Romney Campaign Caught in Nevada Election Fraud!

So last May I attended the Nevada State Republican convention as a delegate for Ron Paul. I also ended up capturing quite the story…

By the way, despite the blatant attempt at cheating, we still took 22/25 delegates!

Suck it Romney!

There were also three great stories written about the event, and I very much want to thank Steve Watson, Eric Blair, and the Lions of Liberty for creating articles to go along with my video!


Eric Blair

Lions of Liberty

The State of the Union? Or the State of Confusion?

I go on a tirade over the State of the Union address on my Wednesday radio show:

Just how gullible is the average Obama supporter?

Links to other topics I cover on the show:

The GOP’s apocalyptic rebuttal (funny):

Ten Skirted Issues:

State of the Union Address? More like a campaign speech:

Why the fanatical Obama supporters make me want to leave the planet:

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Shameless Political Strategy?

Okay democrats, I’m not making any accusations. I’m just going to take some mental notes and call it a day. But if this is true, and you top level strategists think you’re going to get away with it…

Click for the article...

extra notes:

I would agree that this is an opinion piece that I don’t want to take a hard stance on. I’m just absorbing the information and putting it on the back burner. Like I said, I’m not making any accusations.

I completely understand that it’s Obama’s job and he had to say something. However, I also see the other side too, and let’s be honest, Obama is in serious danger of becoming a one-term president, and the national democratic think tank knows that.

I don’t want to think they would try to turn a tragedy into a political rally, but in this day and age, I think it would be foolish to think they definitely would not. The next election is fast approaching and the democrats are coming off a serious beating while limping into 2012.

I think Obama is a terrific speaker, but I also believe he is completely controlled by the banks, wall street, and the mega-corporations etc. He may not be a bad guy, but at the end of the day, I believe he does whatever he’s told. I think everything about him is carefully scripted, and that he’s more of a symbol than a truly independent man that represents the entire executive branch of our government.

I consider the democrats to be the lesser of the two evils, but I think both parties are so dirty and competitive at the national level that whatever the result, I won’t be surprised. However, if Obama’s next presidential campaign revolves around “together we thrive,” I think some serious questions need to be raised.

(originally posted 1-14-11)