What Would a Progressive Utopia Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what a great progressive utopia would look like?

Me too!

[Simple Solutions for Progressive Problems] For educational purposes only ūüôā

The hyperlinked evidence:

Just how gullible are Obama supporters?

Obama: “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone!”

Executive Use of Power? Candidate Obama vs. President Obama:

Just how much has the debt gone up under Obama?

Does raising the debt ceiling increase our debt?

15 signs that we are near the peak of an absolutely massive stock market bubble:

Abandoning the U.S. dollar:

How to Pump up the Stock Market with Quantitative easing:

Believe the “official” employment numbers? Either do I:

Did they cook the employment numbers for the 2012 election?

Record numbers of people dependent on government?

19 Very disturbing facts about immigration that every American should know:

Is there an ulterior motive for why the Democrats want to push immigration reform?

The great cancer of socialism continues to spread:

Obamacare sticker shock:

The effect of new Obamacare health plans: 

The most embarrassing efforts to spin CBO’s Obamacare report as “good news:”

Jimmy Kimmel savages Obamacare and uninformed young people who support it:

Obama’s Lie¬†of the year regarding Obamacare:

Common Core: Obama’s Education Plan Sparks National Protest:

Arne Duncan is a liar: Common Core will destroy American Education:

Photo: Common Core Causes Anguish on 7 year old:

Arkansas Mom destroys Common Core in four powerful minutes:

George Carlin’s take on our education system?

The Gun Control Survey that Progressives hope you never see:

The Energy Crisis: Rap News 22 (special bonus)

Is the Climate Debate really settled? Marc Morano vs. Bill Nye:

Democrats against U.N. Agenda 21

Your future “shoebox” apartment (for the good of the earth of course):

Is global warming just a made-up scam?

Obama’s NSA Speech: Privacy is important… unless we decide it isn’t!

Why Obama’s dubious promise to end NSA surveillance is meaningless:

Obama fears arrest and is running scared from NSA scandal:

The Dinosaur Media’s Race to the Bottom: MSNBC is now 85% opinion!

CNN & MSNBC lose almost half their viewers in one year!

Did you know that the U.S. now ranks #46 in worldwide press freedom?

Feinstein: You’re not a real journalist unless you draw a salary:

Is this what the Great Progressive Utopia will eventually look like?

Has Despotism taken over America?

Peaceful Solutions for Impossible Problems:

3 thoughts on “What Would a Progressive Utopia Look Like?

  1. I accept you’re debate offer, dude, some of which i agreed with, but of the lesser of 2 evils which would you pick? I’m a registered democrat and I work with my local unions, but my votes and ideas go either direction. I’m gonna add something to this debate offer, Who the hell are you? Calling everybody Idiots like that, if you have so much knowledge on these things then why aren’t you doing anything about it, I lobby, I volunteer, you make videos? You spread a message of knowledge, and just like the great brains before you, you sit around and do nothing. I have made one video in my life, it ended up on Real Time with Bill Maher, I write on WordPress because it makes me happy, but I go to my state capitol once a week if I can and see what the hell these people are doing and tell them to do their jobs. You are just as much apart of the problem by sitting on your ass. So don’t talk down to people, you megalomaniac. I may be 21 years old, but I am armed with a mind, I use it every day. Your just another finger pointer.

    • I’m not calling anybody an idiot, I am simply warning people about the future we could be heading towards under the Progressives. I’m glad you are helping to make a difference, but you have no right to criticize me for “sitting on my ass.” I’ve dedicated an enormous amount of my time the last few years on a number of different causes. In fact I was just at my City Council a couple of months ago to help stop the NDAA in Las Vegas. I also do a voluntary radio show 3 days a week, so if you want to have a debate you are more than welcome to call-in sometime (M,W,Th 12-1:30 PST 347-324-3704 . Thanks for your comment ūüôā

      • I’m sorry that I jumped to conclusions, I know you don’t just sit on your ass, but not every liberal is 100% liberal, in fact no liberal is, we all have brains and can make our own decisions. Based on main stream media I always have questions, so I look to other sites and other media to fill in any blanks until I find a satisfactory story or idea. In my most recent blog, I talk about this very thing, I said “..there are a ton of shades between black and white, and nobody stands 100% on one” that is true. I will call into your show sometime, thank you for the info. I missed it today, but I’ll call tomorrow.

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