Looks like the Department of Homeland Security finally messed with the wrong guy…

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I know some people think this might be silly, but someone needs to stand up to these goons. Unfortunately the truth is that the nature of these federal goon squads is to keep pushing the limits of their power, and they aren’t going to stop until people make a stand. Everyone likes security, but there’s also a line that needs to be drawn; and groping and microwaving people is crossing way over that line to the point of total absurdity. Thanks for your courage and for giving up your time to stand up and fight these goons for us Jesse!

(originally posted 1-25-11)

Spy Satellite Controversy Leads to Censorship on Yahoo?

Censorship on Yahoo?

I read this article yesterday and was so upset by some of the comments that I felt the need to express an opinion of my own, only the opinion never actually appeared. Now I’m not making any accusations Yahoo. It is possible that I overlooked a second ‘submit’ button by mistake, but I know this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues sharing my opinion on your news stories before either.

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I’ll admit my opinion probably would have been a bit intense for many viewers, but hey, someone had to say it, and sometimes the power of only one thumbs down vote just isn’t nearly enough.

Since I didn’t save my comment (lesson learned), I have had to re-write it. Since that doesn’t make me very happy, this is probably a bit edgier than the original.

Note: My opinion was specifically directed at all the people that criticized a person for innocently stating, “I am getting very tired of secret payloads. I want more transparency from my government*.”

Added note: Since this was also written knowing that it would only be read by the general anonymous yahoo crowd, it was not written towards anyone I personally know, so be warned; don’t take anything personal as this is not directed at any of you and may be generally shocking to some viewers:

Wake up you idiots!

So let me get this straight; a blatantly corrupt and powerful government that lies to you on a daily basis just launched a 23 story rocket containing the latest classified “defense” spy satellite and you morons don’t care?

What reason could you possibly have to believe that this thing is seriously 100% for your benefit? Is it faith, fear, or stupidity?

I find this story incredibly alarming because I’ve got news for you: your government is involved in TWO illegal wars, most of your politicians are in bed with the banks, Wall Street, and lobbyists; and if it wasn’t bad enough that we are going to live in austerity for the rest of our lives, judging from what I’ve seen this week, we may have just been sold…. to China!

There is a “security” network already being implemented by the DHS, and it’s being built for one of two major reasons, but since it’s unlikely that it’s exclusively for our own benefit to keep us safe from “terror,” it’s probably for another reason. I’d tell you, but since you don’t mind secrecy, it’s classified…
A worthy argument, but I suppose a bit frightening if you’re not used to that sort of thing either. But did it really deserve censorship?

You may have won this info-battle Yahoo, but the info-war is just getting started. To be continued…?

*comment came from John (under oldest comments, 8th comment overall, written 11/21 8:39 PST. My comment should have been approximately where “Sunset’s” comments were)

(originally posted 1-23-11)

Can We Ever Have Enough Security?

I can only hope that one day the spy grid will encompass every corner of our society. Every store, every home, every school, every park, every car, and every bathroom should be monitored at all times by the government to keep us safe from terror. Thank you Janet Napolitano for finally making this dream a reality!

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(originally posted 12-8-10)

Big Sis and Creepy DHS Videos

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Yes, this is a real Homeland Security training video. Yes, the police state is coming. Yes, we do have a choice in our future if we we wake up and say NO to big brother, NO to this crazy woman, and NO to all of the government and corporate media fear-mongering.

(originally posted 11-24-10)