Critical Thinking and the Art of Propaganda Comprehension: The Benghazi Scandal

Are you getting frustrated by the way the media is covering (or not covering) the Benghazi Scandal?

Me too!

So now that the John McCain vs. Susan Rice drama is starting to fade; is the media finally ready to start asking the real questions? Or are they planning another distraction?

I address these questions and more!

Video is for educational purposes only 😉

(A recent update I made on Benghazi 1/16/14) : How to protect a corrupt administration by ignoring reality.


Was Obama in the White House Situation Room watching the Benghazi attack?

October 24th: Benghazi media explosion with the freshly released e-mail findings:

Obama knew Benghazi was a terror attack within two hours:

Transcript of the Rachel Maddow show from October 24th. Can you find the word “Benghazi” mentioned once? Either can I…

The day the liberal media died?

Obama transcript demonizing a YouTube video in front of the United Nations… NINE days after the Susan Rice debacle!

The Ups and Downs of a Corporate Owned Pundit

There used to be a time 8-10 years ago when I thought Olbermann was a good guy, and Fox News was a sick joke on the American people. Looking back now though, I think my opinion was completely unfair and unbalanced…

Why? I think it’s because Bush and Cheney were so horrible, and I was so opposed to the wars and almost everything the republicans said and did during those years, that ANYBODY that openly stood up against the republican establishment looked good by default… even Olbermann and MSNBC.

Since there’s been a regime change now however, I’ve been able to put together the bigger picture; Obama and Pelosi are also horrible (although at least Pelosi is now in the background), and I’m opposed to almost everything the democrats are saying and doing too!

So what does this all mean?

1. The leadership of both political parties is horrible.
2. I’m opposed to almost everything BOTH sides do.
3. It’s really easy to look good when you oppose tyrants.
4. It’s really easy to look bad when you defend them.
5. MSNBC never turned into the “liberal Fox News,” it always was the “liberal Fox News,” it was only the ruling party that changed.

Last thought: Is there any reason for the Southern Poverty Law Center to cherry-pick information out of a horrible tragedy, and then use it to create a potential witch hunt? I had heard the SPLC was bad, but it’s hard for me to accept that conclusion without actually seeing it. After watching the first few minutes of this video though, I now completely understand what the critics were saying. What a couple of wieners these two are…