Stupidity Crime on the Anderson Cooper Show:

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you representative Steve Cohen on the Anderson Cooper show!

In case you missed it or don’t remember, congressman Steve Cohen is the lying slime-bag that got completely exposed in the infamous “Police State”… episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. And to no surprise, he has also been confirmed as one of the main conspirators in preventing that very show from re-airing.

So apparently Stevie was just getting positive publicity for promoting the idea of toning down the recent political rhetoric, when he suddenly and inexplicably used a Nazi analogy over a “lie” he claimed the Republicans used in reference to the Health Care bill.

Here’s my analysis:

Stevie, I honestly don’t give a ____ whether the health care bill is technically a government takeover or not. Because however you look at it, you are inevitably going to reach a point where the government, the insurance companies, and all of the other health care bill “profiteers” intertwine into an indecipherable blur, so the technicalities on whether or not it’s 100% completely run by the government is actually irrelevant.

But let’s get to the video:

0:44-1:28 Cohen makes his idiotic statement… Stevie, I actually think that its fair game to compare the Republican’s “lie” to Nazi propaganda, but was it really necessary to start bringing up holocaust rhetoric? Where are you going with this?

3:15-3:40 Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is a joke? Do you have any proof? If the government is not creating concentration camps like you claim, then why don’t you prove it? How about we get Steve, Anderson, and Jesse together and go look at some of them? How about we all make a show together on live TV and let the world see who’s really telling the truth? I’m calling both of you out…

3:33-3:40 Absolutely shameful remarks Stevie, but I’m not at all surprised. If you had said that about almost any other group it would eclipse your Nazi analogy, but I guess you’ll get away with it though, because it’s okay to bash “conspiracy theorists,” right?

6:00-7:55 The sickeningly stupid tea party analogy. Let me get this straight Stevie; the Tea Party comes into existence, and in all honesty, the first comparison in your mind was to the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War? Are you ____ing kidding me? Seriously, if we could go back in time and poll everyone about what historical group the Tea Party reminded them of, I’m willing to bet that 99.9999% of those polled would have come up with the same completely different answer and you act oblivious?

But even when confronted with this embarrassing blunder from your past, instead of apologizing, you’re still trying to justify it? Do you really still think that the KKK has more in common with the Tea Party than the early American patriots?

10:44-11:47 Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Because most people don’t care! You know why? Because it’s not a real issue! This guy is such an ignorant slime-ball that no one really cares what he says! Was anyone out there truly offended by this idiot?

Didn’t think so…

Anderson, shouldn’t it tell you something when if no one else is talking about a particular issue, it’s because it’s not really that interesting to them? It’s not because of hypocrisy, it’s because people aren’t seriously offended by dumb comments. Especially after they look at their source!

You know Anderson, I really wanted to hear Stevie’s testimony on how the health care system being taken over by the government was a lie, what this corrupt moron’s version of the “truth” was, and how this applied “truth” makes the health care bill more palatable.

Although I really enjoyed seeing Stevie squirm, there’s still something I don’t quite understand; How do you spend almost fifteen minutes on a minor issue about a stupid man’s stupid comments, criticize people for not making those comments into a bigger issue, then call Jesse Ventura’s show a joke?

You may want to keep your audience in the dark, but ironically enough, Jesse Ventura’s show is what REAL investigative journalism looks like. There’s a reason they pulled the “Police State” episode from the air, and it had nothing to do with lies, did it?

Once again Anderson, you’re being called out. Let’s see once and for all who’s really telling the truth between Jesse and Stevie regarding the camps. You could very easily make it happen. Until then, the joke is on you…

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