Bilderberg 2011: Better Late than Never…

First off, I want to thank Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar for indirectly encouraging me to get into video, and please check out my last blog about the censorship controversy for the details.

I say thanks because I think this medium will allow me to be able to cover more issues since it can be very time consuming to write… and when I don’t have time to write and get my opinion out, I tend to get stressed and frustrated.

Case in point on missing one of the biggest news stories of the year a couple of weeks ago with the Bilderberg meeting:

Who and what are the Bilderberg’s? I think the best way to describe them was done by George Carlin, so I’ll let him explain it while I still have the freedom to embed YouTube videos:

I suppose I should warn that there is some explicit language, so I do apologize to all the squares out there… but who ever said that knowledge has to be politically correct?

George Carlin… prophet?

So who are the “owners” that George is referring to?

Well many of them were actually in Switzerland recently, but you probably didn’t hear about it on the mainstream news. I’ll try to explain:

Remember, video is for educational purposes only! 😉

Bilderberg 2011: The Master Page:

What do the elites (possibly) have planned for your future that the controlled, bought and paid for corporate media isn’t informing you about?
Something to keep in mind: I’d rather be called a sincere alarmist than have to say something awful in the future like; “those poor gullible bastards… if only I could have done more to warn them…”

The Mark Dice videos:

The teaser:

The full version:

Anyway, sorry I was late to the party again, but how could I live with myself without getting my two cents in on Bilderberg? Don’t blame me, late or not, I’m just trying to help fill the void the corporate media left behind… besides, how could I let George down?

Bonus clip: Go to 8:35 of the video. Great little recent and somewhat related clip from Jon Stewart with possibly the best political cartoon ever.

Peace and Love!

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