The Red Pill/Blue Pill Challenge #2

Technically this post refers to my radio show last Thursday (the 19th). That being said, my news coverage will be outdated for this entry. However I still  get into a  really heavy, thought-provoking red pill/blue pill rant around the one hour mark of the show that is still evergreen information you may find interesting (but possibly horrifying).  I apologize that I still can’t figure out how to get a radio widget on my blog… I’m working on it, but the link is here: (right click link and open new tab/window).

Once again I should note that I have recently made a media switch to radio and I can now be found on the Freedomizer Network! I also have a podcast that can be found at iTunes by simply typing “eccentric perspective” in the podcast search field. Thanks for your support!

The (first) Red Pill/Blue Pill Challenge:

The link to the horrifying proof I discuss on the show:

More Red Pill/Blue Pill info from the “King of Reality:”

Sorry for the Long Hiatus…

Long story and I won’t get into the reasons…. but in a nutshell I’ve decided to make a transition to radio!

I have ditched the scripts in an effort to cover more news in these crazy times. Anyway, I am now broadcasting through Freedomizer Radio (part of Blog Talk radio)! My show runs Mon, Weds, and Thurs 12-1:30 PST (3-4:30 EST). I also have a podcast which can be reached through iTunes at Freedomizer Radio—Eccentric Perspective.

It’s a new medium and my radio skills aren’t quite on par with some of my better journalism but I’m getting there… check it out! Speaking of which; I don’t know how many written works I plan on making this year, so I’ll probably just use my site to share broadcasts and display some of the articles and videos I discuss on air.

Anyway, I’m back and creating more mischief than ever for the establishment… you’ve been warned…

Here is an archive of my shows so far:

show 1:

show 2:

show 3:

show 4:

show 5:

show 6:

Cameo! On the last hour and a half of the Proof Negative show!

show 7:

show 8:

Please follow or subscribe to my new medium! Thank you to everyone for listening and for your support!