How to Defend Tyrants from Angry Citizens:

Alarming article, critical information. I’ve warned about the internet kill switch bill before, and Egypt is now an example of why. It isn’t for protecting citizens from terrorism, it’s to protect corrupt governments from its citizens.

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(originally posted 1-28-11)

Spending Christmas Watching Documentaries on North Korea

Unbeknownst to most people, one of the biggest terrorists that ever lived was a banker named Mayer Amschel Rothschild. You may be familiar with one of the variations of his famous quote: “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not …who makes her laws.” For those that don’t know, many researchers consider the Rothschilds to be the richest, most powerful family in the world.

Since there is so much recent controversy about the future of our first amendment (Wikileaks, draconian internet laws etc.), I think if Mayer were alive today, he would probably quote something like: “Give me the power to control a nation’s media, and I will have the people worship Obama like the North Koreans worship Kim Jong-il.”

If you don’t believe me, I say this because I’m currently watching a third documentary on North Korea. Holy bizarro world Batman! If you want to see what life is like without free speech and internet; or if you want to see how it’s possible to keep a population completely brainwashed and in constant fear, the above video is a link to the one (out of the three documentaries I have personally watched) that I found the most interesting.

There is a National Geographic documentary here (on instant Netflix too):

It has some good parts, but it (ironically enough) feels like watching biased American propaganda; you know, it feels scripted/rehearsed, the journalist acts a little too “corporate,” and it feels like a lot of important details were “edited” out.

The latest one I started is called “A state of Mind,” (also on instant Netflix) and so far it’s decent (I’m about halfway through), even though it also feels a bit too rehearsed. This documentary focuses on the lives of a couple of young girls that tirelessly train to be gymnasts so they can one day participate in the “Mass Games” and please their dictator god. If you don’t know what the “Mass Games” are, then you absolutely must watch just this one clip (and you’ll thank me).

The reality in North Korea is not a conspiracy theory. And if you don’t think that their reality can happen here in America, think again. This is a serious lesson in the evolution of humanity; if we the people give a corrupt government control of free speech and the media, our worst nightmare is only a matter of when, not if.

The rest of the clips can be found through the above video or here.

(originally posted 12-23-10)

Ruffling Rumsfeld to the Delight of Millions:

I wasn’t looking for this video, but when you peruse YouTube long enough, you just sort of stumble into things…I know this video is a few years old now, but since when does exposing the real terrorists get old? Rumsfeld is about as dirty as you can get, but to his credit, he prevents the “dissident” from being kicked out at about 1:30. He probably regretted it.

Can We Ever Have Enough Security?

I can only hope that one day the spy grid will encompass every corner of our society. Every store, every home, every school, every park, every car, and every bathroom should be monitored at all times by the government to keep us safe from terror. Thank you Janet Napolitano for finally making this dream a reality!

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(originally posted 12-8-10)