Critical Thinking and the Art of Propaganda Comprehension: The Bin Laden Controversy

Note: I’ve found myself to be quite a bit late to the Osama Bin Laden opinion party. However, maybe that’s not such a bad thing because now that it’s been a while, everyone has had a chance to take a step back and calm down… including myself. And since this event is a very emotional issue for some with many opposing viewpoints, the power to persuade opinion can have disastrous consequences, and people have to be very careful about the information surrounding this event… and by “people,” I’m also going to have include myself.

But if you want my opinion, I think this event was totally staged. Bin Laden was almost certainly dead already and the establishment was just saving his corpse for a future emergency to rescue the system. Why? Because their empire is crumbling apart and they are completely desperate to save themselves! I mean they “killed” him and immediately dumped his body in the ocean? Please, how gullible do they think we are? And this event wasn’t just staged to distract from the “birther” issue like the propaganda machine wants you to believe. This is a multi-faceted operation to channel support for their other illegal wars, to push us into another war with Pakistan, to boost their pathetic approval ratings, to jump start Obama’s re-election bid, and also to distract us from the crumbling economy… which is such a joke now that I’m at a loss for words to describe it. However, I do think it’s incredibly hilarious that we still have a AAA rating… I mean, how much more evidence to people need to see to realize that the game is rigged!?

However something really interesting happened with this latest propped up media hoax, because for the first time, the general masses haven’t been so quick to be gullible to the “official” story anymore! That’s because the corporate establishment propaganda machine and their pundits have become so absurd and cartoonish that they have almost no credibility anymore! And if you think basic cable news is bad, regular network news is almost unwatchable!

So that being said, my message to the readers is this: be careful of the propaganda, and be wary of anything the establishment tells you about this event. I keep hearing some dangerous opinions put out by some in the media that suggest that it’s somehow bad or unpatriotic to question the government’s official stance on the issue. Now not only do I find that concept unbelievably alarming and disturbing, that twisted philosophy helps set a very dangerous precedent. Now that doesn’t mean that I’m suggesting that it’s 100% fact that the government is definitely lying about their version of reality, but is there a reason why we can’t calmly and rationally conduct an investigation into their facts before they push us into another war? Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see any kind of recent government track record of honesty and transparency, do you? I for one don’t buy the establishment BS story about Bin Laden, but regardless, there should never be an excuse to go to war based on some insane idea that we shouldn’t question our government’s intentions!

That being said, I have a warning for anyone who thinks that the government’s word is good enough for them: if our leaders are anywhere near as corrupt as I suspect, but their “word” is good enough for you… and we eventually get into World War III with Pakistan based on false information (like the WMD’s in Iraq), elitist interests, and possible false flags because of YOUR gullibility in believing them, then that war will also be on YOUR conscience, and blood will also be on YOUR hands as well! Please be careful! Start questioning the establishment and stop being fooled!

We need a new Renaissance, not a corrupt empire of elitists destroying the world out of power and greed…

Okay, points made… now are you ready for some evidence and critical thinking?

Let’s face it, no matter what your beliefs are, it should be really obvious by now that the empire is failing and we are headed for the end of the line. Now that doesn’t mean there needs to be a panic, but it’s time to realize and accept that our current system is broken, beyond repair, and will have to be restarted and restructured at some point fairly soon. I mean, how long do you really think our current system is going to last anyway?

Face it, every society eventually falls, and with our world problems approaching an almost overwhelming level, there is probably no better time than now to start getting calmly informed and prepared for the possibility that there will be some big changes ahead in the near future. The good news is that these changes could very well usher in the beginning of the next Renaissance, but the bad news is: if you choose not to get involved, you will run the risk of being at the mercy of what the establishment chooses for you. Have you ever heard of the quote, “Order out of chaos?” How about “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it?” Well if you want to get a good idea of how those quotes can seriously affect your life and your future, then I strongly suggest you check out my article on North Korea.

Here’s a good question for you; did you know that there is another major war going on that you might not have been aware of?

It’s true! War isn’t always just about military actions; war can also be waged on information! Simply put, when two sides give different stories surrounding an event, how can you tell which side is telling you the truth? I mean, do you believe everything you are being told? Or are you able to spot the difference between what is probably true, and what is more likely propaganda that the establishment wants you to believe is true?

Speaking of the information war, did you know that you actually have to pay to get premium news these days? It’s true! As I said earlier, regular network news is practically unwatchable these days; and even basic package news like CNN, FOX, and MSNBC are getting so corporate and phony that their credibility is falling rapidly. Sure, you can listen to your local phony corporate news clown’s worthless analysis (if they actually give you something), but if you had a choice, wouldn’t you rather hear what Bill Maher has to say? (update: never mind, Bill Maher has just officially sold out and proved himself to be another fake libertarian by dismissing Ron Paul and donating $1 million dollars to the Obama Super PACreally Bill?) Judge Napolitano? (update: was recently fired for apparently getting too close to the truth). Curious about the Bloomberg Network? (update: don’t be curious as they have proven themselves to be as sickeningly biased as the New York Times) Then prepare to open up your wallet people, because intelligent news with intelligent analysis is going to force you to shell out an extra subscription fee.

Oh yeah, that reminds me… wasn’t there actually a time when news was supposed to be about trust? Perhaps a network or a pundit you trusted to really give it to you straight? Think about it for a moment; what if there was a breaking news story leading to an emergency situation and you only have time to listen to one source’s point of view of the event before you have to follow through on their “honest, hard-hitting intelligent opinion and analysis?” Here, I’ll even give you six choices:

A. Chris Matthews
B. Greta Van Susteren
C. Wolf Blitzer
D. Fox and Friends
F. Ann Coulter

See what I mean?

Now I get criticized at times for getting news from the Daily Show, but give me a break! Take another look at that list! And believe me, that is only a fraction of the many pundits I could have put there instead. Call me crazy, but what’s worse; cartoonishly absurd “news reporters” that take themselves and their work seriously? Or comedy news that at least points out how completely absurd these people and their news are?

Let me show you some recent examples of why I respect the Daily Show’s news coverage: (note: I am unable to post videos from Comedy Central, so the best way to view these clips is to right-click the hyperlink and set to “open link in a new window”)

Exhibit A: Jon Stewart and John Oliver discuss the corporatocracy:

Exhibit B: Aasif Mandvi discusses how we’re really not in another war:

Exhibit C: Want another reason why I think Fox News a joke? Speaking of cartoonish, take a look at this clip with the Fred Flintstone lookalike Bret Baier as he gets schooled by Jon Stewart. To be fair to Bret though, this really isn’t an even fight. Fox News has reached such a high level of absurdity, that it is literally impossible to defend the network and appear credible at the same time. One last point: Bret, I’m also a bit skeptical of you calling Charles Krauthammer “brilliant.” I mean it’s very possible that he was in a different era; but from my standpoint, all he does is tie the Flintstones analogy together, because when I picture Charles Krauthammer, all I see is a tired old dinosaur…

Exhibit D: This clip is one of the more important ones if you want a really good look at just how ridiculous the establishment has become. A transparency award? Are you effing kidding me? Want to know how incredibly stupid and gullible the establishment thinks the average American is?

Exhibit E: This clip can be shortened to its final two minutes (4:08 is a good beginning) This clip shows just how incredibly deceptive the establishment can be, and why this country will be in serious danger if we allow our officials to cleverly disguise and confuse their language like in this very Orwellian example:

Exhibit F: Still not convinced that the Bin Laden story was staged? Remember the very sad and uneventful campaign commercial from exhibit D? Remember when I said part of the reasoning for the Bin Laden hoax was to help Obama’s re-election campaign? Well take a look at this clip (start about 1:40) to see just how dumb, gullible, and easily manipulated the propaganda machine thinks the voting public are:

However, although I don’t agree with everything Jon Stewart says (and I was forced to be critical of him once before), I think in the case of the Bin Laden story, that there may be a certain point where Jon is forced to play both sides. Obviously I can’t speak for him of course, but from my perspective, this means that even Jon Stewart has to polish a turd once in a while. And if you are curious to see what that looks like, you can watch here as he turns the Bin Laden “hoax” into a dick joke:

Oh well, what should I expect Jon to do? Have a Howard Beale/Charlie Sheen moment and possibly risk his career over the issue? Of course not. But it really doesn’t matter to me what he truly believes or not. Besides, how can I really be that critical of a guy who can keep propaganda juggernaut Fox News at bay nearly single-handedly? So as far as I’m concerned, whether Jon has to play certain rules behind the scenes is irrelevant. Say what you want about him, but in my opinion he has done far more good then harm…

Speaking of which, perhaps it’s time to take a look at a couple of people that are doing far more harm than good; and coincidentally, I’m actually going to start with one of Jon’s recent guests, Rachel Maddow!

(update: I’ve been warming up a bit to Rachel lately, especially for her coverage of NDAA. However, in fairness I cannot rewrite the following text… nothing personal)

Rachel Maddow show MSNBC anchor woman liberal

Now I already thought this lady was nuts, and in fact I’ve already written an article on her once before where I exposed her fanaticism regarding the second amendment. However, it appears that my work on her is unfinished as she still continues to pollute our collective consciousness.

Now there are many things about this interview I find bothersome, but I’m only going to focus on the two parts I found the most disturbing:

Once again, please right-click this hyperlink for the interview…

To be fair, Jon played a big role in some of this misinformation as well. You are welcome to watch the full interview, but if you want to get straight to the point, let’s fast-forward to about 3:45…

Jon: “Is he dead? And do you think (it was a distraction from the birth certificate issue)…Really? That’s what’s living in your head? Are you that… just insane?”

Rachel: “The idea that the birth certificate is the real story…and that Osama Bin Laden is the distraction from it? Tells you everything you need to know about the people who are really invested in the birth certificate story. If you think Osama Bin Laden is the distraction that America needs… I think that puts that in the proper perspective…”

Me: Hey Jon and Rachel, I don’t know what goofball’s quote you found, but you can’t just cherry-pick the craziest comments off some message board and then just lump all of the rest of us “conspiracy theorists” into one camp like we all have the exact mentality. That would be as disingenuous as me cherry-picking comments by some left-wing tool like Doug Schoen and acting like he speaks for all liberals. Now of course I can’t speak for everybody in these various “truth movements,” but as far as I know, the vast majority of “truthers” are saying that Osama Bin Laden had already been dead for many years, and as I stated in the very beginning of this article, the reasoning why Bin Laden was “killed” was multi-faceted, and not solely because of the “birther” issue. That being said, this section of the interview was extremely misleading and unfair.

The second extremely disturbing piece of information I wanted to point out follows immediately after. Remember above when I said “be careful of the propaganda… I keep hearing some dangerous opinions put out by some in the media that suggest that it’s somehow bad or unpatriotic to question the government’s official stance on the issue?”

Well, how about I just let Rachel show you in her own words (4:35-4:42).

Rachel: “The whole like; If we don’t see the pictures, none of us will ever believe that he’s dead thing… is a country that I don’t recognize.”

Really Rachel? Are you actually suggesting that we shouldn’t question the integrity of the government? The same people that lie to us on a daily basis? You really think we should just take them at their word even though they just conveniently and inexplicably just dumped Bin Laden’s body into the freaking ocean? Are you completely insane? A country you don’t recognize? I mean historically speaking, isn’t questioning our government one of the things that we are most famous for? Not only was that an insane and blasphemous comment Rachel, it is precisely what I’m referring to when I mention setting dangerous precedents. You are really starting to scare me lady. It’s bad enough that you want to stomp out the second amendment, but now you don’t think we should question the government? That sounds like you want to turn us into the next China, Mexico, or maybe North Korea! Hey Rachel, what’s living in your head?

Now it’s time to switch gears again, and guess what? It involves more comedy news! Now I understand that there are many people that say comedy and news don’t mix, but I disagree completely. In fact I’ve personally been influenced by a lot more comedians’ philosophies than the “serious” news pundits. Whose wise words do you live by? Anderson Cooper and Sean Hannity? Or would you rather listen to Bill Hicks and George Carlin? (By the way, the Carlin link is so prophetic it’s almost scary) So as far as I’m concerned, if you are an intelligent, rational, and logical thinking person with thought-provoking opinions, then you are just as worthy to listen to as any pundit or politician. However, getting news from comedy doesn’t always come without problems, and the power to persuade opinion can be dangerous whether it’s serious or not, so on that note, I have one more example to show you:

(Quick update: before I get into this next segment, I want to mention that I don’t have anything personal against Seth Meyers, and I’m still a fan of SNL. That being said, I’m assuming that the following event was an isolated case and highlights the emotion and overreaction of this unbelievable media bombshell story last May Day).

Seth (Sith) Meyers is the “anchorman” on Saturday Night Live, and he was also the host at the recent White House correspondent’s dinner. Now I’m not here to fault him for hosting this event, however I do have a huge problem with one of his recent newscasts as it absolutely reeked of some of the worst propaganda I’ve ever seen. And yes, I understand that this still falls in the comedy realm, but like I said, it’s all about the power to persuade opinion. That being said, I have to show you some very dangerous opinions that needs to be addressed…

Here is the hyperlink to the Weekend Update:

I apologize for the commercials (I’ll blame GE), but the specific starting space in this video should be at roughly the 26th minute or the 3rd “marker” as indicated on the bottom of the video.

26:35 Antagonizing Qaddafi to bolster support for an unpopular war?
26:57 The Bin Laden is not really dead misinformation conspiracy.
27:20 Approval rating ridiculousness? I guess I must be incredibly stupid for being in the the 44% club of people that won’t bow down and worship Obama over a media hoax.
27:40 Let the awkwardness begin… apparently the message is that we are supposed to believe that Osama Bin Laden was the most wicked man that ever lived.
30:42 I guess we should blame Pakistan?
31:47 Want to know where I came up with the name Sith Meyers?
32:14 The beginning of another awkward sketch designed to bolster support for our inexcusable “kinetic military actions.”
35:22 This quip comparing our children to China’s might seem funny on the surface, but it’s actually helping spread a very dangerous myth. I guess according to Sith, we should be ashamed of our education system since we are not turning our children into automatons the way they do in China. Hey Sith, maybe we should just start putting up the nets around the workplace like the Chinese are forced to? Or how about we start working out complex mathematical and psychological formulas to see just how many hours that we can work a person before they reach their breaking point and attempt suicide? I mean if we could just find a way to get these workers to stay at their maximum level of work capacity, but also just under their absolute mental breaking point where they finally snap? Think about all the money we could save on nets and cleanup! Hey, is that the smell of a freshly-splattered worker? Or do I smell a promotion?

Wow Sith, so did you sell your soul at the correspondent’s dinner or something? Seriously dude, did the C.I.A. write that episode’s Weekly Update for you? What a giant mess of blatant government propaganda! So how does it feel to be a propaganda spewing imperialist for the dark side? Sith Meyers everyone!

Now I agree with Sith that our education system is quite flawed. In fact, I might even argue that our kids are probably being dumbed-down on purpose. However we won’t “win the future” by turning our children into robots, we will win the future with more love, imagination, inspiration, and creativity.

Here’s an example, but I want you to also think about it from a different angle… you see it’s not just the scene itself that I’m referring to. Think about it; would we even have these thought-provoking movies if we had all been educated under the Chinese “model” instead? I don’t know about you, but my guess is leaning towards no. Yes, our education system needs work, but the solution is not to adopt the Chinese model!! Don’t believe the hype!!

Okay, so I’ve covered the reasons why I think the mainstream media blows. So do you think you’re ready for the hardcore stuff?

Remember the multiple choice question about which pundit you would trust in an emergency situation? Never mind, I’m going to make this easy and copy it again below:

A. Chris Matthews
B. Greta Van Susteren
C. Wolf Blitzer
D. Fox and Friends
F. Ann Coulter

Having a little trouble with your decision? Would you like another option?

Fine, I’ll give you one… but the bad news is that it’s a bit of a controversial choice…

In fact many would probably refer to him as the “King of Conspiracy.” However, many others (depending on individual interpretation), would refer to him as the “King of Reality.” Sound intriguing? Here, I’ll even give you a sample in the video below (warning, may be very intense for some viewers):

By the way, if you click this sentence, it will bring you to an article leading to the link of the Washington Post article that Alex was referring to…

Now I understand that clip was intense, controversial, and a bit one-sided (at least in this example), but you have to admit that it blows the doors off of what you could expect to hear from the list above does it not?

Okay, now let’s get back to the multiple choice question again; only this time the subject will be about what really happened with Bin Laden…

I know some of you may still be tempted to run screaming back to NPR by this point, but aren’t you just a little bit curious about the mega-controversial interview between “the King of Conspiracies” and major government/military insider; Dr. Steve Pieczenik? (click his name for an impressive bio)

Well here is where it all begins:

Well what about those latest Bin Laden videos?

How about 10 facts that prove that this latest Bin Laden story was a hoax?

Okay, I’m done with that part of the argument!

Bonus fun time!

Now let’s end this article on the bright side with a fun little critical thinking exercise…

Once again I have to give a big kudos to Jon Stewart for lining up a recent interview with the incredibly smart and talented Albert Brooks. Not only am I also a fan of his work, but he also just wrote a controversial new book about “the real story of what will happen to America in 2030.”

Therefore, I will leave you with one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies which of course also stars Albert Brooks. I call it a critical thinking exercise because it really gives the audience a thought-provoking “outside the box” perspective on the bigger picture of reality. Now it doesn’t matter whether this scene is truly indicative of what one could expect to see in the afterlife or not. The point is, how would you fare if your life was actually on trial?

Well that’s it! I hope everyone learned a lot because there is no better time than now to wake up and get out of this modern day dark age! What are you waiting for?

Peace and Love…

Want to Play a Game? How Distractions like Farmville Could Help Lead us into a Dystopian Nightmare:

Have you ever noticed how conspiracy theorists talk about the novel/movie1984,” and/or use words/phrases like “Big Brother,” and “Orwellian?” Are these conspiracy theorists completely out of their minds? Or is it actually possible that we are heading towards a real-life version of the legendary Dystopia?

Call me kooky, but I for one believe we ARE headed in that nightmarish direction… in fact I’m even going to prove it!

A few months ago I wrote an article about North Korea that I felt had a lot of potential, but it probably stunk for several reasons (I’ll hyperlink to the original below). Call it clunky or ill-timed; it can be argued that it was plenty of both. My excuse is that I was a lot more paranoid and frantic when I wrote it. At that time I really did think “the end” might be imminent, so I felt this urgent burden of responsibility to warn people while I still “had the chance.” But as a result of my haste, the whole project probably ended up backfiring. However, I also cannot allow a poorly timed and presented mistake from the past allow valuable information to go to waste either. So since recent developments have occurred to make it relevant for me to try and share this story again, it’s time to give it a serious makeover…

The makeover idea stems from recent developments about establishment attacks on the alternative media. For example; investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who has recently received death threats and might even have to leave the country! Another target was YouTube activist member Sean Justice (FederalJack) who was recently harassed by government spooks. Now since I also consider myself a member of the alternative media, and I have actually listened to Wayne on numerous occasions, and have watched and have probably even linked to FederalJack’s Youtube videos, I can’t help but take these attacks quite personally.

Since the establishment appears on the offensive, I guess it is time for us in the alternative media to start asking questions towards the establishment about how they really want this fight to go down. Is the establishment really going to meet all its resistance with threats and potential murder? Or is there a more happy solution? I’m all about creative and non-violent solutions, so maybe it’s time for a little negotiating with the elites:


As I’ve pointed out before, I think it would be foolish to antagonize the elites, but at the same time, it’s not like they are going to allow themselves to be arrested and spend significant time in prison without a fight, are they? Probably not, and especially not while they still have the most control over the system. I mean how long did it take to bring down Madoff? Or Enron?

Could it really be possible to reach a happy medium with the NWO? A way to rid our country and the world of the vast majority of corrupt, white-collar criminals in a non-violent and merciful manner? AND (bizarrely enough) with their own approval? The idea is a work in progress for sure, but I do have a potential solution; and it involves the creation of a controlled environment similar to a prison, only the “prison” will resemble something like Bohemian Grove meets Dave and Buster’s meets the Truman Show. Crazy? Maybe, but I guess the general idea is that maybe we need to rethink the idea of arresting, harshly punishing, and/or executing the guilty elites because they are still extremely powerful, and may try to do something drastic to defend themselves.

However, in order to have a peaceful resolution to the planet’s NWO problem, we will need to find a way to keep the elites occupied and under observation; but at the same time, happy enough to want to stay put. Now that might sound like a reward for the guilty, but what’s really the better solution? Potentially brutal “eye-for-an-eye” justice that could drag out for decades and possibly even lead to catastrophe? Or would it be better to show mercy and round them up the easy way? After all, time is against us, and we need to put an immediate stop on them from playing god with us and our children.

Forgive and forget? Maybe the elites should consider having the next Bilderberg meeting with the conspiracy theorists? Perhaps they can work out a solution and the public doesn’t even have to find out all of the details! Let the little people continue to live in blissful ignorance. I mean, is every detail of all the elites’ crimes really that necessary for the general public to be informed about? And in an unusual twist of irony, wouldn’t a potential angry public backlash leading to revenge on the elites and their minions actually sink us to their level?

Call me a crazy idealist, but I honestly believe an idea like this could work, but it’s certainly a work in progress for sure…

However, that is my solution. Now you can laugh at my idea, but before you call me a kook, maybe you would like to check out the other side of the argument, and see what their solution is for you?

For the record, I honestly have no opinion on the Muslim/Christian issue featured, but I still like the cartoon!

In that case, I can show you a potential future they may have planned for us, but I have to warn you up front that you’re probably not going to share their “ideal” vision. In fact, it could be argued that it is the exact opposite of mine. Now if you want to see their future happen in real life I can help you bring it to fruition; and all you have to do is stop paying attention to them! I’ve brought up Farmville, because it’s a great example of a mindless and destructive distraction. But from the elite’s standpoint, if the population is under constant attack by various addictive distractions, it would be the perfect cover to get away with whatever mischief they want to create. I mean, are you really committing a crime on humanity if the people aren’t paying attention?

But wait eccentric, why would the elites do something like this to us?

Well, I guess it could be argued that it’s all about eugenics and population control, but it could also be argued that the elites need to create a more “controlled” environment for you so they can get away with their crimes. I mean, how can we hypothetically arrest the corrupt bankers and politicians if the power structure of the system is in their pocket? That brings me full circle: The attacks on the alternative media and the threats of shutting down the internet are very likely the result of the real possibility that the elites are actually very scared of US right now! Scared because they do not want you “waking up” and finding out what they’ve really been up to. Remember the Nuremberg Trials? You may not, but they certainly do…

Intrigued? If you would like a sneak preview of a potential 1984 Dystopia future waiting for us, I have a few clips to show you:

Now when I wrote this article the first time, I was disappointed that there wasn’t one full video, because I thought I would lose the viewer as the accompanying video series would be too clunky and difficult to navigate, but now I have a better idea…

I’m actually going to post all 14 parts of the following documentary that I want to share with you on this one page; but fear not, this will not be the time consuming research exercise that it sounds like. Instead, this presentation will actually allow you the freedom to navigate these videos and watch the segments you find most intriguing (as opposed to watching them the “old-fashioned” way from beginning to end). However, since I don’t have time to re-watch this film and write a personal analysis for each clip, I’m just going to pick people’s YouTube comments to use as captions for the clips instead.

Want to play a game? I have one for you. Put down the Angry Birds video game, and play around with the following videos instead. Unlike the imaginary world of Farmville, you will actually learn something useful; in fact if everyone watched these videos it could literally change our future for the better! Remember the saying, “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it?” Are you ready to get up to speed?

1. My only recommendation is that you watch enough of the first video so you will understand the background. After that, look at whatever ideas look the most interesting… but most importantly, have fun!

2. “just go to (Shenyang) and bribe them, that’s what everybody else does… So thaaat’s how you get into one of the weirdest places on earth.” -saikasha712

3. “…so we can help the poor brainwashed people. Why no cell phones, Cameras, or newspaper? They do not want people to know outside forced labor camps people are better off, they do not want the word to get out that life exists well outside so they must escape to feed themselves” -KaraStyler

4. “Everyone who watches this documentary should be aware of the fact that many of the North Korean guides who appear in it are likely being tortured in a gulag at this very moment.” -MattMonk

“…This is (definitely) not a socialist society. It’s a totalitarian (dictatorship)….BIG difference.” -evilnomad111

5. “Witness to someone as inherently innocent, sweet, meaningful, intelligent and deserving as this gal……, Pun Yun Shi makes anyone with half a heart want to cry.” -equinoxranch

6. “Yea they could, that is if they aren’t brainwashed from the start from the state schools. And if they do rebel they aren’t instantly thrown in the many concentration camps, taken down by the million strong army and summarily executed. It would be awesome to see the people rise up like those in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya and the such. But the pessimism in my doubts that that would happen anytime soon, so yea, kinda defeatist.” -Yarrick2k5

7. “You guys rock! This is so much better than other documentaries, in terms of really feeling it from the inside.” -melvinbrand

“Whatever. People in Western nations are brainwashed about how good capitalism is, so I don’t see a lot of difference really between them and us. Most people are deeply unhappy in capitalist countries too.” -meerkat1954

8. “I would like to bring a busload of North Koreans to the USA and let them have a wonderful night on the town. They would NEVER want to go back.” -HylianSpirit

9. “Crazy to think that these guys basically risked their lives and freedom to film (this) and expose these fuckers.” -sammaxholliday

“This is why any form of collectivism freaks me out. No marches, no uniforms, no great leaders, no state telling you what you can or cannot do.” -thatamazinggeek

10. “who does this guy think he is? what has he ever (accomplished)? all this north (Korean) guy does is constantly diminish an entire culture (way of thinking) or the effort of a lot of people with a few words. this asshole just (mocks) and gets helpfulness, trust and friendly respectfulness in return,its normal, everyone was educated by him to love him. i dont have anything to do with NK or (Asia), but i am (truly disgusted) by this man.” -DIVAD291

11. “Why would anyone want the Government to rule their everyday lives? Do you people understand the government is made up of flesh and blood humans just like you? Government isn’t a mystical deity that knows all. The guy you knew in school as an “idiot” may be making decisions on your life in government. The guy you work with might leave and go to work for government – so now he knows more than you? Give Govt’ power to give and you give it to take away – don’t let people make your decisions.” -zzremington

12. “Read the (book), ‘Nothing to Envy‘ which is a book written after in depth interviews with North Koreans who escaped. Many have actually found it difficult to fit into their new lives, believe it or not. Probably because they had become (institutionalized).” -TheAnn2shoes

13. “Shit, who needs an 300 foot LED display when you have a couple hundred thousand enslaved and starving peasants forced to entertain you for a fist full of dirty rice? Fuck Kim Jong Ill.” -xRawlins

“you can’t make this shit up. stranger than fiction” -Frankreif

14. “this is probably the closest thing one gets to hell on earth” -jackgreaves18

“This whole going to NK was unbelievable beyond words….It was like watching a dystopia movie but its real….” -tiki2188

Look like a future you want to experience?

Come on eccentric, that’s an extreme example! That could never happen in America!

Really? It can be argued that the only things keeping that nightmare from actually happening are the first and second amendments which (by no coincidence) seem to be under constant attack!

One last hypothetical question: If everyone in America was playing Farmville and Angry Birds (instead of paying attention to the powers that be); thus allowing the establishment to control the internet, the alternative media, and the second amendment; how do you think our future would play out instead? (Clue: take a peek at China and Mexico).

Any further questions?

So who is the real-life big brother?

exhibit A: Involves something you can see for yourself at your local Walmart!
exhibit B: Or is it Big Sister?
exhibit C: Barry Soetoro? Really?

Show me proof that the establishment wants to control the internet!

exhibit A: Starring Senator Lieberman!
exhibit B: Cyberspace is a national asset?
exhibit C: Look at what happened in Egypt! Duh!
exhibit D: Revolt? Despite all the honesty and transparency in Washington?

Show me proof that the establishment wants to control the first amendment!

Show me proof that the establishment wants to control the second amendment!

Show me proof that America is turning into a police state!

exhibit A: This has to be seen to be believed!
exhibit B: 16 signs that you live in a tyranny!
exhibit C: I can’t even watch the video in this article… Eff you TSA!

Show me proof that the establishment is watching us!

exhibit A: Spy satellite naïveté?
exhibit B: Welcome to the Cashless Society Control Grid!
exhibit C: The “Orwellian” Project Indect!

Show me proof that they want to create a “controlled environment” for us!

Wait, what in the world is “eugenics?”

Looking for more reading about the Orwellian nightmare? Click here for the latest book:

Peace and love…

16 Million Reasons Why Now is the Time to Stop Living in Denial; a 14 Minute Reality Check Crash-Course:

A revolutionary warning: I don’t want to sound like a paranoid, fear-mongering alarmist; but I think the time is finally about right to have a calm, logical, and rational discussion about the very real possibility of a second American revolution occurring in the very near future. In fact, this could even be your final warning… That doesn’t mean you need to panic and race around buying guns, gold, and food tomorrow; but it is time for you to at least start opening your mind about preparations for a Plan B scenario (and it doesn’t involve putting money into a 401k and just thinking “positive”). Now I am not writing this to scare you, but rather to inform you. It is possible to have a peaceful revolution overnight as long as enough people become informed and stay calm.

Call me paranoid, but if getting involved in another outrageous war (or “kinetic” military action) and drowning in insurmountable debt to the point that we are literally headed for a government shutdown isn’t enough evidence for you to recognize a serious problem with corruption in this country; then I really don’t know what else to say to try and convince you at this point. I mean how obvious do our country’s problems really have to get before you’ll finally acknowledge that the system is beyond repair, and is in desperate need of major changes?

For those of you that agree, have finally reached your breaking point, and are now ready to take the red pill; I hereby present this 14 minute crash-course to bring you up to speed:

Got a problem with Jesse Ventura? Perhaps now is the time to re-evaluate your opinion. I realize he’s not for everybody, but time is not on our side anymore; so if you want a good BS story, turn on CNN, MSNBC, or FOX. But if you are ready to hear a far more believable version of the news from a real straight shooter, then maybe it’s time to set aside any preconceived opinions you may have about him, take a deep breath, and keep an open mind…

Reality Check 101:

A few weeks ago I criticized “The View,” for being a lousy, watered-down talk show. However, it’s time for me to happily give credit where it’s due: instead of whitewashing the hole that Alex Jones created when he smashed their “Overton window,” they instead decided to evolve and adapt to the influx of controversial new ideas! Not only did “The View” allow Jesse Ventura (a very good friend and frequent guest of Alex Jones) to promote his controversial new book, they are even having Ron Paul (another friend/guest of Alex) as their guest later this month! How’s that for progress in main stream media news coverage?

This particular appearance by Ventura on “The View” felt truly groundbreaking. Conspiracy theorists have been a target of ridicule for decades. However, with all of the mounting corruption and craziness in the world, maybe it’s finally time for the general public to start entertaining some new ideas…

You be the judge:

Reality Check 202:

I referred to the last clip as groundbreaking because it’s the first time I can recall where a “conspiracy theorist” was given a fair platform to discuss their opinions to a large audience (especially an audience that is not used to that type of information coverage) without being targeted for ridicule. Not only did Jesse successfully expose a fresh audience to what was (most likely) previously esoteric knowledge to them, he absolutely nailed the interview. Nothing too complicated, just a well done introduction to controversial information for the conspiracy theory newbie, hence the 101 moniker.

So are you ready to move on and learn more?

Here is a more advanced course on a more serious platform with the most underrated news man in the business; Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Something to think about?

Ready for more?

Please choose a link:

The 303 course with Max Keiser:

The Red Pill/Blue Pill Challenge:

Wait, what was that part about the concentration camps?

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and the Red Pill/Blue Pill Challenge:

Since I know people tend to have limited time and short attention spans (including myself), I try not to share long videos unless I consider them “mandatory viewing.” To warn you up front; this is one of those times, but before you get scared off, it’s only twelve minutes long. Now you really don’t have to watch this video, and I’m not going to go over the top to try and persuade you to watch this video like I have at times in the past. In fact, in a potentially extreme (although plausible) situation, watching this video could conceivably cause more harm than good to you and the world depending on how you interpret reality.

What I’m about to show you is reminiscent of the infamous red pill/blue pill scene from “The Matrix.” (For those of you who still haven’t actually watched this movie; the scene deals with a choice of either hearing and knowing the uncomfortable truth about reality, or forgetting you ever found it in the first place. Can you handle the truth? Or would you rather live peacefully unaware of it? After all, with knowledge comes responsibility, and with ignorance comes bliss? The point is, the truth isn’t always for everyone. Another danger with the truth is a familiar quote; “curiosity killed the cat.” Therefore this is also a warning; hearing certain information can have consequences as well as responsibility. Let me be clear, there are no worries if you choose not to take the “red pill” in this challenge. Don’t apologize for it, just stop reading this story. Turn on your television, play a video game, grab yourself an alcoholic laced beverage, and believe whatever you want to. The irony of hearing “truth” is that you might honestly be better off not knowing anyway. Have a wonderful day, and I guess history will decide whether you made the right choice. Good luck! Peace and love…

For those that want to take the red pill and continue:

Now it’s not like I’ve literally cross-checked every piece of information from this film, but it certainly makes a slick argument by pointing out many painful truths we’ve all been hearing about in regards to schools and psychology. Not only does it show the severe flaws that have been developing in our modern day American education system, it shows the horrifying reality its effects are having on our children. However, the question is; are you ready to handle the responsibility of knowing and possibly having to do something about it?

For those who can handle the “truth,” and for those that thought they could (remember, I gave you warning, so I absolve myself from any damages caused by your curiosity), here is my brief interpretation of the video: I believe the information to be either factual or sincerely factual, and yes, truth really is stranger than fiction. Another reason why I really like this video is is because “getting the word out” about esoteric information like this can be very difficult. Since getting people to read a book about it is usually an unfortunately challenging task, short videos like this can be priceless as I hope everyone at least has twelve minutes to spare.

Spoiler alert: I have further analysis of the film below for after the video has been watched, including uncomfortable motives and reasoning:

So what are the “uncomfortable” motives and reasoning?

Is it possible that you are being dumbed down for good reason? Are you and your children being poisoned for your own good? Yes, depending on how you view it! In fact I can think of three reasons why: Control, overpopulation, and panic prevention.

Control is obvious; if the people are dumb, domesticated, dependent, drugged, and ignorant; they can be much more easily controlled by the ruling class. Not real ground breaking information by any means. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but let’s be honest; not everyone starts out with the same opportunities, and the rich and powerful tend to want to stay rich and powerful no matter how absurd the society around them becomes. As a general rule, the ruling class has better access to education, information, jobs, connections etc, and it is not a coincidence. It should be pretty obvious by now that the “insiders” play by a different set of rules. But if that’s not a believable enough motive for you, then how about…

Population control is a far more sinister conspiracy theory however, and has an unfortunate amount of evidence*. This is also a tricky issue for me to deal with as well, because I really don’t have an answer for the overpopulation question (at least at this time), as I honestly don’t know what the “ideal” human population should be. Ted Turner thinks 95% of the people should be wiped out, Prince Phillip has stated that he would like to come back to earth as a deadly virus, and the Georgia Guidestones suggest 500 million as the “ideal” human population. Most people probably don’t give too much thought to overpopulation, but apparently many elites are obsessed with it. Although frightening, eugenics is a real issue, and unfortunately, many lower class people seem to be looked down upon as “useless eaters.” Now I realize America has been turned into an Idiocracy, but is drastically and covertly thinning the herd the best solution?

I guess this brings me to the third uncomfortable reason: to prevent panic. Hypothetical question: what if the elites are not wicked eugenicists playing god with their underlings, but are instead trying to keep said underlings dumbed down for benevolent reasons? What if there is an “end of the world” type cataclysm on its way, and the establishment thought keeping the population in blissful ignorance was a better idea than telling them “the truth” and causing a mass panic? Think about it: if an asteroid was about to hit the earth, would you want to be informed of the painful truth, and live in constant fear and panic while being powerless to survive the future? Or would you rather be dumbed down, drugged up, and mindlessly watching afternoon television when the end of the world occurs?

I highly doubt the establishment is that thoughtful, but you never know, perhaps what the world needs is a good cleansing after all…

*For further evidence of deliberate depopulation efforts and an explanation of eugenics, I highly recommend watching the following video starting at 1:29:05…

How to Irradiate Your Last Shred of Credibility:

Wow, I actually agree with O’Reilly for a change. I have no idea how this effing lunatic still has a career in media, but hopefully this is the final nail in the coffin that represents what is left of her credibility. Ann Coulter is a cancer to public opinion; if she still has any media career after this latest embarrassment, she should be relegated to only celebrity reality TV shows where she much more appropriately belongs…

Bill O’Reilly Makes Desperate Attack on “Unknown” Opponent as Ratings Plummet:


You are a talented guy and you had a really good run. Unfortunately, there is now a major shift occurring in human consciousness, and it’s beginning to seriously affect your ratings. For a long time, you really stood out as one of the the most memorable pundits; not only were you a ferocious political bully, but you were simply superb as a very believable and intimidating fear-monger.

It’s getting much more difficult these days to justify a journalist’s credibility when they are pulling down multi-million dollar salaries working for multi-billion dollar mega-corporations, and your audience isn’t exactly getting younger now is it?

Bill, after 9/11 you were really at the top of your game when our country’s problems centered on all of the various wars. However the problems we face today are getting out of the wars, ending the Federal Reserve, and putting an end to the obscene amount of corruption in media and politics. With those problems at the forefront today, you are now presenting yourself as a major obstacle to us instead.

Thanks for the memories Bill, but please consider the possibility of stepping aside. Fresh ideas are going to be needed to fix our current problems, and since you are now an obstacle of change, and have dwindling credibility, you clearly have nothing left to offer us anymore…


The American People

P.S.: Bill, I’m not calling you a liar, but I’m not buying the idea that you don’t know who Alex Jones is:

Decoded, the Georgia Guidestones, and the 500 Million Dollar Question:

Not too long ago, I caught the last few episodes of History Channel’s “Decoded,” and I have to admit it’s not too bad. Now it is definitely not as ‘hard-hitting’ as it could be, and I personally view the host (Brad Meltzer) with a bit of skepticism. However, in an era of blatant corruption, sometimes you have to find contentment in the fact that at least the show pushes the boundary for what is allowed to be shown on television, so that in itself gives me reason to look forward to season #2.

I enjoyed this season #1 finale very much since it really made me think; and the subject is about the Georgia Guidestones. For those not in the know, it is a monument that was built in 1980 roughly two hours outside Atlanta, and it resembles a sort of modern day Stonehenge. Not only does this monument have working solar and astrological functions, it also features a sort of “new ten commandments” written on it’s gigantic granite slabs in eight different languages!

It really makes you think since I assume most people would probably agree with nine of these new “commandments.” However, it’s the first one that creates the most controversy, since it calls for mankind to reduce its numbers to 500 million which it claims is the “ideal” number for humanity to be in balance with nature. Since that figure is roughly six and a half billion less than our current population, you can understand that its presence has elicited its fair share of controversy.

Of course many people have an issue with that declaration for many reasons, but I think the one point people are overlooking is that there really isn’t a time-line listed on the monument as to when our numbers are supposed to be at the new “ideal” level. That being said, I think it’s a bit ridiculous to vandalize it or try to destroy it, but please, watch and decide for yourself…

Further Proof that the Establishment is Afraid of Ron Paul:

So I recently expressed both my anger and skepticism at Fox News over the “honest mistake” regarding the CPAC response to Ron Paul, when another huge media whitewash occurred the other day; only this time, it was much more personal to me.

In case you missed it, the Daily Show had a bit the other day on all the new presidential hopefuls to run against Obama in 2012, only Ron Paul’s name is never mentioned! This clip is over seven minutes long, and mentions eight presidential hopefuls*, and Ron Paul’s name is mysteriously omitted? Didn’t the guy just win the frickin CPAC? Can someone please explain how it’s possible to write a piece of news on the noteworthy candidates of 2012 and somehow just completely forget to include the one that many consider to be the biggest threat to the establishment? How’s that for blatant media corruption? Say it ain’t so Jon!

I mention that I take this personal as I am a big fan of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. However, I can’t possibly ignore or make excuses for something this unexplainable. Not only is this omission totally unacceptable, the “honest mistake” excuse has already been played, and since it didn’t work on me the first time…

Another question I have to ponder is; how many more hopefuls would it have taken before the Daily Show staff were forced to acknowledge Ron Paul as a candidate? Was he edited out as a close #9? Or is it far more likely that it didn’t really matter? I’d say the smart money is on the latter…

The clip runs from about 1:00-8-55:

*the eight presidential hopefuls featured in the bit are Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Haley Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Mitch Daniels.

Want to know why this is so significant? The recent CPAC straw poll results have Ron Paul claiming 31% of the votes! That means that if you exclude Mitt Romney with 22%, and give Donald Trump 100% of the “other” votes (5%), Ron Paul still outscores all seven of the other candidates featured in the Daily Show bit combined, 31% to 29%! What an audacious whitewash!

How to Fill the Void that the Corporate Media Left Behind:

Donald Rumsfeld: dark-side Jedi-master of bullshit artistry:

So this is the second time I’ve written about a confrontation with Rumsfeld, but like last time, I also have to give him credit for at least being approachable and trying to give a believable answer. Most tyrants such as Dick Cheney, John Bolton, or Newt Gingrich simply try to escape, while other tyrants get lucky when security takes care of the dissident before they are forced to respond. Thus, the tyrant gets let mercifully off the hook, and they don’t have to be on the spot to address serious and legitimate questions they weren’t prepared to answer.

Now I definitely don’t support or justify every dissident’s confrontation tactics, as a few have gotten overly and unnecessarily disruptive. However, if the “culprits” are above the law, and the media won’t ask them challenging questions about real issues followed by demanding real answers in return like they are supposed to, than shouldn’t it be the duty of the citizenry to fill the void the controlled media left behind? With the growing uncertainty in the future of our world, a severe lack of transparency in government and economics, as well as near ludicrous world-wide corruption, should we blame these courageous citizens for speaking out? And besides, it’s pretty obvious that these culprits are hiding things from us isn’t it? I know I’m getting tired of the softball questions, bullshit answers, and the endless amount of false promises, aren’t you?

Say what you want about these protesters, but they truly believe they are doing the right thing, and despite a few backfires, I completely agree. I mean let’s face it: while this emerging style of citizen journalism can be viewed as harassment, the truth is that this “harassment” is merely a symptom caused by all the rampant secrecy and corruption!

It’s really sad when our society has actually degraded to the point where basic principles like honesty, integrity, and transparency within the government and media have become outrageous concepts. The good news however, is that you no longer need to be at the mercy of what the media feeds you. Are you as fed up with the news and politicians as these people are? Don’t just sit there, do something about it! You have the power to be your own journalist! And there’s no better time than now to get involved!

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

Bonus videos with one of the earth’s most vile creatures:

The first four minutes is the most relevant part of the confrontation. My favorite part is at 3:30 where Rove is finally ‘safe,’ and is able to comfortably revert back into his natural form; I guess which could only be described as some sort of demonic pig-like creature. What, did you think Karl Rove was a sentient and compassionate human being? Does that look like an innocent man to you? What a pathetic and disgusting slime-ball…

This video is just completely awesome! It starts as a simple public speech and quickly turns into an epically awkward meltdown. What I find the most disturbing though, is the number of passionate Rove fans in the audience; seriously, who goes to a Karl Rove speech? What does it say about someone when they actually go out of their way to hear what this demon pig creature says? Thank you citizen journalists for courageously standing up and exposing this tyrant! Keep up the excellent work!

BP, the government, and the whistle-blowing submarine that caught them in bed together:

Wow, you mean BP and the government are lying about the oil spill?

I'm the U.S. Oil Compensation Czar!

Click here for a solid MSM article/video

Here are some fun highlights about the event:

“That report is at odds with a recent report by the BP spill compensation czar that said nearly all will be well by 2012.”

“Magic microbes consumed maybe 10 percent of the total discharge, the rest of it we don’t know,” Joye said, later adding: “there’s a lot of it out there.”

“The head of the agency in charge of the health of the Gulf said Saturday that she thought that “most of the oil is gone.”

“And a Department of Energy scientist, doing research with a grant from BP from before the spill, said his examination of oil plumes in the water column show that microbes have done a “fairly fast” job of eating the oil.”

“And even more troublesome was the tremendous amount of methane from the BP well that mixed into the Gulf and was mostly ignored by other researchers.”

“Kenneth Feinberg, the government’s oil compensation fund czar, said based on research he commissioned he figured the Gulf of Mexico would almost fully recover by 2012”

“I’ve been to the bottom. I’ve seen what it looks like with my own eyes. It’s not going to be fine by 2012,” Joye told The Associated Press. “You see what the bottom looks like, you have a different opinion.”

(end of event highlights)

It must be easy keeping a secret and then keeping the public in the dark about it when we can’t actually see the problem. Are you wondering what it is that they don’t want you to see? Remember all the fuss about a dispersant called “corexit” that roused up some issues with the EPA?

Well here is a more enlightening picture of what corexit does and what really happened in the gulf: (I’ll outline highlights below)

18:10-18:35 What corexit is, and how you can use it to get away with saying “most of the oil is gone.”
19:35-20:10 just how toxic is this corexit stuff anyway?
21:05-22:20 A BP spokesman’s boat ride nightmare part #1
23:29-26:15 boat ride nightmare part #2 and the answer to, “why would BP use corexit when there were safer and more effective solutions?”
26:50-27:10 one more poke at the BP spokesman before he gets to sulk all the way home (at least it appears that way).
33:25-35:50 Two questions: are BP and the government sleeping in a giant bed together? And ‘climatic’ speculation that may have just explained one of the craziest winters in American history?

Funny, it took a respected scientist riding around in a frickin submarine to prove it, but it appears that the oil isn’t really gone, is it? But whatever your view, it looks like this gulf spill mess is quite far from over. 2012? As a Vegas guy, I’d say the smart money is on the over…

More analysis on the gulf spill here.