Let the Class Warfare Blame Game Begin! Greenspan, Globalism, and Generation X:

Greenspan: Dumb Americans Deserve Unemployment

Kurt Nimmo
July 15, 2011

The former boss of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, said the reason Gen-Xers are unemployed and suffering from a lower standard of living is because they are lazy, stupid, and unproductive. U.S. companies would be better off hiring immigrants.

“Baby boomers are being replaced by groups of young workers who have regrettably scored rather poorly in international educational match-ups over the last two decades,” said Greenspan. “The average income of U.S. households headed by 25-year-olds and younger has been declining relative to the average income of the baby boomer population. This is a reasonably good indication that the productivity of the younger part of our workforce is declining relative to the level of productivity achieved by the retiring baby boomers. This raises some major concerns about the productive skills of our future U.S. labor force.”

So-called Gen-Xers are not stupid and lazy. They are victims of globalism and outsourcing. Over the last two decades, jobs have been systematically stripped from the United States and exported to slave gulags in China and India. Gen Xers must compete with people who make two or three dollars a day.

NAFTA and globalist trade agreements are responsible for moving jobs out of the country, not the dismal test scores of Gen Xers.

Public education in the United States is not about creating intelligent, innovative and productive citizens. It’s about creating obedient citizens who no longer have the knowledge and skills to improve their lives and are dependent on government and large transnational corporations.

Public education prepares young people for world government. It is about destroying free will and replacing it with… (continue reading)

*For further analysis:

Are we actually being dumbed-down on purpose? I could give you a thought-provoking opinion, but can you handle the truth?

What did George Carlin say about education and globalism?

2 thoughts on “Let the Class Warfare Blame Game Begin! Greenspan, Globalism, and Generation X:

  1. Greenspan is 100% right! GENERATION X is responsible for ALL of AMERICA’S current woes. The ENTIRE GENERATION should be shoveled into the FIRES OF HELL!!!

    Wait a minute, the fires of hell are TOO GOOD for Generation X!

    • Unfortunately, there probably are many deserved reasons to complain about when it comes to Generation X (and I am on the cusp myself). However, I think it can be argued equally that the generation that raised them are just as much to blame for allowing the subsequent “mess” to occur in the first place… they were a great generation by comparison for sure, but they weren’t exactly the most open-minded either… reminds me of one of my favorite movies… 🙂

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