Hey Network News: This is What Investigative Journalism is Supposed to Look Like:

I wasn’t initially enthusiastic about this episode because I felt like I was burnt out on this issue (since it is still fairly recent), but after watching, I think this is the best episode yet! Absolutely critical that people watch this! I can’t believe how much more there is to this story, and can’t believe how scary surreal this is.

If the world wasn’t so effed up, this show would be easy to dismiss and ignore, but I know all of you know how bad things are getting. This video is essential viewing on how conspiracies really work, and how easy they are to orchestrate and get away with. I’ve been researching conspiracy theories for over ten years, but I’ve never seen one exposed like this. Absolutely mind-blowing!

For all of you that don’t watch, or don’t like Ventura, just please at least watch 11:45-13:40 of the video and get a piece of it (even though there are many more highlights that are just as important). This country is in serious danger whether you like the presentation of its exposure or not, and it is crucial to understand what’s really going on, no matter how diabolical the truth may be.

This episode gives new meaning to the truth being stranger than fiction, and is a conspiracy so unbelievable that I almost hope this whole episode gets debunked. I’m not kidding.

(originally posted 12-14-10)

QE2, and buying what I’m preaching:

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I actually and honestly made a few metal purchases this year between May and July. Gold was about $1,180-$1,220 an ounce during that time. I also bought silver at like $17 an ounce.

Less than six months later that Gold is now at $1,400 and silver around $27! The frightening part is that the metals aren’t really going up, they only appear that way because the dollar is going down!

I know most of you are aware that there have been some rather shocking developments with our economy in the last several years, and I’m not writing this to tell you to buy into metals (as I’m not an economist nor qualified to give financial advice). You can spend your money how ever you please.

What I do offer however, is a friendly warning: The financial world has gone completely crazy, and if there were ever a crucial time in your life to start learning about the economy, NOW would be that time…

Peace, Love

(originally posted 11-9-10)