Fake News? The Clorox and Coronavirus Controversy!

Welcome to the Next Level News. Today’s video takes a closer look at the controversy over comments from President Trump when he talked about UV Rays and disinfectants as potential treatment possibilities. Is he crazy? Was he lying? Or was he making sarcastic suggestions? Check for yourself and make your own conclusion!

Welcome to The New American Media!

Well it’s been quite a ride. Although 2016 did not go exactly as I had planned it, the election certainly delivered everything I had hoped it would. That was really all that mattered anyway. The election of 2016 was unlike any other before, and its consequences would be incalculable. History was happening, and the future of the planet was on the line.

With that said, this election was far too important for me to watch from the sidelines. I had to be on the field for this one, immerse myself into it, and hopefully play a role in it somehow. This wasn’t about money, this was a mission to save the future; and I was all-in.

There was a war on reality, and a new era of journalism was challenging the existing order of things. The days of print-papers and network news were nearly over. The rise of the Internet and the ‘Information Age’ had changed everything. These days anyone could be their own reporter, create their own content, and challenge corporate media narratives.

As it turns out, I happen to be one of these new ‘journalists.’ Not because I wanted to be. Not because I was trained to be. I got involved because I had to. The mainstream-media had lost their trust, and could not be counted on to do their job anymore. We were being lied to, manipulated, and dumbed-down. The establishment and their controlled media needed to be beaten and exposed, and I was up for the challenge. And the ‘good news’ was that I now had a platform to finally do something about it.

Well I did, and five years later I was in attendance at the historical conventions of 2016. It was historic for the RNC, because the Republican establishment was taken over by an outsider (despite all their efforts to stop it). The DNC was historic in part because they were hacked. Their emails were exposed, and an exodus erupted. Their chairwoman even announced her resignation on the eve of the convention! The Democratic establishment was also nearly taken over by an outsider, but their dubious super-delegate defense-mechanism came into play and helped save the day.

Regardless, I was there in Cleveland and Philadelphia. I saw it all for myself and took pictures. I can say with certainty that it was absolutely worth the trip. The conventions were incredible, the people were amazing, and everything turned out better than I could have imagined. And I have it all documented.

Did 2016 turn out like I hoped it would? Not quite. But I did manage to write a game-changing mega-manifesto. An epic election guide. An unbeatable persuasive argument about the presidency. Of course I also went on a massive cross-country road trip, and created two YouTube documentaries about each of the conventions.

Although I have my limitations with audio/video editing, I can absolutely guarantee that these are the most original, informative, and entertaining videos you will find about the 2016 conventions anywhere. Do you want to know why the old news networks aren’t relevant anymore? Because they cannot compete with people like me, and I can prove it. Imagine that, some college-dropout turned Vegas bartender became a ‘gonzo journalist,’ and just outperformed the mainstream media?

Now maybe no one will notice, and no one will watch. I’ll be black-listed, censored, and ignored. They can hide me under the bed and pretend they’ve never heard of me. But you can’t hide the truth, and you can never take that away from me…

Welcome to the future. Welcome to The New American Media.

Special thanks to my friends who helped make the convention coverage possible:

Brian Engelman: RNC Cleveland. Founder of The New American Media.

Mike Kastelnik: DNC Philadelphia. Volunteer videographer.

The RNC:

The DNC: 

Thanks for watching!

-Peace and Love

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March Against Monsanto 2014: Las Vegas Edition!


Blake “The Eccentric” Walley interviews attendees of “March Against Monsanto” in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 24th 2014.

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Critical Thinking and the Art of Propaganda Comprehension: The Benghazi Scandal

Are you getting frustrated by the way the media is covering (or not covering) the Benghazi Scandal?

Me too!

So now that the John McCain vs. Susan Rice drama is starting to fade; is the media finally ready to start asking the real questions? Or are they planning another distraction?

I address these questions and more!

Video is for educational purposes only 😉

(A recent update I made on Benghazi 1/16/14) : How to protect a corrupt administration by ignoring reality.


Was Obama in the White House Situation Room watching the Benghazi attack?

October 24th: Benghazi media explosion with the freshly released e-mail findings:

Obama knew Benghazi was a terror attack within two hours:

Transcript of the Rachel Maddow show from October 24th. Can you find the word “Benghazi” mentioned once? Either can I…

The day the liberal media died?

Obama transcript demonizing a YouTube video in front of the United Nations… NINE days after the Susan Rice debacle!

What Constitutes a Constitutional Sheriff?

Recently I had a chance to attend the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association) conference in Las Vegas where I got a chance to meet and interview Sheriff Richard Mack and Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers!

What is a “Constitutional” sheriff? And why is this so important?

So how would a “Constitutional sheriff” deal with the TSA? How about the dreaded NDAA?

And a curve-ball; how would our forefathers be treated by the current administration in a hypothetical “Back to the Future” scenario?

Welcome to my first two live interviews!

Sheriff Mack:

Stewart Rhodes:

Bonus: my latest radio interview (11-29-12) on NDAA with Dan Johnson and Chris Corbett from P.A.N.D.A.!

Romney Campaign Caught in Nevada Election Fraud!

So last May I attended the Nevada State Republican convention as a delegate for Ron Paul. I also ended up capturing quite the story…

By the way, despite the blatant attempt at cheating, we still took 22/25 delegates!

Suck it Romney!

There were also three great stories written about the event, and I very much want to thank Steve Watson, Eric Blair, and the Lions of Liberty for creating articles to go along with my video!


Eric Blair

Lions of Liberty