2 thoughts on “Obama That I Used to Know?

  1. Obama Anyway says:

    Last week, Fox News interviewed the video’s creators as though this protest of Obama’s policies came from the right, instead of from the left, as is clear if you actually watch the video itself.

    The catchy parody song’s lyrics take Obama to task for not doing enough to help recent grads find jobs, continuing the Bush-era policies of Gitmo, Predator drones, and Kill Lists, but most damningly of all, failing to continue to inspire the “Yes We Can” generation with his soaring rhetoric once actually elected in 2008. These are hardly criticisms Fox News would have endorsed had they recognized any more than simply that the video is critical of Obama.

    My favorite line is still, “Sometimes I think that Peace Prize winners shouldn’t have a Kill List” but there are several fun moments, especially for those more familiar with the original Gotye video, that it closely imitates, also to good comedic effect.

    Should hit a million views in the next day or so. Wondering if Fox will celebrate its success?

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