March Against Monsanto 2014: Las Vegas Edition!


Blake “The Eccentric” Walley interviews attendees of “March Against Monsanto” in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 24th 2014.

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What the Food Industry Does Not Want You to See:

I finally finished watching this movie. Absolutely critical information. You wouldn’t believe what is really going on inside the food industry! Actually, I think a lot of you have a good idea, you just choose not to think about it. Unfortunately, this issue is now absolutely URGENT, getting worse by the day, and an informed populace is needed NOW while we still have time to stop this madness.

Once you watch, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I don’t expect anyone to get actively involved in this issue tomorrow, all I ask is that you make an attempt to get informed on this issue by watching the above trailer…

(originally posted 12-16-10)