Political Apology Following an Election Day Meltdown?

I apologize to anyone who read and was offended by my angry political rant yesterday. Being very politically opinionated combined with election day created an overload of frustration. I really don’t feel that the Republicans or Fox News have much credibility, but I’m still happy about the overall message the people sent to Washington yesterday. Make a difference or you will get voted out. But if I see another diabolical 2,000 page bill written in legalese pass, I officially lose all hope…

(note: I honestly couldn’t find the rant I’m referring to as I’m transferring this data to my new blog. I think I wrote it “off the cuff,” and never saved it. Oh well, sometimes a person needs to vent their political frustrations, what can I say? At least it was election day…)

(originally posted 11-3-10)