What ACTA is, and why it will suck

But Obama would never sign something like this, would he? Click here for the answer!

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Idiocracy and the Fall of Rome:

On my radio show today, I go on the offensive against the sports world! Did you know Disney (owns 80% of ESPN), the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, and the UFC were all big sponsors of SOPA? It’s true! That means I could argue that the sports world is actually helping to control the internet and crush freedom of speech! Just like China!

The show’s link is here (starts around the 40 minute mark):

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I also rehash an old grudge against a false idol just begging to be made an example of:

And if you really, really want to know my reasons for questioning the Osama Bin Laden related issues I mentioned on the radio:

Why I would destroy the sports clowns in a 9/11 debate:

Why I question the Bin Laden/May Day story:

Are we turning into a real life Idiocracy? Or is it already in full-swing?