Time to Pretend?

Pandora song of the day: I was thinking about saving this for a special occasion when I had something poetic to say that would go along with it. However, after watching this video again, I noticed that it has almost 18 million views! So not only do I have nothing insightful to share with it, you’ve probably already heard it a hundred times by now already. Damn…

Soon to be Songs of the Year?

Pandora song(s) of the day: Every once in a while a “popular” song sneaks onto one of my Pandora radio stations and I (surprise, surprise) like it so much, I end up giving it a very rare “thumbs up” (Pandora owners know what I’m talking about).

Now I’m not against giving public respect on these songs, I just seem to find that when I look up the video, I am reminded very quickly of why I stopped paying attention to the “popular” music industry to begin with.

Without getting into detail, I’ll just say that these videos are probably the result of what happens when corporate marketing teams create videos, not artists. These videos make me feel like I’m watching some of the world’s most shallow and cleverly dumbed-down commercials that are selling products and ideas that I’m going to regret buying someday.

Even though I probably won’t watch these videos again, and even though I still thoroughly despise the pop music industry, I’m still going to acknowledge the occasional musical gem that sneaks onto my stations. I still really like these two songs in particular, and I sincerely hope they win songs of the year or some sh__ tomorrow…

Real Life “Video Killed the Radio Star” Moment

After hearing this song a few times on Pandora, I decided I liked it enough to find it on Youtube, but then quickly had a “video killed the radio star” moment, as the singer wasn’t at all what I expected. However, I have to give credit where it’s due…Relax!

(originally posted 11-7-10)