Whose Blood is on Whose Hands? The Eric Garner Decision Edition!

There has been quite the blame-game in New York following the execution of two Brooklyn police officers, but who is really at fault?

Mayor de Blasio? Sure, there are plenty of reasons to criticize him and his policies, and the city would probably be better off with someone else running it. But as far as the recent shootings were concerned… what could he realistically have done differently? Do you sincerely believe that the killings were caused by de Blasio’s so-called “climate of mistrust?”

Let’s think about it another way: Let’s pretend you are the Mayor of New York, and you have an opportunity to prevent the shootings from happening… except there’s a catch: you won’t have any idea of who, where, or when. All you know is that two cops will die in retaliation for the Garner verdict. So how would you stop the shooting? Make the police stay home? Prohibit protesting? Declare Martial Law? Put the whole city under lockdown? Or would an overreaction risk a far worse outcome? The point is, how could you possibly micro-manage that many moving parts in a city of 8 million people? Can we sincerely blame this all on the Mayor? Even if we really want to?

How about the supposed “black leaders” like Al Sharpton? He certainly plays a role in the overall problem… what else should we expect from a race-hustling, tax-cheating federal snitch and professional agitator? But how much blame can we honestly place on Al for these specific cop killings? Did he tell the man to pull the trigger? Was the shooter even a fan of his? Did he actually watch his never-ending clown-show on MSNBC? Al Sharpton is a national embarrassment and needs to go away, but is he individually responsible for this double-murder? Doubtful.

So should we blame the protesters? After all, some of them did chant hateful things. But did they truly represent the majority of the people that were there? Or were they just a few isolated incidents that were cherry-picked for a purpose? Perhaps even made-up using deceitful editing?

Of course it would be easy to put all the blame the shooter, right? Except it’s an obnoxious oversimplification, and overlooks one obvious problem: the murder wasn’t just some random action, it was an act of retaliation! So if this crime was a matter of cause and effect, what caused the effect?

The Grand Jury Decision of course! Because if the verdict had gone a different way, it’s quite possible that the future could have been completely changed! Imagine: no outrage, no protests, no racial agitators, no political dramas, and most importantly: no dead police!

But did the jury get it right? Of course not! And they didn’t even have to determine guilt, they just had to decide whether the case deserved a second look! But they couldn’t find a good reason for it? Seriously? And no explanation was even necessary? Agree or disagree, at least Bob McCulloch (the Ferguson prosecutor) made a lengthy prime-time statement, and took the time to answer questions! But who was held accountable in New York? Apparently no one… Welcome to Staten Island, what are you gonna do about it?

But what do you think? Did they get the decision right or wrong?

Whether you want to call that resisting arrest or not, the excessive use of force seems severely uncalled for. Especially when it amounted to trivial tax evasion. And was it really necessary for several more officers to pile on top of him on top of it? For peddling piddly loosie puffs? Are you kidding me?

And even though the officer claimed the takedown was a “wrestling move,” it was quite clearly a chokehold. The coroner even ruled his death as a homicide!

Then the initial press conference comes, and the head of the police union (straight out of central casting) blames the victim for “resisting” and “lack of respect” for law enforcement!

Where is the justice? Where is the humanity? There wasn’t any of course; this was all about protecting their own, regardless of the facts and circumstances. Can you believe the balls on this guy? Their head goon (Patrick Lynch) just excused the entire event, blamed the victim, and used it as a warning to the rest of us to keep in line!

With that kind of arrogance on display, is it any wonder why some people feel hostility towards law enforcement? People like Patrick Lynch give the police and unions a bad name. And while it’s unclear how much he personally influenced the unidentifiable Grand Jury’s super-secret decision making process, the results have proven… problematic.

To make a point, let’s imagine that the Eric Garner decision went in a different direction: the prosecutor announces that the case merits a more thorough examination, and outlines the following list of suggestions for the family’s future trial:

  • Conviction of six months for involuntary manslaughter
  • a transfer by the officer to another department
  • another six months of training to earn his badge back
  • a 3 to 5 million dollar settlement for the Garner family
  • a re-evaluation of appropriate use of force for the NYPD
  • a re-evaluation of New York’s tobacco tax laws

Sure, perhaps that list only takes place in a purely hypothetical legal structure, but ask yourself: if that really was the outcome, would there still have been national outrage? Mass protests? A public relations disaster between the mayor and the police union? A pair of unfortunate funerals?

I guess we’ll never know, but the jury didn’t need to make a list! All they had to do was agree that it deserved to have a second opinion! But they didn’t! And look how easy it was for the system to cheat justice! Is it any surprise that people are upset and marching on the streets? Can we even trust these prosecutors to police the police? Or should they be required to recuse themselves? And did you know that Grand Juries have been abolished from virtually every country in the world except for one? Is the Eric Garner decision a good example of why they don’t work?

How are people supposed to respect the rule of law when the system is allowed to act above it? What kind of precedent does that set? Where do we the people draw the line? The Grand Jury didn’t just get it wrong, they proved that the system truly is rigged when they need it to be.

What do we do when the people responsible for justice can clearly commit crimes right in front of us, but can’t be held accountable? And it’s expected to be accepted? Hey, that’s just the way things work… now sit down and shut up!

And for what purpose? Think about how much easier this whole situation could have been if the New York “justice system” could just admit they got this wrong and give a simple apology? Would it have been that big of an issue to put one blue-privileged policeman into a white-collar resort for a few months? And pay the Eric Garner family a few million dollars? While simultaneously saving themselves from the hassle of indefinite protests and bad publicity? And the unintended consequences that led to the deaths of two peace officers?

Apparently not, and that’s why the blood is on their hands. The legal system is a disgrace… now what are they gonna do about it?

Critical Thinking and the Art of Presidential Prognostications:


TNAM’s Blake Walley interviews attendees at Freedom-Fest (the world’s largest gathering of free minds) in Las Vegas on a variety of issues: economic collapse, border crisis, impeachment, and early presidential favorites for 2016!


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March Against Monsanto 2014: Las Vegas Edition!


Blake “The Eccentric” Walley interviews attendees of “March Against Monsanto” in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 24th 2014.

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Blake and Brian Cover the Bundy Ranch Rebellion!

Well it just so happens that the Bundy Ranch showdown began in my backyard. It started out simply enough: A dispute between a rancher and the government over some land and what should be done with it. And although it was in the vicinity of Vegas, I still really wasn’t all that interested in it… until this happened and changed everything:

Now the Bundy Ranch story was making waves nationally, and before you know it (to make a long story short) Brian Engelman was packing up his truck, and making his way over to Las Vegas where we were about to journey off to our first live covering of major media story!

We officially arrived Thursday night, and quickly ran into fellow radio-host Pete Santilli who also happened to be the guy who filmed the now infamous “Ranch Riot” video above. Brian then grabbed this incredibly informative interview with Pete:

Later we had the chance to interview Dave Bundy! My turn to interview, and my goal was to make it quick (5-10 minutes tops) by asking him just two questions he had hopefully not been asked before. However, reality found me woefully short of my five minute goal with absolutely no back-up plan. Lesson learned, then Brian saved the day…

We heard rumors the next morning that someone had shut down the cell-phone communication by the ranch, so we made sure to upload this video (just in case) before we departed:

Brian has an outstanding interview with Margaret Houston (the woman who was thrown down in the “Ranch Riot” video). The unfortunate part is that you don’t get to hear all of the applause as a growing crowd gathered behind me to watch.

Brian has another excellent interview with RJ of the Nevada Oath Keepers! So these are the people that the Establishment and “mainstream” media keep warning us about?

Brian and I give our final report on Friday. I really liked the way this video turned out, but it also came with a painful lesson learned: if you don’t have someone using the camera, get the tallest person in the frame first, or you might make this mistake:

So I had this plan to make one final 20 minute video before Brian left town. My intention was to recap and highlight the Bundy Ranch story along with our personal experience covering it. However, that plan took some sidetracks and sort of suddenly spiraled into a video version of one of our radio shows. Yes, it went on a bit longer than I had hoped… but at some point you just have to go with it and enjoy the ride. And that my friends, is The New American Media

Here is our final report:

Okay, so we didn’t really finish the story. Maybe we’re not worthy? Thankfully other reporters were on the scene and covered this incredible piece of history:


Thanks to everyone who was there, involved, spreading the word, donating to the cause, watching/commenting on our videos… Thank you for all of your support and for being a part of history!

Here are some of our favorite links to the excellent coverage of this historical event:

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Thanks again everyone!

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What Would a Progressive Utopia Look Like?

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Critical Thinking and the Art of Propaganda Comprehension: The Benghazi Scandal

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Me too!

So now that the John McCain vs. Susan Rice drama is starting to fade; is the media finally ready to start asking the real questions? Or are they planning another distraction?

I address these questions and more!

Video is for educational purposes only 😉

(A recent update I made on Benghazi 1/16/14) : How to protect a corrupt administration by ignoring reality.


Was Obama in the White House Situation Room watching the Benghazi attack?

October 24th: Benghazi media explosion with the freshly released e-mail findings:

Obama knew Benghazi was a terror attack within two hours:

Transcript of the Rachel Maddow show from October 24th. Can you find the word “Benghazi” mentioned once? Either can I…

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