The Red Pill/Blue Pill Challenge #2

Technically this post refers to my radio show last Thursday (the 19th). That being said, my news coverage will be outdated for this entry. However I still  get into a  really heavy, thought-provoking red pill/blue pill rant around the one hour mark of the show that is still evergreen information you may find interesting (but possibly horrifying).  I apologize that I still can’t figure out how to get a radio widget on my blog… I’m working on it, but the link is here: (right click link and open new tab/window).

Once again I should note that I have recently made a media switch to radio and I can now be found on the Freedomizer Network! I also have a podcast that can be found at iTunes by simply typing “eccentric perspective” in the podcast search field. Thanks for your support!

The (first) Red Pill/Blue Pill Challenge:

The link to the horrifying proof I discuss on the show:

More Red Pill/Blue Pill info from the “King of Reality:”

FEMA Camp Fun with Jersey Shore Reruns!

I can’t wait to be put into a FEMA camp so the government can keep me safe from terror! Besides, I’ll bet as long as we are all on good behavior and eat all of our powdered eggs and fluoridated water, they will let us watch Jersey Shore reruns!

Want to see the episode Alex is talking about? Click this hyperlink:

(originally posted 11-11-10)