New Age Information on Age Old Banking Scams:

I suppose I should note that I strongly disagree with the solutions the creator of this piece alluded to (the “medieval” solution earlier on, as well as the ending). I also want to point out that it’s also not because I’m afraid of being targeted by the pathetic, politically driven witch hunt that has recently emerged out of the latest national tragedy either.

The simple reason why I don’t agree with the solution is because I believe it could potentially lead to our society turning into a real life version of the book/movie, “The Road,” and none of us want to live like that.

Times have changed, and instigating overly dramatic ‘old-school’ solutions to age old problems is the most likely way to create the kind of nightmare future that no one wants to deal with, not even the “conspirators.” I for one would find it unwise to frighten or threaten people that have the means and power to push a red button, and I hope I’m not alone in that regard.

Even though this video isn’t perfect, the information is spectacular, and confirms so much of what I’ve researched independently over the last decade.

Most of us are intimidated by the complex financial workings of the economy, but it is so important for everyone to start paying attention to it now, and the creator of this video did an excellent job making a video that makes banking entertaining and easy to understand.

So for all of you that wanted to know how our banking system really works (but thought it would be too time consuming and complicated), and/or wanted to know what all the fuss is about concerning the Federal Reserve, it’s probably not going to get much easier to understand than this video, and since time is no longer a luxury, the time to get informed is…

All I ask is that if you agree with the creator’s solution, please watch “The Road,” and maybe think twice.

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

5 thoughts on “New Age Information on Age Old Banking Scams:

  1. 2+2=4 says:

    “I for one would find it unwise to frighten or threaten people that have the means and power to push a red button”

    That’s just what they were hoping you would say. Obviously you missed the point. Perhaps you need to look for you own pair of balls. We can no longer say, “If all else fails, then I will fight back”. ALL ELSE HAS FAILED!!! When you are barricaded in your basement, drenched in your own urine, you will wish you had more courage….. and more ammo. Good luck trying to play nice with those who want you dead. 😉

    • Interesting comment, and you may be 100% correct, I really don’t know. What I do know is that last year I began my preparations for “the worst,” but then something unusual happened… as part of my “mental preparation,” I watched “The Road,” “The Road Warrior,” “The Book of Eli,” and season #2 of “The Colony.” However, instead of inspiring me to be more “self-sufficient,” I realized that I don’t want to live in any of those worlds either!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do what I have to in order to survive, but I think there’s still plenty of time for happy and creative solutions that don’t involve the destruction of our civilization in the process…

      • 2+2=4 says:

        Stop looking to HOLLYWEIRD for all of life’s answers. It’s not real!!! What are you, twelve? Civilization is being destroyed by CORPORATIONS and their armies. Governments only do what they are told to do. Politicians play along in exchange for a luxurious lifestyle for themselves and family. Those that don’t, have “accidents”. Think for yourself, not what the man in the box tells you to do. Throw away your t.v. Get some fresh air, if it exists near you. If not, move upwind. Common sense comes first, then self-sufficiency. What you eat is the only medicine your body should ever need, unless you eat garbage (most store food). Stop giving them your money. They only use it to enslave you. Wise up or wither away your freedom.

      • I’m trying to make learning “the truth” fun, informative, and entertaining. Therefore I find the usage of Hollywood clips to be an effective tool to help illustrate my arguments. Obviously I’m not a 12 year old, but I’ve apparently managed to retain my vivid childhood imagination, so I’ll take that as a compliment! You bring up some good points, but I must point out that I have covered food as well as the devastation of the world by the “corporatocracy” already before. I appreciate your comments but I think you are misunderstanding my message to some extent. You know the old saying; “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst?” Welcome to my website…

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