Conspiracy Theories, JFK, and Jesse Ventura

Fact: The government’s official story about the murder of JFK is an insulting farce, and they have been lying and covering up the truth about it ever since. And if we continue to allow these “dark forces” to terrorize us and get away with their crimes…

(originally posted 11-20-10)


Ron Paul for President and the Downfall of Keynesian Economics Starring Paul Krugman:

If you only have time to watch one part, start at the 6th minute to watch Paul Krugman get owned. Okay, so where are my Keynesian defenders? Please tell me how how a complete tool like Krugman is going to fix the economy? You’re a joke Krugman, and so is the NY Times. Suck it. 🙂

(originally posted 11-17-10)