Blue Republicans and Huffington Kudos:

Wow, I’m impressed with this article in the Huff as it really gives me hope that there’s a real shift in consciousness brewing in political philosophy. In order for us to move forward, we must think past right versus left, because ultimately, there is only right versus wrong… great read!


Don’t Worry About Dying Heroes, I’m Just a Conspiracy Theorist…

Here’s the relevant video that I can’t embed.

I’m still glad congress got a house cleaning, but as I’ve said and implied thousands of times; both sides suck and are both blatantly corrupt. Not only is it sickening that our government would ignore these heroes for so long, it’s absolutely inexcusable that the Republicans would continue to allow these sick and dying people to not have health care just so they can get their way. These are dying heroes! Not fucking bargaining chips! What the hell is going on with this country? What has happened to us? Tax cuts? Who gives a shit? It’s impossible to pay off the debt anyway! We are going to allow these people to die over an imaginary economy run by white-collar criminals? And I’m a conspiracy nut?

(originally posted 12-11-10)

Political Apology Following an Election Day Meltdown?

I apologize to anyone who read and was offended by my angry political rant yesterday. Being very politically opinionated combined with election day created an overload of frustration. I really don’t feel that the Republicans or Fox News have much credibility, but I’m still happy about the overall message the people sent to Washington yesterday. Make a difference or you will get voted out. But if I see another diabolical 2,000 page bill written in legalese pass, I officially lose all hope…

(note: I honestly couldn’t find the rant I’m referring to as I’m transferring this data to my new blog. I think I wrote it “off the cuff,” and never saved it. Oh well, sometimes a person needs to vent their political frustrations, what can I say? At least it was election day…)

(originally posted 11-3-10)