Just How Awesome is William J. Kelly?

A couple months late, but too important to ignore. This is what the alternative media is, and what we are up against: Crooked politicians protected by controlled, corrupted media… Way to go William Kelly!

Regardless of anyone’s political opinion, you have to admire the absurdity of the corruption when you actually see it; and William J. Kelly did a tremendous job of showing us just how sick our system has become, and his line at 24 seconds in says it all…

Wikileaks, The First Amendment, and why the Emerging Alternative Media Rocks (or Raps):

Wow, this is surprisingly well done! A warning though: Hillary Clinton, Bill O’Reilly, and the government do not want you to watch this! So on behalf of our loving government, I must ask you to please ignore this video, and go back to watching government approved media like CNN, FOX, and MSNBC until the government can use Wikileaks to shut down the alternative media, and finally destroy that pesky first amendment.

Wow! Geraldo Questions Building Seven?

Wow, the alternative media is having some enormous breakthroughs as corporate media outlets are being forced to cover conspiracy theories! Thank you Geraldo, I really thought you were a dick for a few years, but I have a new found respect for you for having the courage to cover this story, as that couldn’t have been easy to do. I’m not ready to start drinking the Geraldo Kool-aid just yet, but credit is definitely deserved…well done!