Someone Get This Man a TV Show!

His name is Danny, and I’ve covered his work and the Love Police a few times before, and I look forward to seeing more material in the future…

This is the latest video of his, and it should be an activist blueprint for how to deal with law enforcement and legal absurdity in the face of the confusing police state we currently find ourselves living in:

Warning: the establishment does not approve of you watching the following video…

Another Love Police video I admire, and further proof that Danny deserves a bigger audience:

And the latest from Charlie Veitch:

Looks like the Department of Homeland Security finally messed with the wrong guy…

Click Jesse for the article...

I know some people think this might be silly, but someone needs to stand up to these goons. Unfortunately the truth is that the nature of these federal goon squads is to keep pushing the limits of their power, and they aren’t going to stop until people make a stand. Everyone likes security, but there’s also a line that needs to be drawn; and groping and microwaving people is crossing way over that line to the point of total absurdity. Thanks for your courage and for giving up your time to stand up and fight these goons for us Jesse!

(originally posted 1-25-11)

Blueprint for Future Dissent

I think if I had an opportunity to show everyone in the world just one video (out of all the videos I’ve linked to thus far); I would probably pick the Love Police video from the New York subway, as I think it has the most potential positive impact.

I think that is because at heart, I don’t see myself as a “conspiracy theorist.” I see myself as an idealist, and that subway video gave me a glimpse of what idealism looks like, how badly I want to see more of it, and how frustrated I am that I can’t live that way in the present.

This video however, is not about idealism. To me this video is about seeing and accepting the disturbing absurdity of what we’ve allowed our world to become. Most importantly though, it shows that we have no reason to fear the system, because a corrupt system only has power if we choose not to resist it, and this video shows us that concept in action.

This video is so important to share now, as this latest Arizona shooting should sicken everybody. Not only was it a completely senseless act of violence, it won’t make ANYTHING better for ANYONE.

Therefore, I think the only way to truly beat the system is through peaceful resistance, and I can’t think of a better example of how to do this any better than through the examples I’ve seen from the Love Police. If you want a model on how to fight the system in the most effective way, look no further…

How did the DEA turn into such a Dishonorable Goon Squad?

DEA: How are we supposed to take you seriously when you go on TV like this and blatantly lie to us and keep trying to sell us your tired bullshit story like we’re all brainwashed or stupid enough to keep believing that shit? This is absolutely unacceptable and completely absurd behavior! Why should we continue to listen to you much less keep funding you?

And who is this ass that I keep seeing from Fox and Friends? I actually feel sorry for this guy. What a shining example of what a propaganda spewing, phony, corporate news clown looks like. I’m not suggesting that he’s an evil conspirator by any means, but he’s such an obvious “company” man. How can anyone take this guy seriously?

And now a followup, and proof our country has been taken over by criminals…

Dear patriots and dissidents:

This is what happens when you eff with us.

-The government 🙂

(originally posted 12-27-10)