Shameless Political Strategy?

Okay democrats, I’m not making any accusations. I’m just going to take some mental notes and call it a day. But if this is true, and you top level strategists think you’re going to get away with it…

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extra notes:

I would agree that this is an opinion piece that I don’t want to take a hard stance on. I’m just absorbing the information and putting it on the back burner. Like I said, I’m not making any accusations.

I completely understand that it’s Obama’s job and he had to say something. However, I also see the other side too, and let’s be honest, Obama is in serious danger of becoming a one-term president, and the national democratic think tank knows that.

I don’t want to think they would try to turn a tragedy into a political rally, but in this day and age, I think it would be foolish to think they definitely would not. The next election is fast approaching and the democrats are coming off a serious beating while limping into 2012.

I think Obama is a terrific speaker, but I also believe he is completely controlled by the banks, wall street, and the mega-corporations etc. He may not be a bad guy, but at the end of the day, I believe he does whatever he’s told. I think everything about him is carefully scripted, and that he’s more of a symbol than a truly independent man that represents the entire executive branch of our government.

I consider the democrats to be the lesser of the two evils, but I think both parties are so dirty and competitive at the national level that whatever the result, I won’t be surprised. However, if Obama’s next presidential campaign revolves around “together we thrive,” I think some serious questions need to be raised.

(originally posted 1-14-11)