Checkmate, Socialists!

socialism vs capitalismPlease stop blaming capitalism for America’s problems! Capitalism is something we used to have in the past. It helped build us into the greatest country on Earth. But then it gradually became corrupted, and evolved into some bizarre combination of crony-capitalism/corporatism, socialism, and fascism. Suddenly we became a country ruled by big banks, big government, big corporations, crooked politicians, Wall Street, special interests, and the military industrial complex. That’s not capitalism! Therefore socialism cannot fix the ‘problem,’ it’s only going to increase the size and scope of government! More programs, more taxes. More money out of your paycheck and given to some of the most inept and corrupt people in the country! Not only have our politicians spent every dime ever taken from us, they have also put us nearly Twenty Trillion dollars in debt! They have already stolen our future, and the solution is to give them even more money?

But wait, don’t we need big government to regulate and protect us from the big corporations? Maybe, remember when the corporations cut off the clean water supply in Flint, Michigan? And they gave them the highly corrosive river water instead? And it dissolved the old plumbing structure leading to a dangerous lead infestation that poisoned the population? All so they could save a measly one-hundred dollars a day? But then a big government bureaucracy swooped in to expose the scandal and save the day? No, because that’s not what happened! It was the government that both caused and covered-up the catastrophe! And it was local citizens who ended up exposing it. The reality is this: big government can create as many problems as it solves, and can be every bit as bad as the big corporations. So how will socialism fix our problems when government becomes the problem?

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