Time to Re-evaluate a Present-Day Belief Originating From Near-Ancient Pseudoscience:

I really don’t like to have to cover stuff like this, but I truly believe this is a serious issue that people need to research. Whether there is a conspiracy at work or not, the idea that adding fluoride to drinking water as an essential factor in preventing tooth decay is near-ancient pseudoscience that needs to be seriously re-evaluated. Parents: please don’t give your children fluoride until you educate yourself on the other side of the argument. Current studies are pointing towards fluoride as being destructive to your child’s health. You’ve been warned…

FEMA Camp Fun with Jersey Shore Reruns!

I can’t wait to be put into a FEMA camp so the government can keep me safe from terror! Besides, I’ll bet as long as we are all on good behavior and eat all of our powdered eggs and fluoridated water, they will let us watch Jersey Shore reruns!

Want to see the episode Alex is talking about? Click this hyperlink:

(originally posted 11-11-10)