How to Fill the Void that the Corporate Media Left Behind:

Donald Rumsfeld: dark-side Jedi-master of bullshit artistry:

So this is the second time I’ve written about a confrontation with Rumsfeld, but like last time, I also have to give him credit for at least being approachable and trying to give a believable answer. Most tyrants such as Dick Cheney, John Bolton, or Newt Gingrich simply try to escape, while other tyrants get lucky when security takes care of the dissident before they are forced to respond. Thus, the tyrant gets let mercifully off the hook, and they don’t have to be on the spot to address serious and legitimate questions they weren’t prepared to answer.

Now I definitely don’t support or justify every dissident’s confrontation tactics, as a few have gotten overly and unnecessarily disruptive. However, if the “culprits” are above the law, and the media won’t ask them challenging questions about real issues followed by demanding real answers in return like they are supposed to, than shouldn’t it be the duty of the citizenry to fill the void the controlled media left behind? With the growing uncertainty in the future of our world, a severe lack of transparency in government and economics, as well as near ludicrous world-wide corruption, should we blame these courageous citizens for speaking out? And besides, it’s pretty obvious that these culprits are hiding things from us isn’t it? I know I’m getting tired of the softball questions, bullshit answers, and the endless amount of false promises, aren’t you?

Say what you want about these protesters, but they truly believe they are doing the right thing, and despite a few backfires, I completely agree. I mean let’s face it: while this emerging style of citizen journalism can be viewed as harassment, the truth is that this “harassment” is merely a symptom caused by all the rampant secrecy and corruption!

It’s really sad when our society has actually degraded to the point where basic principles like honesty, integrity, and transparency within the government and media have become outrageous concepts. The good news however, is that you no longer need to be at the mercy of what the media feeds you. Are you as fed up with the news and politicians as these people are? Don’t just sit there, do something about it! You have the power to be your own journalist! And there’s no better time than now to get involved!

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

Bonus videos with one of the earth’s most vile creatures:

The first four minutes is the most relevant part of the confrontation. My favorite part is at 3:30 where Rove is finally ‘safe,’ and is able to comfortably revert back into his natural form; I guess which could only be described as some sort of demonic pig-like creature. What, did you think Karl Rove was a sentient and compassionate human being? Does that look like an innocent man to you? What a pathetic and disgusting slime-ball…

This video is just completely awesome! It starts as a simple public speech and quickly turns into an epically awkward meltdown. What I find the most disturbing though, is the number of passionate Rove fans in the audience; seriously, who goes to a Karl Rove speech? What does it say about someone when they actually go out of their way to hear what this demon pig creature says? Thank you citizen journalists for courageously standing up and exposing this tyrant! Keep up the excellent work!