Mubarak, Groundhog Day, and the Economic Hitman:

It’s really discouraging to see the reaction from Washington regarding the revolution in Egypt, but hardly surprising to me either.

My personal opinion is that Washington is really hoping to keep Mubarak in power and desperately trying to figure out a way to keep him in place. It’s just a matter of whether or not they can convince themselves that the Egyptian people will believe a really well constructed bullshit story or not. Since said story will have to involve Mubarak’s stay in power, I’m guessing it’s not going to work; and judging by the reaction I’ve been seeing on TV, I’d say that after thirty years, those people have pretty much heard it all by now.

Shutting down the internet was completely chicken-shit, and has only made things worse. All the people want is truth, transparency, and an end to senseless brutality and corruption. Cutting off their communication is only causing confusion, unnecessary violence, and showing how desperate and out of touch this dictatorship is. Hey Mubarak, you want to win your people back? Why don’t you turn the net back on and start answering questions like; was all of the tyranny necessary over the last thirty years? Did your people really deserve to be treated that way? Was it possible that they could have been freer and more prosperous? Why did you allow your people to live under harsh control for so long when you had the power to literally change it overnight?

Should Mubarak be pitied instead of prosecuted? Since Groundhog Day is coming up, I’m reminded of the movie and starting to wonder; if Mubarak switched places with Bill Murray’s character from the movie, and he had to keep redoing the same period of time over and over (just before the protests), how long do you think it would be before he finally got things right?

I think it would be very difficult to guess because it could go on an extremely long time. I’m not saying that to try to be mean or funny, my reasoning is because I think Mubarak’s mind is so far removed from reality, that his natural instinct would most likely be to keep trying to perfect his dictatorial control until he got things “right” (and by right, meaning he had the perfect system in place to stay in power).

However you view it though, Mubarak wasn’t alone. What could we, as American allies, have done differently?

Unfortunately, our government isn’t exactly the role model of the world anymore. Most likely our view was; who cares if he’s a horrible dictator? And who cares that the Egyptian police were hated for being notoriously cruel and corrupt? As long as their country helped to serve OUR military and economic interests, and could keep their people under control, who really cared about their rights and personal freedoms?

Don’t believe me? Or maybe you’re wondering why I feel this way? Because I’ve got news for you; your government has been in bed with corrupt dictators and nefarious foreign economic and military policies for decades, and we the people have been turning a blind eye towards it in the name of false security and cheap foreign goods and labor for quite a long time.

I want to introduce you to a man named John Perkins. He is a self-described “economic hit-man.” According to him and his book, he was one of the guys sent by our country to persuade world leaders to play ball with us, or else… but I’ll let him explain this concept in this very informative and thought provoking attached video.

Whether we share some of the blame or not with the events in Egypt, there is a truth about America’s dark side of foreign policy that they do not want the world to see.

I hope the Egyptians and the good people of the Middle East can forgive us for our country’s misbehavior and realize that it is not us everyday Americans that are their enemy.

Like Mubarak, our American leaders also have some serious questions to answer, and all good people are going to have to unite and stand together against this corruption if we ever hope to create a better world.

Peace and Love…

(originally posted 1-29-11)

Don’t Worry About the Internet Kill Switch, I’ve Heard it Works Very Well in China:

The last ten seconds say it all…

Dear Senator,

We the people have a solution to this problem…how about people that think the government should have the power to shut down the internet move to China instead!

Senator, if you need any help packing, please do not hesitate to ask us. As you probably know, moving is a stressful experience and we want to show you some good old-fashioned American hospitality. Why? Because most of us are good people, and that’s just what good people do. But more importantly, we want to make sure there isn’t any time lost so you can leave our country as soon as possible!

Thanks for the memories Joe, but your ideas are no longer going to be useful in our new future… but good luck in China!


The American people

(originally posted 12-23-10)

Pedophiles, the Amazon Controversy, and the Moral Issue of the Timing of my Personal Crock Pot Cook Book Shopping Adventure:

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Dammit, I was so excited to go online shopping for the world’s most awesome Crock pot cookbook when I decided to take a quick detour on Facebook to find that TWO of my friends were breaking news on a recent scandal…

Amazon: We’ve known each other a long time, and as a conspiracy guy, I’ve heard for years about how you probably had something to do with Big Brother and might be being used by the NSA to slowly collect all of my personal information (including parting gifts under the sweet guise of internet cookies)…

Yet I kept coming back because I found myself hating high prices even more than hating the possibility of government spooks creating a profile on me; and as much as I love the occasional “buying the world’s latest most controversial book” at a bookstore with glorious, untraceable cash,… it’s a shitty economy and there’s no effing way I would pay full retail on a giant, hardcover Crock pot cookbook. But seriously, what the fuck?

(originally posted 11-12-10)

The Gloves are finally off?

Message to the NWO: The people are no longer so easily fooled by your slick and charismatic teleprompter reading puppet. You can censor our information and you can try to shut down the internet; but if you don’t address and discredit our IDEAS, you will never, ever defeat us.

(originally posted 7-18-10)