Time to Smash the Neo-Cons:

On my radio show today I go on the attack against dinosaur neo-con sellout Michael Savage concerning the first 18 minutes of his show last week:

My radio show: (starts about 34:20)

His radio show:

A new low for Mark Levin?

Check out Alex Jones ripping Levin: (about 4:50-9:10)

Bachmann: Patriot? Or Another Phony Neo-Con?

I was just talking about Bachmann recently, and I guess my conclusion was that I don’t really have a strong opinion on her other than the fact that wacky or not, I would probably agree with most of her voting record. The biggest concern of mine was that she was another fake tea party neo-con, and this latest vote makes a good case for that concern…whose side are you really on Bachmann?

Click the "patriot" for the article

Real Change 2012:

For those interested in real change in 2012…because let’s be honest; real change ain’t coming from Obama, Hillary, Palin, or one of the many other fake patriot neo-cons that could emerge from the controlled right… I know how those movies end, and so do you too…

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(originally posted 1-5-11)