally reached the blatant dystopic nightmare level as portrayed by the Running Man in “fictional” 2017?

Can’t wait to hear the explanation CNN!!

Peaceful Solutions for Impossible Problems:

I know it may sound crazy to you, but I don’t believe it necessarily takes a “real” economist to fix our financial problems. In fact, my philosophy is that the economy needs to be simplified drastically… because when the layperson no longer understands what is going on with the economy, they are also unable to act as a watchdog upon it. This in turn leaves the door open for rampant corruption and manipulation by the small group of insiders that actually do understand how the system works… because unfortunately for the rest of us, there seems to be a tendency for them to use their “insider knowledge,” absurdly complicated mathematics, and carefully worded legal language against us for their own selfish interests instead…

So as most of you are aware, we are in major financial mess… And since it should be obvious by now that our media and politicians don’t have a clue, I guess it doesn’t hurt to have some “outside the box” solutions. But I also have to warn you…

I am not an economist, I am just a guy with common sense, critical-thinking skills, and a well developed BS detector. And since the phony, bought-and-paid for mainstream media is never going to give you any actual solutions, then I guess it’s time for me to step up again and try to handle this mess myself:

First off, no matter what these TV clowns are saying between the seemingly endless pharmaceutical ads and car insurance commercials, let’s be clear: it is mathematically impossible to ever pay off this debt.

Speaking of which, did you know that the debt we owe goes directly to a private bank? Yes, the Federal Reserve Bank is almost entirely private. That means it has absolutely NOTHING to do with our Federal government. So with that in mind, it kind of makes you wonder things like; so do we really owe them this money? And why is a private bank in charge of our economy anyway?

And why are these filthy rich aristocrats like Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Timmy Geithner, and Alan Greenspan living like kings while telling us everything is fine even though every financial indicator seems to be telling us the opposite?

Does this make sense to anyone else? Not only are they living like kings among us serfs already… according to the mathematics of the debt, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we still owe them! Now even though it’s not quite that simple, the point is; how absurd does this mathematical nightmare have to get before you finally decide to take action?

But this speech isn’t about class warfare. After all, there are many other people that are also responsible for this mess; and many of them see those people everyday in their own mirror. However, I’m also not here to insult the gullible, naïve, and uninformed either. After all, despite the fact that I can be perceived as condescending at times; I also used to be gullible, naïve, and uninformed.

So how to we fix the economy then? Let me ask you a question: Is there a shortage of resources? Is there food in the grocery stores? Is there gasoline in the pumps? Yes. So let me ask you; why are we about to live in indefinite austerity even though we already have resources available? I’ll explain…

Whether you want to refer to this racket as crony-capitalism, crony-collectivism, socialism, fascism, globalism, or neo-feudalism; our economy has been destroyed by corruption. In this specific resource example I mentioned, it’s a phenomenon known as “artificial scarcity.” The resources are still there, you just can’t “afford” them anymore.

Here’s another example of how wasteful our economy is; not only does your dollar not buy as much as it used to, did you notice that everything also costs more now too? Quantitative “easing?” They should call it “quantitative squeezing,” because the Federal Reserve has really mastered the art of squeezing our dollar from both ends.

I hate to give bad news, but the truth is that corruption and greed have destroyed our economic system. And these people aren’t going to tell you the truth and it’s for a childishly simple reason; they don’t want to lose their wealth and power.

So what do we do?

First we need to acknowledge how bad the corruption has gotten, and accept the fact that it’s impossible to fix the system within its current framework.

You also have to understand history…. In fact our country actually shares many eerie parallels to Ancient Rome; one of which is the invasion of barbarians… only these are modern times; so instead of an obvious head on attack by barbarian hordes… we’ve been invaded by ingenious and calculated stealth. And instead of barbarians, we’ve been invaded by bankers.

But regardless of whether this mess was caused by design or not, we have to admit that the system is a failure and its complexity and confusion has led to rampant manipulation and corruption. Fact: this is a failed system and it’s time to move on. Do you want to see your grand-kids in poverty or having to work 3 jobs while Ben Bernanke’s spoiled rotten grandchildren are living like gods? Either do I….

Look, no one wants the economy to fall apart in their lifetime, but it’s not going to last forever. The stock market isn’t going to last forever. We don’t need this corrupt, manipulated, white-collar criminal casino having this kind of power over our prosperity. In my opinion, the world will be a better place when once we’ve turned the New York Stock Exchange into the New York Stock Exchange Museum.

It’s really sad that they are making such a big deal about our credit rating, but it shows you just how embarrassingly corrupt our economic system has become.

And believe me, the fact that we are still “AA+” is still a ridiculous joke. Funny, Warren Buffett was recently quoted as saying that he thought our debt should be rated “quadruple A” which was also parroted in a recent Obama speech. Quadruple A? I can’t believe both of these guys said that with a straight face. Who knew these guys had such an incredible sense of humor?

So what should our credit rating really be? Here, let me illustrate why our credit rating is a joke from an “outside the box” perspective: hypothetically speaking; if you were an investor from another planet and you stumbled upon earth and spent a week on Wall Street, would you really want to invest in our bonds? Of course not! So what would you rate them? Let’s face reality: they’re JUNK!

Of course they aren’t ready to admit they are junk, and I can’t say I completely blame them. After all, a spontaneous default would obviously send economic shock waves and possible panic all over the globe. I mean the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency… however; we can’t keep this hoax of an economy propped up forever, so how do we fix it?

I’m sure most of you had the chance to see just how incompetent our politicians really are… I mean John Boehner? Nancy Pelosi? Mitch McConnell? Does anyone else feel convinced that any of these clowns are actually going to fix anything? Of course not… they’re just going to point the fingers at somebody else and just keep pushing the problem into the future.

So since these incompetent weasels have no solutions, the latest idea lies in the creation of a diabolical super oligarchy of 13? I’m sorry, super congress? Really? And in the odd chance that this really became necessary, shouldn’t the people get to pick the 12? And if there wasn’t enough time for a vote, shouldn’t they be selected by the highest approval rating? Or would that make too much sense? I mean we wouldn’t want to risk having a situation where 12 of the country’s most unpopular aristocrats were selected to be in charge of something this important, would we? That would just be silly… what do you think this is, a Dystopia? That could never happen in real life!

But seriously, if anyone thinks these corrupted incompetents are going to solve our financial problems than I’m sorry to inform you that you’re probably not going to get a solution you are going to be excited about. In fact it’s most likely going to end up with you under hopeless and overwhelming amounts of debt while these corrupt, multimillionaire con-men live like kings and tell you that everything is fine; “corporations are people” and write laws to legally protect themselves from all the nefarious rackets they’ve created.

Another possibility is that we will go into the dreaded one-world currency that will be run by the very same people that are responsible for this mess to begin with. Knowing them, I’m sure they will make that sound like the most amazing idea ever, but the reality is; it will only be a different version of what we have now: an overly confusing and fraudulent system designed to benefit the small cabal of insiders that actually understand how it works.

We need transparency and common-sense economics, not multi-million dollar bankers, lawyers, and politicians running the system. The economy should empower the people, not enslave them.

And speaking of Warren Buffett; now he’s trying to suggest we should raise taxes on the rich…. A noble gesture… however, that’s probably not going to happen, but even if it does, let’s be honest; it’s not going to magically fix anything, and there’s no mathematical or scientific way to prove it will… which leads me to my next point:

Our economic system needs to be simplified drastically if the general public is ever going to have a hope of understanding it; and with that being said, I think it should be quite obvious by now that Keynesian economics should be purged from our society for the greater good of the future.

Speaking of the Keynesian economics, did anyone hear what Paul Krugman said recently about an alien invasion?

Yes, this economic clown just got on TV saying we could benefit economically if we experienced an alien invasion! But hold on, I’m not making fun of him for the analogy; my concern is what he’s getting at; the analogy is just a clever way of saying what he really means; that we need another major war to jump-start our failing economy. No Paul, we don’t need any more wars or any more money being printed…. and I for one have had about enough of your ridiculous economic gibberish.

But you’re out there asking: who are you to discuss economics with an expert like Paul Krugman if you’re not actually an economist?

Funny you should ask, because it’s quite simple really…first, we assume that he is considered to be one of the premier masters of Keynesian economics. Secondly, we observe over many years that not only is our economic system incredibly corrupt, wasteful, and excruciatingly overcomplicated; if you follow Paul Krugman carefully, you’ll notice that he doesn’t seem to really have any understanding of how the economy works either!

And if the Keynesian grand master doesn’t have a clue how his own economic system works, than what hope do I have to understand it?

But wait, it gets better! The economy has now spiraled so far out of control, that the grand master is now indirectly calling for war as a desperate measure to keep the system afloat? Are you kidding me? And aren’t we in like six wars already? Do what you want to yourself Paul, but leave the innocent people of the present and future alone!

So look, it doesn’t take six wars or six years of school to see why this economic system needs to be scrapped. All it takes is simple common sense…

Face it Paul, you aren’t going to salvage this financial mess, nor can you continue to justify this failed system anymore. Nothing personal… You had a good run, you had a great career, and hey, you even won a Nobel Prize! But now it’s time to step down.

Keynesian economics is deeply flawed, overly complicated, wasteful, too susceptible to corruption, and completely unsustainable. Face it Keynesians; I’m sorry you’ve wasted so much time absorbing what will someday be looked upon as useless knowledge, but you have to admit that the future will thank you for letting it go…

So we have a Keynesian economics system, fractional-reserve banking, fiat currency, and a private bank that seems to have its tentacles in everything? Run and overseen by a bunch of spoiled aristocrats? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but here’s the reality: corruption, greed, and over-complication have ruined our financial system beyond repair, and the Warren Buffetts and Paul Krugmans of the world know it. They had an amazing run, but now they are quickly starting to resemble dinosaurs from another era. They desperately want to keep the system going, but they are going to have to face the fact that this system is broken, completely unsustainable, and hopelessly beyond repair. And almost everything that comes out of their mouths these days is nothing more than desperate attempts to keep the system going.

Now although Warren may appear to be one of the humbler elites, it shouldn’t take too much imagination by now to see what’s really going on: The rich and powerful want to stay rich and powerful….

Okay, identifying the corruption problem wasn’t so difficult. However there’s another problem that’s going to be a bit more complex to deal with:

You see, as the fraud becomes more exposed, the perpetrators, manipulators, and many of the benefactors are going to be looking at some serious punishment along the likes of Bernie Madoff or worse. So what are these elites going to do when they’re not only in danger of losing everything they’ve “earned,” over the years, but they’re also potentially looking at 20 to life or worse?

Good question, so let me ask you: what would you do if you were them, and you were looking at losing your posh lifestyle, all your toys, and then looking at losing all your freedom by facing indefinite jail-time? Right: you would lie, lie, and lie some more….

Face it: these filthy-rich bankers and Wall Street fat-cats aren’t just going to admit the fraud, throw away their lavish lifestyle and just turn themselves in… I mean would you?

And who’s going to arrest these bankers anyway, Eric Holder? You mean the guy with his fingerprints all over Operation Fast and Furious? Gee, no corruption going on there at all… so since Eric can’t be trusted… who else can we go to? How about that hideous troll creature that’s always wearing those ugly Christmas sweaters…you know… the grinch that stole freedom… oh yeah Janet Napolitano! Hey Janet, I know where the real terrorists are! And many of them are actually operating right out of Wall Street and Washington!

Okay, so now that more problems have been identified; how are we going to fix this giant mess when it seems like the entire system has been corrupted?

Well I can’t just wave a magic wand and magically solve everything, but I can offer some clarity and suggestions:

First of all, there’s no reason for panic. You see, the good news about this financial crisis is that in the real case of an economic collapse, we DON’T actually need “money” to make the world go round, and it’s a very simple concept reminiscent of well… does anyone still remember the honor system?

As a short term emergency solution, we can all continue to do what we were doing. Go to your job, get a few groceries. Do everything you would normally do, except no money would actually be exchanged.

Don’t abuse the system and use common sense. In the meanwhile, stay calm, inform others, get mentally prepared, and we can avoid unnecessary chaos.

As a long term economic solution, I think we should have a series of live televised debates between all the top economists representing all the different schools of thought: back to a gold standard? A silver standard? Resource based? How about an interest-free fiat currency issued by congress instead of a private bank? Or perhaps the great Keynesian revival? Good god I hope not, but if people like Krugman and Austan Goolsbee want to show up and get ridiculed, they are more than welcome.

Anyway, we let the top minds debate on national television, then over time, maybe we can start voting them off or something until we arrive at an economic system that makes the most sense. Sounds like a “Sputnik moment” to me, but if you would rather be at the mercy of the super congress… then good luck!

Okay, so we’ve covered the wastefulness of our current system of crony-collectivism… but if we re-start the economy, what are we going to do about China and the other countries that are holding our debt?

Good question… so let me ask you; if you were a debt-holder, and the country that owed you money was on the verge of default, what would you want in return?

A: Stacks of soon-to-be-worthless green paper?

B: More treasury bonds? Or

C: a steady flow of tangible imports?

The point is: just because we might have to restart our economy doesn’t mean we can’t still honor our debts. And if we need to start growing more food and manufacturing more goods to our debt-holders, then we will probably have to open up our factories again! Now we can put America back to work with an efficient and transparent resource based economy… hey Obama, how’s that for a Sputnik moment?

And to the debt-holders of the world: I apologize for the behavior of the monsters responsible for the orchestration of all these financial problems, but please don’t blame the innocent American people because we were also fooled by these same financial sellouts.

Now I could start rattling off some of the people I think are responsible; let’s see… there’s Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger… I could go on, but I just realized something… I don’t consider these men to be Americans anyway! They don’t have any loyalty to us; they are traitors and economic terrorists!

Which brings me back to one of the most difficult questions of all: Once we identify all of those truly responsible, what are we going to do with them? This is where it gets complicated:

Like I’ve said, you can forget about Eric Holder or Janet Napolitano bringing their masters to justice, and just because I’m making some accusations doesn’t prove that any of them are 100% guilty. After all, this is America, and everyone deserves a fair trial.

Besides, maybe these bankers and ultra-rich elites are really moral people, and this broken economy was all just done by design to teach us all of us serfs a valuable financial lesson? You know; a lesson of why you shouldn’t trust private banks that create money out of nothing because they will eventually rob all of the wealth and decimate the country. I mean maybe they were planning on giving us all of our wealth back as part of a surprise later, and now I’m the guy who had to open his mouth and ruin the party for everybody…

Now that scenario probably isn’t going to happen, and unfortunately, I don’t know who’s going to make all these apprehensions for questioning. I do however have a creative solution for what to with them assuming they are found guilty…

Now my solution involves mercy, but don’t get me wrong. There’s a part of me that would love to be there when all these corrupt bankers, politicians, moguls, and Wall-Street manipulators get dragged out of their mansions in handcuffs and get stuffed into police cars.

However, these people aren’t just going to go quietly without a fight. These are powerful people with powerful connections and when faced with losing everything and spending the rest of their lives in jail or worse… well let’s just say they could do any number of desperate things to protect themselves from us so we’re going to have to be smart about this.

There are a lot of people out there that seem to have a disturbing fascination with punishment, but maybe it’s time to start re-thinking this concept; I mean does it look like our prison system is doing a good job of rehabilitation?

The point is, there are probably a lot of people out there who are thinking that we’re just going to simply arrest these people and then throw them into violent prisons where they will be punished every day, but that’s just not realistic… and if you were them, and you were facing that kind of future, what would you do?

And that’s another key point I want to make: the concept of empathy. For example: if you were born into a powerful banking family, do you want to convince me that you would not have followed in their footsteps, and that you would have been the whistle-blower that brought down your own family for the good of the world? I mean JFK and Princess Diana are a couple of exceptions, but the reality is, most people would have gotten stuck in the family business too, so it’s hard for me to honestly pass judgment on them without making myself a hypocrite.

So yes, I believe in mercy. I also believe that if we harshly punish them, then we may also sink to their level. We’re supposed to be better than them after all, so maybe we should prove it…?

So what should we do instead? Here’s the fun part: we create a controlled environment for them which will keep them isolated from us, but instead of constant hellish punishment, there will be much more fun and limited freedom…

Sound crazy? Let me explain; A while ago I wrote an article about North Korea where I suggested that we could design a prison for the elites that would combine Bohemian Grove with the movie; The Truman Show.

I know it sounds like a reward, but I guess my philosophy is that I really don’t care if they have an arcade, a sports bar, a golf course whatever… just as long as they stay away from us, and stop playing god with us and our children.

The basic idea is that we will use their own control grid against them; RFID chips, cameras everywhere, spy satellites etc, and like the Truman Show, maybe we can make them stars in their own reality TV show! Who’s watching the criminals? You are! Hey, did you see last night’s episode when Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were having an argument with Al Gore? OMG!

Now this high-tech prison may take some time to build, but it is a plausible peaceful solution. If we are willing to get creative and outside-the-box, there are ways to fix our world’s problems without destroying our civilization in the process…

Okay, well there you have it; a peaceful solution for some of the world’s most impossible problems, you’re welcome. 😉

Peace and Love!

Bohemian Grove and Gratuitous Nudity:

Bohemian Grove starts this week! I say Dandy Warhols time!

Warning: Video contains nudity. You’ve been warned…



Update: I don’t consider Wikipedia to be some infallible source to learn all things Bohemian Grove or anything, but I linked to it above as a good starting point for the complete outsider. And while the Grove may be out of the news and done for the year; if you are curious and want to gain a better understanding of it all directly from an expert on the subject, than I suggest you click this hyperlink:


So What Does a Real Life Protection Racket Look Like?

Wow, I always assumed D.U.I. checkpoints were a public service. Now that I have finally seen one it makes sense: take a few drunk (yet still pre-crime) drivers off the road. Then collect a cool $40 million under the guise of a necessary public service! Think that’s a conspiracy theory? How else can you explain how incredibly absurd these state workers are acting when called out about it then? Ladies and gentleman: you are literally witnessing what a real life “protection racket” looks like!

for more coverage:

Going Jedi Against Fox News?

As you may have noticed, Fox News has been under attack a lot lately so I’ve decided to keep the momentum going. Fox, I swear I’m only doing two hit pieces in a row on you because it appears that you are “on the ropes,” and that there is no bias. However, since I am a former democrat, I am willing to admit that I have been experiencing an extra bit of glee in creating these last two projects 🙂

Warning: Video is for educational purposes only! 😉

Going Yoda on Bill O’Reilly, I mean Count Dooku… whatever.

Critical thinking question of the day: Is this old footage from professional wrestling? Or is it actually an old episode of the Hannity show? I seem to be having trouble, can you tell the difference?

Why I can’t really bring myself to dislike Tucker Carlson:

The interview with professor Jim Fetzer: (Note: The person who uploaded this video and many of the comments actually lean toward O’Reilly being “right” in this debate because of the lack of so-called “liberal media” exposure. Hey guys; don’t be fooled by Count Dooku and his dark-side propaganda tricks! Right versus left is meaningless when both sides are wrong! Get it? There is only right versus wrong… look behind the curtain!

Click here for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth (or what Bill would call “nuts” and people that “hate” America)

Proof that the major publications are controlled:

Exhibit A: Straight from the mind of David Rockefeller:
Exhibit B: What is Operation Mockingbird?
Exhibit C: George Carlin, critical thinking, and common sense:

Why do some people consider Bill to be an arrogant lying jerk-off sellout who works for the establishment? You have to see this video to believe it:

More excitement with Bill and his non-debatable government “facts” (hey, at least he’s controversial):

More bonus videos:

1. Bill O’Reilly in his own words; “I Don’t Care About The Constitution:”
2. Apparently Bill doesn’t like talking about Bohemian Grove either…
3. Why you should not believe Cheney, Rumsfeld, or Rove about 9/11 (or really anything they say for that matter):
4. The blog I referred to in my video: Jesse Ventura, the Pentagon, and 2.3 Trillion Reasons why we should have a new investigation into 9/11 (just to at least check out the highlights):

The other side of the argument? It’s extremely compelling so be sure to listen very carefully:

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Peace and Love!

Bilderberg 2011: Better Late than Never…

First off, I want to thank Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar for indirectly encouraging me to get into video, and please check out my last blog about the censorship controversy for the details.

I say thanks because I think this medium will allow me to be able to cover more issues since it can be very time consuming to write… and when I don’t have time to write and get my opinion out, I tend to get stressed and frustrated.

Case in point on missing one of the biggest news stories of the year a couple of weeks ago with the Bilderberg meeting:

Who and what are the Bilderberg’s? I think the best way to describe them was done by George Carlin, so I’ll let him explain it while I still have the freedom to embed YouTube videos:

I suppose I should warn that there is some explicit language, so I do apologize to all the squares out there… but who ever said that knowledge has to be politically correct?

George Carlin… prophet?

So who are the “owners” that George is referring to?

Well many of them were actually in Switzerland recently, but you probably didn’t hear about it on the mainstream news. I’ll try to explain:

Remember, video is for educational purposes only! 😉

Bilderberg 2011: The Master Page:

What do the elites (possibly) have planned for your future that the controlled, bought and paid for corporate media isn’t informing you about?
Something to keep in mind: I’d rather be called a sincere alarmist than have to say something awful in the future like; “those poor gullible bastards… if only I could have done more to warn them…”

The Mark Dice videos:

The teaser:

The full version:

Anyway, sorry I was late to the party again, but how could I live with myself without getting my two cents in on Bilderberg? Don’t blame me, late or not, I’m just trying to help fill the void the corporate media left behind… besides, how could I let George down?

Bonus clip: Go to 8:35 of the video. Great little recent and somewhat related clip from Jon Stewart with possibly the best political cartoon ever.

Peace and Love!

Turning the Tide: The Eccentric’s Memorial Day Weekend Review:

Since there were so many exciting stories and developments this week, I’ve decided that I just can’t focus on only one issue this time. So in case you weren’t paying attention to the news this week, I’m going to get you up to speed on several issues you may have missed:

First off, it’s official! The “birther” story is finally getting really interesting!

Sorry Obama fans, but just when you thought the “birther” issue was over and done, it’s now looking like we could actually be seeing the unfolding of the next Watergate!

Critical thinking question of the day: Let’s pretend that the whole Obama/birth certificate story never happened… in real life. Instead, let’s pretend that the exact same story was turned into a movie, and you were at the theater watching it. Okay, so there you are at the theater, the show begins, and in a synopsis: a new “president” gets elected even though he apparently never showed his official birth certificate. Okay, I know that doesn’t sound that worrisome just yet, but on his first day in office, he signs a suspicious executive order regarding the sealing of presidential records! Okay, now that’s a bit odd, but the story only continues to get weirder. You see because later, it gets pointed out that there’s still no proof that the president has an official birth certificate; and possibly because of that, rumors start floating around that two million dollars have been spent to keep the issue secret! Now that might not be true, but wouldn’t you think; “hey, he’s the frickin president of the United States! Couldn’t he just order someone to just get the stupid birth certificate and simply just have it flown to him… that same afternoon?” No, apparently that would be too simple and make too much sense. But then things continue to get crazier…

Of course one of the significant developments turned out to be the governors race from the president’s home state. Significant because Neil Abercrombie (one of the candidates) claimed (in regards to the birth certificate issue); “has a political implication for 2012 that we simply cannot have.” But after Abercrombie wins the election however, guess what? It turns out that he can’t gain access to the certificate either! Then when an investigative reporter named Wayne Madsen begins looking into the president’s Chicago history, he receives death threats to stop!

Now I know by now you must be thinking; “come on dude, that sounds like a really horrible movie… something like that could never happen in real life!”

But then from out of nowhere comes mega-mogul Donald Trump claiming; “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? The fact is, if he wasn’t born in this country, he shouldn’t be the president of the United States…” However just when you thought the Donald was going to be the guy to finally put this ridiculous issue to rest, the White House mercifully decided to save everyone the trouble, and finally released it! Story’s over? Not so fast…

Because after inspection, it appears that the “official birth certificate” might now be a total forgery! In fact there is a possibility that criminal charges will actually be filed against the White House! And even crazier yet, Donald Trump might actually have been in cahoots with Obama the whole time!

So we just went from a worsening B movie script to a Hollywood blockbuster! You just can’t make this stuff up!

Here, let’s get to one of the key interviews:

Don’t get me wrong though, because I’ve never really had that strong of an opinion on the whole birther fiasco anyway. I mean is anyone out there really hopeful about Joe Biden? Right, me neither…

So am I a racist for questioning the “birther” issue? Unfortunately, there are many people that seem to want to believe in that twisted delusion, but that theory is completely unfounded. Are some birthers racist? Well I’m not a birther, so how would I know? Seriously though, I’m sure there are people out there who are racist birthers, but making audacious blanket statements implying that all or most birthers must be racist is completely irrational and delusional.

Now I personally can’t prove that I’m 100% not racist, but I can 100% prove my voting record. Did you know that in 2008 that I voted for a black president? It’s true, but I’m going to throw you a curve ball… because it wasn’t Obama! Believe it or not, there was actually another black presidential candidate that was also representing hope and change. Can you guess who it was?

Give up?

It was Green Party candidate and former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney!

She also happened to be in the news this week as well, and her courage is always inspiring. Here she is reporting in from a humanitarian mission in Tripoli:

(please watch the first few minutes to check her out)

So to all of you who voted for Obama: listen, I completely understand how all of you got duped, and although many of us did attempt to warn you, I’m not here to rub it in your face. I just want to point out that there are more than two candidates, and that if you really want hope and change, it might be time to start looking at some of the third parties next time around. Remember, right versus left is an illusion, there is only right versus wrong.

Speaking of black presidents and ignorant claims of racism (I love this link by the way), have you seen the damage racism has caused the once formidable Tea Party? Well I guess all those accusations took such a heavy toll that they were forced to overcompensate by nominating Herman Cain. Now I don’t have anything bad to say about him (at least right now) but is he actually a good fit for the Tea Party when it comes to the issues? It certainly doesn’t appear that way, but here, take a look for yourself:

So did you hear about the revolt against the TSA tyranny at the Texas state capitol this week? You should, because the information contained inside could prove extremely useful to you sooner than you may think. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the reality is that the federal part of our government is really starting to overstep its boundaries in an almost chillingly Orwellian manner. That being said, the people really need to start paying more attention to what is going on with their state and local governments, because we could soon be in danger of losing many of our rights and freedoms if we don’t start getting involved with the system. Make your lawmakers aware that they are our servants, not the other way around!

Here is a tool to help get you mentally prepared:

Speaking of Orwellian, did you see this week that the Patriot Act just got renewed for another four years? What are these lawmakers thinking? Here, let me show you just how unpopular the Patriot Act is, and how corrupt and out of touch our politicians truly are; I have two articles I want to show you on this subject, but it’s not just the stories I want to show you. I also want you to specifically look at the “highest rated” reader comments, and by a count of thumbs up/thumbs down votes, get an idea of what the general public thinks about the Patriot Act:

First article: Obama, the autopen, and the midnight deadline:
Second article: The Patriot Act Showdown and yet another reason why many consider Harry Reid to be a corrupt and dangerous tyrant:

Here is the key video:

Speaking of government tyranny, there was another extremely important message and warning delivered this week by Ron Paul (must watch):

Okay, here’s a quickie: there was an unusual interview on the Daily Show last Thursday when Jon Stewart had EPA chief Lisa Jackson on the show. To be perfectly honest, I found it so boring that I don’t think I could watch it again. However, it later became clear why this interview was significant, and I’ll show you the article at this hyperlink. You see, the article is about the very controversial natural gas production method known as “fracking,” which according to Lisa; “knows of no proven cases that “fracking” had harmed water.” Really Lisa? How about I prove you wrong right here with help from none other than Jon Stewart himself? Speaking of which, I really don’t know what to make of this latest development… hey Jon and Lisa, what the frack?

Lastly, there’s been some exciting new developments in the information war that’s raging on behind the scenes. Since the government and mainstream media have been getting their ass kicked lately, they’ve had to resort to sicking the FBI and the “terminator” on us. As activist Carlos Montes puts it; “this new widespread attack… is only the newest wave in the federal government’s attempt at silencing the outspoken.

As for the “terminator,” did you hear that the White House has hired a “dedicated propagandist” for “aggressive defense of the president and his policies?” His name is Jesse Lee, and he’s a blogger who already has experience representing controversial tyrants such as Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel Talk about a desperate move by the White House…

Hey Jesse, let’s get something straight; you are not a “terminator,” you are nothing more than another paid turd polisher

Good luck to you and your team defending Obama though, this is certainly going to be fun to watch… by the way, speaking of Obama’s re-election bid, have you guys had a chance to check out the following movie yet? Because it’s a real doozy

Okay, I’m done with my Weekend Review! And what an amazing week it was for all the great activists and the liberty movement as a whole! You guys absolutely rocked it last week! Now it’s too early to get too excited, but all of your efforts are really helping to turn the tide against tyranny, way to go!