Pedophiles, the Amazon Controversy, and the Moral Issue of the Timing of my Personal Crock Pot Cook Book Shopping Adventure:

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Dammit, I was so excited to go online shopping for the world’s most awesome Crock pot cookbook when I decided to take a quick detour on Facebook to find that TWO of my friends were breaking news on a recent scandal…

Amazon: We’ve known each other a long time, and as a conspiracy guy, I’ve heard for years about how you probably had something to do with Big Brother and might be being used by the NSA to slowly collect all of my personal information (including parting gifts under the sweet guise of internet cookies)…

Yet I kept coming back because I found myself hating high prices even more than hating the possibility of government spooks creating a profile on me; and as much as I love the occasional “buying the world’s latest most controversial book” at a bookstore with glorious, untraceable cash,… it’s a shitty economy and there’s no effing way I would pay full retail on a giant, hardcover Crock pot cookbook. But seriously, what the fuck?

(originally posted 11-12-10)

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