How we can Peacefully Abolish the I.R.S. in Only 40 Minutes!

What if I told you in absolute sincerity and seriousness that there was a way to get rid of the I.R.S. easily and quietly overnight without anyone getting hurt in the process?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! But we can’t get there if you want to sit on the sidelines hoping someone else is going to do all the work for you. That means you will have to at least get briefly involved; but I promise it only requires a very small bit of time and action on your part. Do you want to avoid ever having to deal with the dreadful, stress-inducing task of tax season again? Then please keep reading…

I can attribute many of my “I.R.S. activism imaginings” to a time a few years ago when I saw a film titled “America: From Freedom to Fascism,” by Aaron Russo. If you’re not familiar with Aaron, I’m willing to bet that you’ve probably seen some of his work as a producer, most notably the iconic comedy; “Trading Places.”

Although Aaron had a successful career in Hollywood; as he got older, he became much more political. And that road eventually led to the creation of this fantastic documentary exposing one of the most feared and mysterious institutions in all of human history; the dreaded I.R.S…

Let me first tell you that the only reason this institution still exists is because the general public doesn’t understand the true history of how it came to be, and how it really works. But the best part is, you don’t need to learn how to decipher legalese or memorize volumes of tax code to fight them. Not only is their language (they call it “code” for a reason) overly complex and confusing, it could easily be argued that it’s completely useless information. Besides, don’t give into their game and play by their rules, or we may never beat them. In order for us to truly have victory over the I.R.S., we’re going to have to make them play by our rules. And the good news is, I can make this extremely simple for you to learn!

You see, all you really need to understand about the I.R.S. is what the grand parasite’s specific weak points are! Focus and concentrate on those specific issues, and the institution will collapse like a house of cards! As long as we stick together, and don’t give in to their intimidation, all the legal gibberish in the universe can’t stop us if we don’t comply!

Sound like an easy plan? It really is, but in order for this idea to work, you must share a responsibility in “getting the word out!”


The biggest obstacle with sharing this type of information is that it never seems to reach a large enough audience. That of course, is not by coincidence. In fact there is quite a lot of information the establishment does not want you to know about. Call me crazy, but I’m here to inform you that there really is a lot of “forbidden” knowledge out there, and if you want proof, I have some right here. Have you seen this film on television before? Exactly, they can’t show videos like this on network television for the simple fact that it exposes information they don’t want you informed about. Think about it, if you became unbelievably wealthy and powerful through massive financial fraud, would you want the general public knowing how the racket works? Or would you rather they be completely distracted?

So I’m going to make this as simple as possible: I believe the first 40 minutes of this documentary to be more than enough information to prove the major points of the I.R.S. argument. However, I strongly recommend watching this film from the beginning to at least through the first 13 minutes. I hope you keep watching, because the following 17 minutes do contain a lot of very interesting information. However, not every single scene is absolutely essential to view, so feel free to jump around a little (if you must) in that section.

Seeing the I.R.S. a bit differently now?

Of course that brings us to the absolute must-watch grand finale: The showdown between Aaron Russo versus former I.R.S. commissioner Sheldon Cohen…

Let’s take a look at the most important part of the I.R.S. debate at 29:40-38:22.

Usually, I like to break down videos and offer analysis on specific clips. In this instance however, Aaron Russo does almost all of that work for me (and quite superbly I might add).

But since I can’t help myself, I’m still going to highlight a couple of parts anyway:

33:05-33:18 Aaron throws a very simple curve ball, but leaves the commissioner completely speechless. In fact it looks like Cohen actually went comatose for a good 7 or 8 seconds! Hey Sheldon, what were you thinking about buddy? Were you worried that the “jig was up” and that your interview was going to come back to haunt you someday?

37:19 “You caught me unprepared?” If you were a tax expert and former I.R.S. commissioner, how could you be “unprepared” for relatively simple interview questions?

Hey Sheldon, would you say you’re “prepared” for those same questions now? I’m curious how you would fare if it were possible to redo this interview again? But I have a feeling you would probably tell me one of the following:

37:27 Silly arguments?


38:10-38:20 Are you serious? The interview ends with the former I.R.S. commissioner making a threat? Do you know what that means besides the fact that he just showed you what a complete farce the I.R.S. really is? As far as I’m concerned, he may as well have just stated that the American people are way too ignorant to ever figure out how the sophisticated I.R.S. “racketeering scheme” really works, much less be able to stop it from happening. So ask yourself this; does Sheldon have a really good point? Or do you think that the American people will wake up in time to stop this madness, and finally put an end to this parasitic institution for the greater good of the future?

Here’s where things get interesting, because it could be argued that the outcome of our future depends on you. Which future do you want to see? Are you satisfied to live the rest of your life as a compliant and lowly pawn in Sheldon’s world? Or are you ready to be a part of the solution?

So now that you have seen the truth, what are you going to do about it?

Still not convinced? Want to see an inspiring real-life example of how non-compliance works with the I.R.S.? Not only that, but an undeniably amazing example of why being involved in jury duty is so important? Then you absolutely must watch what follows right after the Sheldon Cohen interview…

Dear I.R.S.,

You can decide to audit me if you want or worse, but it doesn’t have to be like that. I mean honestly, how long are you really planning on terrorizing the American people for anyway? Five more years? A hundred? And by the way, how do you think you’ll eventually go down? Slowly in court? Will it resemble the ending of Fight Club? Or perhaps even the ending of V for Vendetta? I know it probably sounds exciting to think that we could honestly see scenes like that happen in “real life,” but I have another idea instead: how about we meet in the middle, get “outside the box,” and require everyone to watch the movie; “Stranger than Fiction” instead?

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but it does give the people an easy understanding of our different worlds doesn’t it? But most importantly, it shows that we have no reason to be enemies! I mean, why would we want to create a tragedy when we can have a good laugh and a cry instead? Isn’t it time to bury the past and move forward as species anyway? I mean, would you really rather live in the world of indefinite austerity you are helping to create?

Ask yourself honestly; what future do you really want to experience?

Peace and Love…

Spy Satellite Controversy Leads to Censorship on Yahoo?

Censorship on Yahoo?

I read this article yesterday and was so upset by some of the comments that I felt the need to express an opinion of my own, only the opinion never actually appeared. Now I’m not making any accusations Yahoo. It is possible that I overlooked a second ‘submit’ button by mistake, but I know this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues sharing my opinion on your news stories before either.

Click the rocket for the article...

I’ll admit my opinion probably would have been a bit intense for many viewers, but hey, someone had to say it, and sometimes the power of only one thumbs down vote just isn’t nearly enough.

Since I didn’t save my comment (lesson learned), I have had to re-write it. Since that doesn’t make me very happy, this is probably a bit edgier than the original.

Note: My opinion was specifically directed at all the people that criticized a person for innocently stating, “I am getting very tired of secret payloads. I want more transparency from my government*.”

Added note: Since this was also written knowing that it would only be read by the general anonymous yahoo crowd, it was not written towards anyone I personally know, so be warned; don’t take anything personal as this is not directed at any of you and may be generally shocking to some viewers:

Wake up you idiots!

So let me get this straight; a blatantly corrupt and powerful government that lies to you on a daily basis just launched a 23 story rocket containing the latest classified “defense” spy satellite and you morons don’t care?

What reason could you possibly have to believe that this thing is seriously 100% for your benefit? Is it faith, fear, or stupidity?

I find this story incredibly alarming because I’ve got news for you: your government is involved in TWO illegal wars, most of your politicians are in bed with the banks, Wall Street, and lobbyists; and if it wasn’t bad enough that we are going to live in austerity for the rest of our lives, judging from what I’ve seen this week, we may have just been sold…. to China!

There is a “security” network already being implemented by the DHS, and it’s being built for one of two major reasons, but since it’s unlikely that it’s exclusively for our own benefit to keep us safe from “terror,” it’s probably for another reason. I’d tell you, but since you don’t mind secrecy, it’s classified…
A worthy argument, but I suppose a bit frightening if you’re not used to that sort of thing either. But did it really deserve censorship?

You may have won this info-battle Yahoo, but the info-war is just getting started. To be continued…?

*comment came from John (under oldest comments, 8th comment overall, written 11/21 8:39 PST. My comment should have been approximately where “Sunset’s” comments were)

(originally posted 1-23-11)

The Hypocrisy of Creepy Ted’s Eugenics Vision:

Ted Turner is officially one of the world’s most evil creatures…

Click on the eugenicist for the article...

In the future, only the blue-bloods and nobility will be able to have multiple rotten children. The rest of us serfs will be forced to live in austerity and adhere to a brutal one-child policy to “protect the environment.”

Since the serfs can only have one child, I’m assuming the vast majority of those only children will be forced into mandatory military service to fight the “war on terror.” I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’d rather not see Ted’s future come to pass…

(originally posted 12-6-10)

Really? Are They Actually Going to Play God With our Water?

I thought the intro to this episode started off cheesy and unbelievable, but after watching… what the hell is going on in this country? Is there no limit to what corrupt politicians and businesses will do for money and power? This country and this world are already turning into a nightmare of endless terrorism and austerity…and now (amongst other ideas) they want to steal our water so they can sell it back to us at insane profits? OMG, get me off this savage planet…

(originally posted 12-5-10)