Soon to be Censored?

Hello, and welcome to my first “vlog!”

Here are a couple of articles to check out about the bill I’m discussing:

exhibit A: from TechDirt:

Exhibit B: From Infowars:

Clicking this sentence will lead you to an activist website that gives you a quick and simple way to take an effective action against this bill:

Here are videos of Al on the subjects of free speech and net neutrality… Really? Are these “embedded” YouTube videos about to become illegal?

Another embed that could get me 5 years of prison?

I was going to make a list of some of my favorite blogs/teaching tools, but since many of them are already sitting there amongst my recent posts, I’ve decided not to bother. I will however single out an older one that I’m very proud of where Jon Stewart, Jesse Ventura, and I gang up on greedy oil tycoon; T. Boone Pickens.

That’s it, my first vlog! To be continued?

3 thoughts on “Soon to be Censored?

  1. Good catch.
    Considering the recent torrent of government attacks on liberties, the DHS seizing domain-names, the FBI getting new super-powers, and a whole bunch of other activity, we should probably expect this fear to become reality. The CONTROL has been after the internet for a long time, and they are finally gaining some momentum. It is highly unlikely they will stop; It really is the only source for distributing information on a massive scale, and for hat very reason has become a matter of Plutocratic-Security (aka National Security). The boilingfrogspost dot com website has some excellently presented examples of what we are up against. I am certain myself, that we will inevitably be seeing at least some of our most significant liberties soon destroyed.

    I guess I have enough embeds myself to get 100+ years or so at the bay-club.

  2. John Doe says:

    You “like” some of what Al Franken did? Are you kidding me? Here’s just a clip of the “censorship” that Al Franken is against: What a joke. His vote for Obamacare alone complete destroys a shred of his credibility. You’re probably better at finding video clips than me, but try to find the reporter who asked Franken about the Constitutional basis for allowing the federal government to FORCE citizens to purchase an item or service from a PRIVATE company and his pathetic, insulting response. The guy is a socialist of the first order, and he is one of the biggest frauds around. My disdain for Fox News cannot be any clearer, but just because the guy writes a book taking shots at them and somehow is elected to the US Senate is pathetic.

    • Valid points, and I’m no fan of Obamacare (or Romneycare) either. However, (and I’m willing to accept that I could very well be wrong) I do think Al is a sincere guy and means well, he just needs to get out of the left/right box and see that there are better solutions for health care than a diabolical 2,000 page bill written in legalese by the insurance companies and enforced by the I.R.S.

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