FEMA Camp Fun with Jersey Shore Reruns!

I can’t wait to be put into a FEMA camp so the government can keep me safe from terror! Besides, I’ll bet as long as we are all on good behavior and eat all of our powdered eggs and fluoridated water, they will let us watch Jersey Shore reruns!

Want to see the episode Alex is talking about? Click this hyperlink:

(originally posted 11-11-10)

2 thoughts on “FEMA Camp Fun with Jersey Shore Reruns!

  1. david says:

    yes the camps are real.if you go to youtube and type in fema camps you will see the b.s. for yourself.will they use cyanide or nerve gas at amtrac in indaina? on rex84 footage you will see a h1n1 pow death camp in new zealand with motes and high voltage fenceing set up.on youtube there used to be footage of the one up in alaska with towers,fenceing,etc all in black with no roads going to it,over a mile long and empty.in wisconson some where thers one of 3 buldings with fenceing ,4 smoke stacks and over 23 slots for trucks to back up to.empty.the smoke stacks on the bulding look out of place because the place is not long enough to be a factory.this might be part of the rex84 ones that were shut down.some of the camps like in tayler texes are white,u.n. ? they also for 2 years now have been makeing these creepy looking white auto train cars that are hard to see out of.some say these may already have gas lines installed.its on youtube.out of the 800 camps at least 200 are said to have ovens set up.since 2004 i have met over 20 people who have seen some of these places.one who is my frind told me he saw the one up in fairbanks alaska when he lived ther years ago when he was hunting with some frinds.he knew what it was.when the time comes these morons will stop at nothing on killing us.this stuff is scary.if you try to go to a shrink and tell them this crap they will try to have you commited.it almost happen to a frind of mine 3 years ago.now he shuts his mouth.thers no more privacy.they want to know every thing about you in a weird way.if the next 911 happens they will blame it on us.i hoped we get judged soon by god.judgement is comeing.this world is screwd up.the bible said this would happen.like jim morrison said.no one gets out alive.david.

    • Interesting but spooky stuff. I’d rather not think about the details myself, so I can’t confirm or deny any of that information. What I do know (in my opinion) is that #1, these camps need to be exposed. #2: I want a really good explanation for why they were built, who are they really intended for, and why is there so much secrecy surrounding them? Needless to say, I’m not expecting a response anytime soon 😉

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