This is What Reality TV Should Really Look Like:

I apologize to anyone concerned about the lack of updates… what can I say?  Not only did I have a very busy month, I can only operate this site in my spare time, so I guess I’ve found it easy to lose my focus as of late. I’ll even admit that I didn’t really want to make this specific update either. In fact the main reason for this update is that I was honestly starting to get bothered that my “Bohemian (Grove) Like You” blog was getting a little too overly obnoxious (since it’s been sitting there for quite a while). I also swear that after two weeks of that blog being “my headline story,” its presence was just a coincidence. And although my honest intention was to start making frequent updates on my site, I’ve found out the hard way that I just don’t have enough time or technical website/media knowledge to realistically cover the news in my spare time. Just keeping up with the news can feel like a full-time job these days!

So since I’ve been “inactive” as of late, I definitely have to thank all the great activists out there. So even though I haven’t been contributing lately, I’ve at least had time to read, watch, and listen to many of you. And even though nothing beats the satisfaction of having finished a fine work, it was nice to finally have some time off and watch from the sidelines for awhile… so thanks to all of you for all your work!

Anyway, sorry again for the lack of material. I haven’t given up on the site, but I’m definitely in the process of reorganizing, refocusing and re-energizing… stay tuned?

Okay, enough of my sorry excuses…. now even though I honestly feel terrible that I haven’t been posting so many of the great articles and videos that I’ve been watching the past couple of weeks, I can’t just show up all of a sudden and not post something besides a bunch of whining. So with that being said, it’s video time… and if I could only choose one (by the way: it is also no coincidence that this video also happens to bring us full-circle back to the title of this blog), this one in particular really got my attention:

2 thoughts on “This is What Reality TV Should Really Look Like:

  1. anonymous chicken says:

    Glad to see the update and that you will continue to whip foul things. Many foul things must be whipped.

    May the force remain with you and your wielding hand! *Snap*

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