What’s the Deal with the DEA?

DEA: How are we supposed to take you seriously when you go on TV like this and blatantly lie to us and keep trying to sell us your tired bullshit story like we’re all brainwashed or stupid enough to keep believing that shit? This is absolutely unacceptable and completely absurd behavior! Why should we continue to listen to you much less keep funding you?

And who is this ass that I keep seeing from Fox and Friends? I actually feel sorry for this guy. What a shining example of what a propaganda spewing, phony, corporate news clown looks like. I’m not suggesting that he’s an evil conspirator by any means, but he’s such an obvious “company” man. How can anyone take this guy seriously?

And now a followup, and proof our country has been taken over by criminals…

Dear patriots and dissidents:

This is what happens when you eff with us.

-The government 🙂

(originally posted 12-27-10)

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