7 thoughts on “Am I an Alien?

  1. John Doe says:

    I don’t know if you recall, but I’ve commented on several of your posts, and really enjoy watching/reading your work.

    Unfortunately, I’m also sick to death of watching/reading your work.

    I’ve come to realize after wading through the literally hundreds of websites that provide similar information (i.e. Ron Paul 2012, all other candidates are frauds, private banks, class warfare, etc.) that none of you really appear to want to do anything about it.

    You all seem great at identifying the problem, but then either can’t or won’t provide real-world solutions, so your sites all come across as nothing more than areas for the “proletariat” to go after the “bourgeoisie”. You had 4 videos posted in your last “vlog”, and I found little substance there other than some satirical discussion on locking up all of the “evil people”, who all, of course, have wealth and watching them “suffer” trying to make it through real life.

    Here’s where I’m at with everything. I’m tired of talking about what the problems are, and realize it’s time to take real action.

    I will announce that I am running for city council where I live, and see where that leads me. The ONLY way to fix the system is to dismantle and rebuild it from within, and within the “rules” the corrupt politicians have laid out. If enough people do this across the Country, it can be what it once was – the greatest nation in the world.

    I challenge you, Mark Dice, Alexander Higgins, etc. to do the same. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, and see if I can make some REAL changes in my community.

    • I remember you, and my Peaceful Solutions project was even partially inspired by you since you criticized me last time for roughly the same thing you are now.

      However I think the criticism is a little more unfair this time. I called for an open televised debate with top economists to pick a new system, and I also suggested we redefine our prison system by working out a deal with the “guilty” elites so they won’t do anything drastic to protect themselves.

      I thought those were creative solutions, but I’ve also suggested in the past how to solve the I.R.S. problem, and even the Wisconsin government fiasco (declare sovereignty).

      Also “Peaceful Solutions” should be 7 videos, not 4 unless you just saw part 2 of the project from the Activist Post.

      I applaud your efforts to run for city council, but I think that solution could take decades if ever to work. Where are we going to find that many informed and non-corrupt people all over the country that are willing to run for office and also have a chance to beat the established candidates at so many fronts?

      I like a challenge, but cut me a little slack will ya? Some of my work might look professional, but I’m really just a guy who came out of nowhere and decided to start a blog 7 months ago… and I do this all by myself in my spare time!

      Again, you bring up some good points… I personally don’t feel ready to run for public office, but I’m curious to hear how it goes for you… keep me posted!

      • John Doe says:

        I will keep you posted. And you are correct – my criticism was somewhat unfair. It’s just so damn frustrating where we are at, and I want to see even more solutions put forth from everyone, including myself.

        Perhaps I’ll write down some of my ideas and solutions and send them to you for review. Keep up the good work!

      • I understand the frustration, and I personally regret not getting involved much earlier. The great irony about this “alien project” is that it wasn’t too long ago that even I was obsessed with video games (Call of Duty/Halo), sports, partying, reality TV etc… Now I’m obsessed with information, and am always thinking of ways to expand my role in the alternative media. That being said, it might appear that I’ve been around a while, but I’m really a newcomer playing citizen journalist as a complete media outsider. It’s been a lot of fun playing by my own rules and sticking it to the establishment… however, I think I would be overwhelmed trying to run for any kind of public office at this time.

        You can send me your ideas, but you might also want to consider doing what I did over the last year: create some blurbs and throw some ideas around on Facebook/social media in front of your friends/family until you get comfortable expressing yourself. Then go public by starting a wordpress blog!

  2. Yarble Cake says:

    Great comments on both sides. We do what we can, and keep trying. I think inspiring people cannot be a waste of effort or time. Songs alone have moved thousands and more. Not everyone is a politician. Some must labor. Some must wander. We do what we do, and keep trying. I am glad that EP is here, and I fully acknowledge the he has no fu**ing chance of defeating the world’s problems solo. But every drop in the bucket counts. And do the math; if all those doing nothing more than stuffing twinkies and beers into their ravenous faces were to SIMPLY begin listening, we’d have a totally different nation instantly.

    To the above commenter: If you find the golden key to unlocking the endless potential within us you will be he/she who has never been before. But chances are frail, and it is likely enough that we must trudge onward, and keep trying, and criticizing, and trying, and running for city council, and ranting, and trying. It is a big mess. And if it is any consolation, we have no choice but to clean it up.

    • Many good points, and I also hate some of my above comments; It definitely doesn’t appear that I’ve been “around a while.” I’m making amateur webcam videos in front of an old tapestry that I probably had in college… dear god. And I don’t know why I felt the need to say “wordpress” blog like I’m going to start collecting royalties… I have also learned after some involvement with my local “Occupy” group that I’m really not a natural leader, and have never really been (I’m usually the quiet one you have to watch out for). 😉 My leadership skills should develop in time, but running for office is just not realistic for me right now. I just don’t have the knowledge, experience, skills, support…. not that I wouldn’t love the chance to get behind a podium and debate with some of these assholes…

      Excellent point: “It is a big mess. And if it is any consolation, we have no choice but to clean it up.” Daunting but absolutely true…

  3. TheMaskedMan says:

    I wonder the same thing because I feel like the only person awake most of the time. A new idea has recently been brought to my attention from Texas in the form of the RAYTOL DOCTRINE which basically purposes integrating a mandatory reset button for the people of America to prevent power from corrupting absolutely over time. Its a good idea but is apparently still quite young because its authors only included the basic idea but also mentioned that they have done this so it would be easy to understand by everyone.

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