Knocking Pundits off Their Pedestals Part II:


So Alex Jones has been under relentless attack by the main-stream media lately. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising since that seems to be a fairly reasonable and expected reaction from the system when you get “too many” listeners, and start talking about things you are not supposed to.

Glenn Beck is also a guy who finds himself under constant attack by the dinosaur media. However, even though there are many comparisons to be made between Beck and Jones; at the end of the day, I don’t trust Beck and probably never will. Not only do I find him phony; call me paranoid, but as a general rule I tend not to trust multi-million dollar “journalists” working for multi-billion dollar news corporations.

Another problem I have with Beck is that I also believe he rips off Alex Jones. In that regard, I tend to think of Beck as a corporate-controlled puppet version of Jones, but I guess that is just what happens when you sell your soul to Fox News. What, do you really think Rupert Murdoch is losing sleep at night because Glenn Beck is on the air? Please…

However, as much as I support Jones, I do have to admit that when this Charlie Sheen interview is taken out of context by Beck, that it’s actually pretty funny:

Kudos to Beck for sincerely making me laugh, but to be fair, since there has finally been acknowledgement of Jones, I do have to make one final point: I recently criticized Bill O’Reilly because I don’t believe that he is honestly oblivious to who Alex Jones is. However, to Bill’s credit, he at least allowed the mentioning of one of Alex’s websites (, so people could check him out for themselves. Beck on the other hand, is most likely afraid of mentioning Alex’s name. You see if he did that, and the people looked up the information for themselves, they would find out just where Glenn has really been stealing his act from

Want proof that Alex drives the true alternative news and that Beck is really just a tool and a clown?

Now I have no intention in starting a war with the Beck fans, as this article is for educational purposes only. I could even be completely wrong about Glenn Beck. Maybe Alex Jones is actually a “Judas Goat” to avoid, and one day wise scholars of the future will ultimately prove that Fox News was the most accurate and truthful source of information in all of human history.

Now I don’t believe that’s possible, but regardless, all I ask of anyone reading this is to take a good look at the following Alex Jones video; now I don’t agree with everything Alex says, but I definitely stand with him more times than not. Most importantly though, I feel it’s important for people to entertain different perspectives and challenge their beliefs. So please consider all of the information (his as well as mine), and let your logic and critical thinking guide you to your own conclusion:

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