Why you should never challenge the karate kid to a guitar duel:

(originally posted 12-18-10)

Not only does this prove that the guitar is the world’s most awesome instrument; this clip also definitively proves that you should never challenge the Karate Kid to a guitar duel…

SNL and Irrationally High Expectations for Modernized Nostalgia:

I remember a time around when I was in grade school, that Saturday Night Live was the greatest show on television, and at that age, not watching it made you an instant social outcast. Not always because you were made fun of, but also because SNL seemed to drive a sort of temporary social language code every Monday, so if you didn’t watch it, you wouldn’t know what the other kids around you were talking and laughing about.

I haven’t really watched SNL much the last 10+ years, so it makes me feel like kind of a snob since I seem to only enjoy the SNL of “my generation.” To be fair though, when SNL was at its peak for me, there wasn’t exactly a lot of competition either, in fact I don’t think Comedy Central was even a channel then.

So now I’m wondering, did SNL really get “bad” like I thought it did? Or is it unfair to hold the show to the same standard in a world with DVR’s and a few hundred extra channels?

Anyway, after several advertisements persuaded me during the football games this weekend, I finally gave in and DVR’d an episode. Now I’m far from ready to proclaim: “SNL is back!” But Jim Carrey was the host, and there were a few decent skits, so I think it might be ‘worthy’ of another taping.

Hey, why not? The current cast might seem to pale in comparison to the all-star casts I remember in the late eighties/early nineties, but between a general faded interest and modern technology, it doesn’t really matter when I watch it now; but most importantly, my social life doesn’t depend on it anymore either (although that would still have to be funny, even if it was in an ironic way).

This also brings up a somewhat disturbing “I must be getting old” moment, because it also makes me wonder what modern kids would do if they put (whatever the cool kids are watching) on at midnight Saturday night, and they weren’t allowed to skip the commercials. You spoiled kids wouldn’t last a week in 1988! Back when I was a boy…

In case you missed it, I thought this sketch was pretty good, even though I can relate to a few of these moments more than I’d probably like to remember. But how can you truly experience human life without having an occasional awkward emotional breakdown?

Christmas Cult Classic:

Warning: This is the Christmas episode of a cult classic TV show I used to like on Comedy Central about ten years ago. For those that used to like this show and had forgotten… you’re welcome. 🙂

If you never saw the show though, I’m not calling it a cult classic to exaggerate it, as I’m quite convinced that it represents a legitimate “you had to be there” moment to really ‘get it.’ That, or you do ‘get it,’ but you would just consider it too “outdated” to be that funny. In that case, it would be something you probably couldn’t ‘get into,’ hence the phrase “cult classic.”

Regardless of anyone’s view though, I warn: if you watch this, you will definitely feel dumber afterward in a non-positive way (as opposed to a Socrates-esque: “Wisdom is knowing how little we know” moment), so watch at your own risk…

(originally posted 12-25-10)