How to Give Yourself a Hollywood Ending by Joining the Army:

If you want a good, smart-sounding BS story about the economy; go read Paul Krugman and the New York Times. Or maybe you would rather get your BS straight from an official Washington stooge like chairman on the council of economic advisers; Austan Goolsbee. But if you really enjoy deluding yourself with economic BS, and need an entire television network full of seemingly endless amounts of useless information, perhaps CNBC will be to your liking.

However, if you want real insider information, you’re going to have to get your news from an insider (duh). Therefore, let me introduce you to one of them: his name is Max Keiser, and he is an entrepreneur, inventor, and former Wall Street broker. Normally, I enjoy listening to Max because he paints a much more believable version of the reality of our economy. In this instance however, he’s got an economic story that could only be compared to a Hollywood movie. In fact, I can show you…

Remember the movie Trading Places? Specifically the part towards the end when the rich elitist brokers get ruined? Well what if I were to tell you that not only could a similar situation like that happen in real life, you could actually play a part in making it happen!

First, let me show you the interview (note, this is a very good all-around interview, but for those on time constraints and for the “alternative media newbies,” I want to specifically highlight 1:15-4:00 of the second clip):

So in a nutshell, what does all of this mean?

My understanding is that supposedly the banks (specifically J.P. Morgan) do not have the physical silver on hand (as I’ll show you in “The American Dream” video clip below). In theory, what that means is if we all go out and acquire physical silver, J.P Morgan won’t have enough on hand, exposing themselves to be completely fraudulent! And if they want to continue to protect this (alleged) scam, they will eventually be forced to buy silver which ironically should also drive the price of silver up, making us even wealthier! The other great irony of course, is that you will be giving them paper and digital “dollars” in exchange for real tangible assets! Or as Max Keiser says, “they stole our wealth, now we’re taking it back!”

By the way, in case you are curious; here are some links to some of the side issues Max was discussing:

Who is Bernard Von NotHaus?

Why should we own physical silver in uncertain economic times? Check out 11:10-12:02 of the following clip:
(Additional information and analysis about this video here:)

But now let’s get to the Trading Places clip:

Are you ready to be part of the solution? Do you want to see that scene from Trading Places happen, but in real life? Except instead of Randolph and Mortimer, it’s Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson, Alan Greenspan, and Timothy Geithner? Well according to Max, when silver reaches about 48 dollars a share (currently around 40), we could see the beginnings of that possibility happen!

But whether it can or cannot, ask yourself a question; isn’t it worth a shot? Now I’m certainly not suggesting you spend a significant amount of money on precious metals, but if everyone picked up a few silver coins; we could test this theory, and perhaps completely avoid this endless austerity nonsense overnight after all! So isn’t the possibility of starting a chain-reaction leading to the collapse of our economic worries worth a simple 25-50 dollar investment?

Ready to join the Silver Liberation Army and be a part of the solution?

Peace and Love…

7 thoughts on “How to Give Yourself a Hollywood Ending by Joining the Army:

  1. Sittin on Silver says:

    Great Article. It will be very interesting to see what happens at 47 or 48 USD per ounce. as soon as silver crosses the JP Morgan stock price, i think things will get very very interesting.

    It’s funny because i got in at around 19.5 and have been accumulating steadily, i can look back now and remember thinking 26 was too high, but ill buy some anyway, then 28, then 31, then 33, 37.50, now at 40.50 im making another purchase…. The point for me wasn’t to be an economic revolutionary… at first… but to preserve my savings. I saw the prices of things going up and the value of my savings going down and decided to do something about it. Every time i saw the price of silver go up i was happy and concerned because it meant my investment was rising, but so was the cost of everything else.

    Now i am looking at the possibility of turning a small silver investment into a fortune as soon as the manipulation in the market ends….

    Thanks again for the great article, id seen all of it before, but you put it all together superbly.

    • Thanks! I also started buying silver probably about the same time as you (17 or so). What I’ve found the most interesting about investing in metals was that they didn’t really go “up” (especially in regards to gold), but it was actually the dollar that was going down! By my understanding, that means that it is mathematically impossible to print large amounts of fiat money and keep the price of the metals down at the same time! With that in mind, it also means that for every potential future bailout where vast amounts of money need to be created…

  2. I have been stuck on your website for hours now. Thinking of the video you made regarding embedding videos and prison sentences, etc, etc,… You actually seem to be a great example of how beneficial one individual’s composition of other people’s resources can be. It is a service. There is simply no possible way I could have found all the same videos on my own, and the convenience of embedding is good. Also, the option to watch the video on youtube is quite prominently displayed at the bottom right side. But then again, the DHS has been seizing domain names for simply linking to some sites. Anyway, I think is my final comment for a while. But I am impressed with the selection.

    PS: Is the silver pushing purely sincere? I like the idea of holding silver too, but is it really a good time to be buying it? I honestly do not know.

    • Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      I’m still for pushing silver absolutely! Not that I would tell people to risk any substantial amount of money on it or anything, but I definitely think people should get into precious metals a.s.a.p.. Join the Silver Liberation Army (doesn’t mean you have to buy from them, but at least get on their e-mail list). Max is the man, and the e-mails contain a lot of useful info. Besides, the latest word is that it will soon be illegal to sell gold and silver over the counter… that of course could signal a very desperate move…

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