Buyer’s Remorse? A Brief Reflection on Year One of the Trump Presidency:

Trump Hillary

I may not be recognized for it, but I do believe that I played an important role in the election of Donald Trump. Not in terms of views or publicity, but in terms of influence and impact. And if that statement stands to be true, then it also kind of makes me responsible for the results. Although Donald Trump wasn’t technically my first choice (Rand Paul), I was more than happy to ‘Jump on the Trump Bandwagon’ when it became the right time to do so. In fact I actually ended up enjoying every minute of it. The historic 2016 election lived up to every bit of the hype and beyond.

But now it’s 2018, and the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency is officially in the books. Was I sick of winning yet? Or was I suffering from a bad case of ‘buyer’s remorse?’

Things have certainly changed, and one of the most obvious post-election observations I’ve noticed is the difference between the previous establishment administrations and their alliance with the media.

  • The Republican/Democrat machines are carefully controlled environments with everyone pretty much on the same page.
  • The Trump machine is overloaded with alphas and egos. Sometimes indispensable heroes, sometimes jerks and narcissists that suck as a team.

Of course the status quo is the smoother system, but not necessarily superior. In other words, is it better to have:

  • A completely controlled coalition with gratuitous groupthink?
  • Unpredictability & public provocativeness? Social-media shit-storms and egomaniacs eating each other?

I suppose there is no right answer, but it’s all just for fun. Now let’s get to the big, burning question:

If we could all do the election over, which future would we rather live in?

We already know what we would get with Trump. His world involves inflammatory Twitter feuds, a Sean Spicer parody, this guy Scaramucci, a never ending Russian investigation, a crackdown on human trafficking, ‘Q-Anon,’ and a bombshell book from a wolf in the White House!

Hillary’s world would be kept quite secret. Without Bernie or Trump in her way, she could be congratulating her good friend Harvey Weinstein on his latest movie award! Matt Lauer could be interviewing first husband Bill on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. The Podesta brothers could be celebrating at Comet Ping-Pong Pizza. Wikileaks would no longer exist, and no one would know about Seth Rich. And after Hillary’s term was over, get ready for longtime DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to coronate future president Anthony Weiner! Believe it, and welcome to Huma & Hillary’s greatest dream come true!

Call me crazy, but if I had to vote all over again; I’d still pass on the creepy Clinton Cult. And I don’t care what kind of fire or fury flows out of the Trump White House, because it only makes this presidential reality show even better.

At this point, I don’t care if the Donald turns out to be a little dirty. Or even a little crazy. I just want him to do his best to destroy the dishonest media and drain the swamp like he said he would. Shine some light on the treachery, shake down the traitors, and purge all the pedophiles and predators.

I certainly don’t agree or endorse everything that Donald Trump says, does, or tweets. But I do believe he has been the most exciting thing to happen to politics ever. And like Donald’s frequent theme song from the ‘Rolling Stones’ goes; you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you just might find you get what you need. In this case, a powerful reality star to battle against the dreaded deep-state and the phony political elite. Now why would we want to change that?

No remorse here, looking forward to year two!

Hillary vs. Russia: The Road to World to World War 3?


Is the United States pushing for war with Russia over a false narrative?
Are we being told the truth about what’s really happening with Syria and ISIS?
Is Russia behind the hacked email leaks?
Can we believe Obama and Hillary?
Has their foreign policy been successful?
What’s the deal with the ‘alt-Right’ movement?
Are they connected to Vladimir Putin?
Would Syria be better off without Assad?
Who presents the bigger danger? Hillary or the ‘alt-right?’

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Welcome to The New American Media!

Well it’s been quite a ride. Although 2016 did not go exactly as I had planned it, the election certainly delivered everything I had hoped it would. That was really all that mattered anyway. The election of 2016 was unlike any other before, and its consequences would be incalculable. History was happening, and the future of the planet was on the line.

With that said, this election was far too important for me to watch from the sidelines. I had to be on the field for this one, immerse myself into it, and hopefully play a role in it somehow. This wasn’t about money, this was a mission to save the future; and I was all-in.

There was a war on reality, and a new era of journalism was challenging the existing order of things. The days of print-papers and network news were nearly over. The rise of the Internet and the ‘Information Age’ had changed everything. These days anyone could be their own reporter, create their own content, and challenge corporate media narratives.

As it turns out, I happen to be one of these new ‘journalists.’ Not because I wanted to be. Not because I was trained to be. I got involved because I had to. The mainstream-media had lost their trust, and could not be counted on to do their job anymore. We were being lied to, manipulated, and dumbed-down. The establishment and their controlled media needed to be beaten and exposed, and I was up for the challenge. And the ‘good news’ was that I now had a platform to finally do something about it.

Well I did, and five years later I was in attendance at the historical conventions of 2016. It was historic for the RNC, because the Republican establishment was taken over by an outsider (despite all their efforts to stop it). The DNC was historic in part because they were hacked. Their emails were exposed, and an exodus erupted. Their chairwoman even announced her resignation on the eve of the convention! The Democratic establishment was also nearly taken over by an outsider, but their dubious super-delegate defense-mechanism came into play and helped save the day.

Regardless, I was there in Cleveland and Philadelphia. I saw it all for myself and took pictures. I can say with certainty that it was absolutely worth the trip. The conventions were incredible, the people were amazing, and everything turned out better than I could have imagined. And I have it all documented.

Did 2016 turn out like I hoped it would? Not quite. But I did manage to write a game-changing mega-manifesto. An epic election guide. An unbeatable persuasive argument about the presidency. Of course I also went on a massive cross-country road trip, and created two YouTube documentaries about each of the conventions.

Although I have my limitations with audio/video editing, I can absolutely guarantee that these are the most original, informative, and entertaining videos you will find about the 2016 conventions anywhere. Do you want to know why the old news networks aren’t relevant anymore? Because they cannot compete with people like me, and I can prove it. Imagine that, some college-dropout turned Vegas bartender became a ‘gonzo journalist,’ and just outperformed the mainstream media?

Now maybe no one will notice, and no one will watch. I’ll be black-listed, censored, and ignored. They can hide me under the bed and pretend they’ve never heard of me. But you can’t hide the truth, and you can never take that away from me…

Welcome to the future. Welcome to The New American Media.

Special thanks to my friends who helped make the convention coverage possible:

Brian Engelman: RNC Cleveland. Founder of The New American Media.

Mike Kastelnik: DNC Philadelphia. Volunteer videographer.

The RNC:

The DNC: 

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-Peace and Love

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